Top 10 NEW Fortnite Glitches THAT STILL WORK!

so we've talked about glitches in fortnight before here on the channel right shifty correct right okay go but what about the ones that are weird well these ones are weird and they still work in any case we've got some glitches to show you guys and some codes for you or code for you to use it's one code use called g5 G in the item shop use it and then comment your epic games username and we will shout out some people that use the code in one of our next videos number 10 the baller launch glitch there's a lot of glitches in fortnight and they vary in all kinds of ways some will be used to gain the advantage in battle by wall breaching and picking everyone off from the safety of their glitch others might simply have a trippy visual effect like that time we had broken leg animations and those were simpler times because the never-ending supply of new and unique items fortnight add to this game the more ludicrous these glitches can get this type of glitch is great if you've ever dreamed of going to space but not so great if you want to play for a night actually win the game because this glitch can screw you up it's caused by a combination of the ballers interacting with teleportation mechanics like the stranger things portals and the rifts as always we don't want to encourage the use of these glitches so we won't tell you the whole method but what can result is you being launched across the map at the speed of light and into the barrier at the top of the map instantly eliminating the glitch does take a few specific requirements for it to happen so the chances of this occurring by accident are slim just not impossible the only real benefit to this is if they jump out before hitting the barrier and then they can redeploy to the location of choice which is literally anywhere now that you'll be gliding down for the next five minutes number 9 the Porta rift shooting by far one of the most used recent glitches is the ability to shoot just after using a riff to go it's opened up the ability to instantly assassinate your unsuspecting opponents and I've seen even a fair amount of pro players using this every now and then so why has it been used so much if it's a glitch surely they could get banned well first of all we need to break down how this actually works when you use a riff to go it teleports you up into the air and you're put into a very brief animation where your spawn on your back as that animation is about to transition into the free-falling mode there's a brief Millis or to in which your character is completely normal standing in midair holding the gun that's the moment you can use your weapon if you time it right now this trick is amazing to see for the first time but you can't help but admit how cheap you can literally teleport an enemy out of his little turtle cave and shoot him before they even know what's happening but at the end of the day it's not a glitch that they broke the game making it's just a slight flaw in how the rift to go work so it's hard for fortnight to ban players for abusing their own mistake I'm sure they'll have to fix it for soon but in the meantime don't be that person yeah I'm looking at you Fred number 8 the double pump glitch can we just take a moment to appreciate the pump shotgun being back I know it's been a little while now but it's nice to have it back in the game there's a lot of players who still prefer the combat and I'm sure plenty of you have been brutalizing with the more recent drum shotgun but we made this whole deal about the pump getting removed and never really appreciated it coming back however with the pump coming back we've also seen the return of what a fortnight's most beloved meta means the double pump back in the old school days you could carry two pumps and continuously switch between the two to avoid any shooting delays as you can imagine or remember is that really overkill and was removed and you know we're happy about that we're also kind of sad this time the double pump jerk simply works by continuously switching out a pump shotgun that's on the floor you can do this back and forth firing just as if the old pump double pump trick was back however it is obviously limited to where the weapon is located on the floor so even though you put a time to do this while moving it would be way too much of a struggle and even though it's a very nostalgic glitch it's not that effective unless you're camping up might be a good glitch for any newcomers to try on creative just to see what it was like in the old days though number 7 the merge skins glitch so this is one glitch that I'm actually gonna try out myself I know I know but you're not allowed to top 5 gaming well this doesn't actually involve any in-game mechanics or anything that'll give you an advantage because it's a purely cosmetic bug this essentially allows you to put any skin who has unique head designs onto the body of any other skin so in this example they're using the Black Knight and hybrid you favorite the two skins you want to merge and then put your skin choice on random now you'll need to enter creative mode and then quit out quickly it may take a few attempts but eventually you'll find that the two ski we'll end up merging in some way I can't imagine epic games being too fussed about this and could even see them leaving it in because it's just a cosmetic bug and a cool one at that in fact why doesn't for tonight give us the ability to switch out different parts of an outfit for the skins we own anyway I mean it would add a lot more variety and skins I can already imagine the Black Knight body and pink cuddle team leader head combo number six the settings llama glitch when new items and mechanics are introduced to the game I'm always looking to see how to most effectively use them when the llamas were first brought to the game I did a whole bunch of tests to see what the distance llamas would render in at if I could perhaps see them from the battle bus and dive straight to it I didn't go that well as the furthest the way I could see them without a scope was three to four hundred meters apparently I'm a complete idiot though because all it took was a few adjustments to the visual settings and suddenly llamas