28 thoughts on “Top 10 Must Know Facts About Your Social Security Benefits

  1. The government is A eatting machine..We pay for The Entertainment…Common Sense tells us .We support Them
    Thier million dallor homes..
    Whiles we get the peanuts..
    How Stupid Puppets we are..to Allow This Abuse…wheres our Voices…

  2. if the taxable income limit is eliminated, problem solved, per "Mr. Social Security" Chennel. Check his videos.

  3. It’s insurance. You pay for car and homeowners insurance, right? And you don’t get it back even if you make a claim, right? Why? Because your premiums are used for other people’s claims. If your house burns down or you total your car, you get it rebuilt, or your insurance company totals you and gives you money even though you didn’t pay in nearly enough to cover the cost of your house or your car. That’s in essence what social security is.

  4. Yes. The Government is steeling money from social security. But a lot of this new generation is not wanting to work hard for a paycheck. We all know how the Leftest in america want everything for free. ENTITLEMENTS!!! HOGWASH!!! U don't work, u starve. i'm not talking about the {Truly} disabled people, I'm talking about the SORRY ones that want a free ride in life.This country is turning into a nation of wussies. People on welfare and food stamps are 85% more likely to be Democrats then Republicans. DEMOCRATS MAKE ME SICK!!!!!


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  7. MEMBERS of CONGRESS have STOLEN more than 3 Trillion Dollars from SOCIAL SECURITY! Then MEMBERS of CONGRESS lie and lie and imply that payments to SENIORS have drained and nearly depleted SOCIAL SECURITY! MEMBERS of Congress breached the SOCIAL SECURITY TRUST FUND and have used SOCIAL SECURITY to pay for THEIR raises and vacations and perks!

  8. The scam of milton Friedmans profits before people /shareholder value Neolibralism trickle down economics right wing socialism continues with the notion that "social security is going broke" and the country cant afford it. Its a right wing socialist propaganda myth perpetrated by fascist Powell memorandum corporate republican chamber of commerce megawealthy CEOs / wallstreet families, koch brothers billionaires,millionaires, hundreds of heritage foundation corporate funded right wing think tanks and all the poor working middle-class brain dead peasants for plutocracy/oligarchy that cheerlead support Neolibralism capitalism and vote against their own economic interests.

  9. If there are no jobs we NEED to be awarded social security benefits at age 32 >

    Government can't deny it to us… Their sweet capitalist system has collapsed..


  10. So it is a scam? My husband paid in his whole life but i can't collect his SSI because I'm collecting mine? But he paid in! Where does his money go? So if i die at 50 everything i paid into SSI goes where?

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  12. if they stop taking care of immigrants that have not work that long in this country we might have enough money to take care of the American seniors and disability people that work for many years in this country. Now The government want to change something, because of their silly mistake. This is so unfair to the American people.

  13. SS is out of money because your elected officials have raided the fund and used it for pet projects. Guess who does not pay nto SS? Also the IRS allows illegal aliens from Mexico to declare dependents living in Mexico….go figure that when you hear we need more tax money.

  14. SS Is fairly secure. Im not saying it wont need changes. BUT,… Any and all money collected, which is above the annual payout of SS benefits, gets put into US Treasury Bonds, because its the law, which is what in turn get added to the national debt/deficit and those bonds are recirculating bonds as I understand it. New bonds go in,…old ones get cashed out. This is then reflected on the budget because congress has to allocate money from TAXES to pay those treasuries back…which were borrowed from to fund other things like more defense or other social programs.. This is the ONLY way that some people can confuse others who dont realize this,..so please take time to learn what goes on and explain it to as many people as possible… Is it perfect..? No But Id rather have this that to have to run people off who are stealing to feed their family or worse have to shoot looters,.. because inevitably this would occur at higher rates than whats normal… its avoidable

  15. New Truths on Social Security
    #1 Your FICA money that is deducted from you paycheck gets tossed. So you don't have any saved crumbled up dollar bills waiting for you when you retire. When you retire, social security looks at your amount that you earned each year and through calculations of their own, they decide how much money you will receive each month, so your monthy check is not based on what the government took out. So in essence, they take out thousands of dollars they never return.
    #2 Social Security can never and will never go broke unless the government allows it to.
    #3 Because the US is a Monetary Sovereign nation, taxes are not increased to fund spending because TAXES DON'T FUNDING SPENDING ON A FEDERAL LEVEL.
    #4 Our Social Security money has not been borrowed or stolen by the government so they don't have to pay it back. The government does not need our want our money, when then need money, and because we are a sovereign nation the FEDS create new money into existence after bills are passed by congress.
    #5 Congress could write into law, checks for every for every senior citizen and provide them with a nice standard of living.
    #6 Lying, Conniving, political, parasite Democrats and Republicans, are always scaring old folks into threats that Social Security is going broke and to save it they suggest "Privatizing" which will end the "guarantee part", cut social security amounts in half and send innocent, uninformed seniors to live on Poverty Road. Suggesting that social security be saved with tax increases, will also send most tax payers toward Poverty Road. There is absolutely no reason to do either, other than to cause fear and panic which often paralyzes old folks into, selling their homes, going hungry, getting sick, and giving up which is exactly what the government wants. The government wants us all moving to Poverty Road while Congress sit back, passes laws and writes checks for themselves. It is time to expand Social Security instead because the government can.

  16. let's be real if we have enough money to give to other countries and wars so there should be enough social security and if we stop wars and giving money to other countries everyone on social security could get $2000 each and still have money to fix our road and Bridge's all over the u.s.a and have some left over to feed the poor people in the u.s.a

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