Top 10 Girl Group Songs

reading girl power one song at a time welcome to Ms mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 girl band songs of all time for this list we're looking at the best songs to come out from bands across all genres they're comprised entirely of females will be ranking them based on worldwide chart success how iconic they are their unique creativity and their overall popularity in order for a song to make our list all the members must sing at some point throughout the song Genkai is on the one song per band rule applies however we won't be emitting songs that feature a guest vocalist now without further ado let's get on with the list a few questions that I need to know how you could ever hurt me so number 10 never ever AllSaints what I've done wrong and how long it's been going on a hit single author debut album All Saints ticked all the boxes with this memorable 90s hit Oh the song topped the charts in Australia New Zealand and the UK also making the top ten in another nine countries the lyrics question a couple's actions in a relationship after it has broken up the classic spoken opening combined with the girls flawless vocals produce a powerful love ballad it deservedly won the 1998 Brit Award for Best British single and video and nearly 20 years later it's still the second best-selling UK girl band single of all time Ralph or the best shit yes I'm on my way out so dang shorty like a belly dancer with it smell good number nine don't cha the pussycat dolls featuring Busta Rhymes I know you do sometimes it takes a while to get noticed in the music industry but with the Pussycat Dolls it only took their debut single don't cha don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me this R&B inspired hit topped the charts in 13 countries and is among the best-selling singles of all times led by the talented nicole scherzinger the lyrics are straightforward sexual with a double dose of fun to go puttin on me come up black and blue we want to play with a player girl and play on chip out the Chanel and leave the laundry off the girls taught men to question the girlfriends and go after a Pussycat Doll instead the song was an automatic must for all Pussycat Doll concerts and we can't blame them it's just so damn catchy and a definite crowd paper don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me don't you wish your girlfriend was freak like me number eight what a man Felton Pepa with on both spinning off from 1993's very necessary what a man was and still is to this day one of the best music collaboration of the 90s it fuses the rappin talents of Sultan Peppa and perfect vocals of onvo for a match made in heaven Moe made a fool like Larry in his voice Jack bass a body light boggle with the Denzel face along with other a salt and pepper hits such as push it and let's talk about sex the success of what a man earned heavy radio airplay and continues to be popular today he always got my back never disrespectful cuz his mama taught him that random number 23 on vh1's countdown of the 100 greatest songs of the 90s this song won several awards and has a beat that sure to keep you dancing name say my name no one is around you say baby I love you running game number seven say my name Destiny's Charles and calling me baby why the sudden change this is a song for women everywhere offering them empowerment and strength when they are suspicious of a cheating man coming one of the fastest selling singles of all times this song makes use of a catchy change of pace combined with an urban flavor and colorful music video it became one of Destiny's Child signature hits charting around the world notably going straight to number one in Australia and topping three billboard charts in America it also won the 2001 Grammy for Best R&B track it's a soulful song with attitude that we'll be singing for years to come number six Waterfalls TLC four years before the release of no scrubs TLC released waterfalls a soulful ballad touching on rough issues dominating the 90s the unmissable hip hop vibe and OnPoint vocals are combined with one of the most memorable female raps in history courtesy of the late Lisa Lopez addressed not one guy did betray this track made the top ten in several countries with its lyrics providing commentary on the consequences of chasing unrealistic dreams waterfalls will be forever treasured in the hearts of many whether or not you are devoted TLC fan Oh number five I'm so excited the Pointer Sisters the signature song from this powerful duo is one that you've probably sung with passion at least once the tune features a powerful use of the piano energetic drums and the upbeat vocals of the Pointer Sisters the song charted in several countries and rightly so it's almost impossible not to dance to this catchy track it's both inspirational and motivational getting you excited about whatever awesome things are coming your way oh dear number four walk like an Egyptian the bangles a ride on a rough ferryboat and its passengers struggling to keep their balance provided songwriter Liam Steinberg with a lyrical hook for this catchy earworm walk like an Egyptian the bangles converted it into a chart-topping success as a track made its way into radio airwaves around the world the American rock / pop band continued their domination of the genre in the 80s with this killer song with each first song by a different member of the band it's a powerful fan which features strong drum work and catchy lyrics fuck like you too number three wanna be the Spice Girls really really wanna zigazig edging out all saints for the best-selling girl band song of all time this 1996 hit is iconic catchy and fun it's upbeat style mixes rap singing and a hip hop flavor to create one of the most recognizable songs at all times I definitely got em in the place relax it in you so she got G like MC you like sit on a PCB the lyrics empower women to value their friendships over men with an unforgettable music video to match this song went to number one in 19 countries around the world you got a staple of 90s pop culture we don't think this trap will be leaving anyone summaries anytime soon number two it's raining men the weather girls rise co-written by Paul Shaffer yes that Paul Shaffer this track is solid pop gold thanks to the wonderful vocals of Martha Walsh and his Dora Armstead since its 1982 release it sold over 6 million copies worldwide and even retarted in the UK 32 years after its release a club favorite the intense build up towards the chorus and flawless vocals have made this catchy tune a popular party favorite the bound even changed your name to the weather girls just to further play up the songs pop appeal talk about dedication before we get to our top pick here are few honorable mentions yeah you still tell me you can make me he does help Hey number one stop in the name of love The Supremes alongside baby love stop in the name of love is a pure girl band dynomite the traffic incorporates the now legendary Supremes choreography the left hand on the left hip right arm outstretched to make a sassy stop sign with the shimmy chasers the track has received one of the highest honors in music as in 2001 it was inducted into the prestigious Grammy Hall of Fame led by Diana Ross this sophisticated song is a soulful Motown hit that undoubtedly deserves our top spot for its creativity power and lasting legacy you do you agree with our list which all-girl group song is your favorite we're more entertaining top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to ms mojo