were rendered in from thousands of meters away you know those times where you missed something so simple yeah that's one of those moments for me right now this ability is obviously gonna be about advantageous for anyone doing it so I can imagine for tonight we'll fix this later down the line at the same time I can't see it being their top priority although this is for tonight they seem to do everything all at once and in at your number five spot what number are we at invisible traps and floors this bottom list in particular has actually been around since the beginning of the game when you're building on ground level especially on uneven ground a lot of the build will go into the floor this can allow you to place tiny unsuspecting traps all over the map I'm sure you've probably seen the odd wall barely peeking out of the floor with a trap waiting on one side for any clueless passerby however in certain locations of the map you can place almost completely invisible and indestructible trust but as an app changes and the communities map knowledge continues to grow down to the tiniest of details we find places like this near the mecca MO where you can't even see the wooden platform below where the trap is placed you can barely see the trap itself it'll still activate but because we don't have direct access to the wooden platform it's now indestructible I can definitely see why they allow this in certain spots but when it's completely through the mat like this I think they'll need to patch these particular kinds of spots which brings me to my next point point number four the unlimited ice glitch now personally I'm not a fan of people abusing glitches I don't see the problem if people are just having a look and checking it out for themselves but when you start using it to wipe squads just a little bit toxic on the other hand you get glitches like this that I just can't resist try for myself and having some fun with I mean this bug will allow you to keep each box on from the pre trap for as long as you're on your own building because as soon as you touch ground it'll stop so as long as you've got a ton of mats you can have permanent ice boots I can already imagine a floor is lava challenged well having this clutch maybe build a giant trap propelling me across the map although the moment someone spotted I'd be wrecked for one I wouldn't be able to exactly have a build battle with ice boots on and for two I'd be in a glitch so I wouldn't want to put up a fight just wanted to have some fun sliding around the map you can have my loop buddy it's all yours now number three the hidden trap trick so let us know if you think this spot is a glitch or just a really good trick either way it's actually pretty ingenious we've seen trap tunnels since the dawn of fortnight they've been simple little one by ones at first with a door and bait loop but even though we've got smarter with our traps and avoiding them the trap tunnels are also getting a lot more difficult for people to actually fall for it usually there's always somewhere you can look to spot if there's a trap first and yeah you can see the trap here well it's so small that most players would easily just not notice it especially considering it's a new form of trap tunnel that you just wouldn't expect to work you built your normal one by one with the trap on the ceiling but the difference here is you you also place a roof build on the floor edit that on into a dorito shape and then the walls into the corresponding triangle pieces to cover the trap you now have yourself the nearly invisible Dorito trap Tuttle the fact that the traps still activates though no it is surprising and I'm sure there'll be plenty of these clips going around YouTube until they decide to fix as a tip though just be careful of the Dorito built at the moment and look at the very top of them to see if there's any gray of the spike trap sticking through if you ever have to pass one number two is the resize your character glitch we've seen the ability to merge different characters together but what about the power of antman imagine being able to be as small as the grass you walk in or as the tool as the hills and mountains around you well you can it can only be done and creative and doesn't seem to be game breaking in any way except for perhaps the visual effects but as you can see you can literally change your size with this creative glitch when you use the prop gun and become a prop of your choosing if you backup the island and then restore it you'll be spawn in as the size of the prop you work but in your normal skin the smaller props seem to work best as the bigger ones just caused your character it's been near uncontrollable in all honesty I'd love in fortnight bait size and characters an actual thing it would open up a whole new world of creative mass just imagine the miniature death runs giant traps all around you poison darts the sides of spear definitely would be a win but in a number one we've got the self killing trap a little while back now for tonight introduced this new building mechanic that allowed you to place traps without first placing a build in which you place the trap it can be quicker and some aspects but there's still a part of the community that don't agree with the change after all it did open up the way for invisible trap placements like we saw at the number 5 spot in this clip it also caused something very confusing to happen and let me know if you can figure it out but while at a build fight Bob a bot somehow managed to trap himself you see that both the traps show a friendly color so so why is it that Bob's still getting spiked well it turns out that this new trap placement mechanic actually allows for players to place two traps inside each other when pressed to the exact same time this way it looks blue because it's your trap but there's also an enemy trap underneath that must have been one of the biggest what in tarnation moments they had in on fortnight and hey if you think that being scared to death by waking up suddenly by people yelling at you is scary then you'll love our video of the top 5 scariest fortnight maps that will horrify you keep it real on top 5 gaming

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