50 thoughts on “Top 10 Girl Group Songs

  1. Most girl artist videos suck coz they would be full of skin show and profanity. More than the talent they show bodies. It's pretty hard to find them decent and meaningful.

  2. How was don't cha only #9
    And say my name only #7
    Plus waterfalls at #6
    Wannabe is higher than #3

    This list is fucked up

  3. 1) Stop in the Name of Love
    2) Wannabe
    3) I'm So Excited
    4) No Scrubs
    5) Walk Like an Egyptian
    6) Say My Name
    7) It's Raining Men
    8) Whatta Man
    9) Don't Cha
    10) Best of My Love

    Honourable Mentions:
    – We are Family
    – Hold On
    – Never Ever
    – Whole Again
    -C'est La Vie

  4. OMG you missed so many better songs! Walk like an Egyptian was not the Bangles worse song but I can name three with no research that are better, Eternal Flame, Manic Monday, and If she knew what she wants.Hell even in your room and walking down the street were better than Walk like an Egyptian. Then there are the Chiffons, The Shirelles, The Go-Gos, Lady Marmalade, and my favorite that you totally missed Expose!!!.The first group to have four top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart from its debut album! Remember now? Point of no return, Seasons change, Let me be the one, When I looked at him, and my personal favorite girl group song of all time #1 I'll never get over you (getting over me). It kinda pisses me off that you and so many others born after 1990 forget Expose.

  5. 9. Nicole Scherzinger’s singing voice is different from her speaking voice.
    8. I’m sure they couldn’t decide between a song by Salt-n-Pepa and a song by En Vogue, so they chose one by both. AWESOME. 🤩
    6. I’m sure Waterfalls and No Scrubs ran neck and neck for a spot on this list.
    5. A duo? 🤔
    2. WOW. Didn’t see this coming at #2. But Martha Wash has one POWERFUL voice.
    1. I KNEW the Supremes would be #1.

  6. No Doubt – Don't Speak – 1997
    The Cranberries – Zombie – 1999
    The Cardigans – Lovefool – 1996

  7. I agree with your #1. But, Bananarama an honorable mention and The GoGOs not even mentioned…. what!?

  8. 10 little mix 10s black magic 9 spice girls wannabe 90s 8 dc independent woman 00s 7 automatic kitten whole again 00s 6 all saints 90s never ever 5 pussy cat dolls dontcha 00s 4 salt and peppa push it 80s 3 bangles manic monday 80s 2 bananarama 80s love in the third degrees 1 supremes 60s stop in the name 😎

  9. Wwoowww this was a great list.
    I honestly thought "say my name" and "waterfalls" would be top 3. But nevermind. I liked it regardless😊😊

  10. Fifth harmony work from home should be added to this if they re Made it since it beat wannabe for the best selling girl group single of all time

  11. For those kpop fans who thinks their group should be here please explain to me why. (Not bashing i just wanna know)

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