Top 10 Easter Eggs You Missed In Shazam! – Exclusive

Greetings Welcome back nerdy list aficionados
and it’s time talk about Shazam! The movie name you have to yell cause there’s
an exclamation mark in it. So we’re going to be taking a look at some
Easter Eggs you may have missed. Perhaps you were eagle eyed and saw all of
Easter eggs so we’ll see. I’m Sasha and let’s talk Easter Eggs,
also of course spoilers Number 10 – A bit of a casting Easter Egg,
John Glover is in this film playing Dr. Sivana’s father, you what you may be wondering. Well John Glover lent his voice to the Riddler
in the Batman animated series that aired during the 90s and is still considered by many to
be the quintessential Batman series. He also played Lionel Luthor Lex Luthor’s
father in the mid 2000s tv hit Smallville. So a bit of a fun nod to earlier DC works. Number 9 – Marvel Family Costumes, so this
film decides right off the bat to go full Superfamily and the modern expanded iteration
of it too. So for those not in the know they may have
missed the small visual queue that each of the children destined for the power of Shazam
was wearing something coloured the same hue as their eventual costume. There you go some clothing foreshadowing. Number 8 – While Shazam embraces it’s
comic book roots it does tweak things here and there and not all of Billy Batson’s
fantastical cast of characters have appeared…yet. However there was a nod to one featured on
Billy Batson’s backpack. On the back of his knapsack is a Tiger. This could be a reference to Mister Tawky
Tawny an anthropomorphic Tiger and friend to the Marvel family. He is a Tiger who travelled from India to
the US with hopes of integrating into society however people are afraid of him cause well
he’s a tiger. In fact people think he’s attacking that’s
how he meets Captain Marvel who well quickly sees what a nice Tiger he is and the two become
friends Captain Marvel even gets him a job. That’s his first origin before DC bought
Captain Marvel’s comic publisher. We’ll get to Captain Marvel’s name in
a minute. Like most things pre DC this was all a lot
more whimsical. Though he was a toy come to life later on
and there is a tiger toy in this film hmmm, anyways however he shows up I’d love to
see tawny. Number 7 – Ok so I’m pretty sure you all
saw or will see this, y’all noticed Black Adam he appears as a figure in the wizard’s
magical diorama which he shows Billy, about the last great champion who abused his power. We of course know that this was Black Adam
who has spent millennia holding onto to his powered form. So a brief moment but encouragement that that
Black Adam movie is still happening. Thank goodness I mean the Rock’s been waiting. We’ve been waiting, it’s time. Number 6 – Fawcett High, so Billy Batson
has been stationed out of Fawcett since the comic company was taken over by DC, the hero
initially operated out of New York. The name Fawcett city was chosen as it was
the name of the company that initially created and published Captain Marvel. Fawcett Publications, later renamed Fawcett
comics. Founded by Wilford Fawcett in 1919. So it may seem like a given that the kids
go to Fawcett high but it has long been a nod to their original publisher. Captain Marvel has had a rough time legally. Number 5 – So you all saw or will notice
Mister Mind the evil caterpillar lurking in his terrarium, who is either a super smart
alien or an evil telekinetic menace maybe both depending on which canon we go with. However that’s not the Easter egg he is
front and centre after he recruits Sivana in the film’s mid credit sequence. However, it’s what Mister Mind symbolizes
that matters more Mister Mind is the founder of the Monster society of Evil who are actually
one of the first recurring Super Villain teams in comics. So that means that if we go far back we could
see villains like Dummy a living ventriloquists dummy or Mr. Who a shapeshifter. I just want them to keep the name Monster
Society of Evil so on the nose. Number 4 – Superman, ok so near the end
of the film there is a brief from the chest down Superman cameo which of course you all
saw it who could miss the man of Steel. However, seeing these two on screen together
is pretty iconic. It’s happened in animated form of course,
but these two have had a history of lawsuits behind the scenes. Dc comics at the time National comics sued
Fawcett for copyright infringement claiming that Captain Marvel was essentially Superman
even copying some of the Superman comic strips. However it turned out that DC hadn’t copyrighted
those strips so Fawcett won. However ultimately this lawsuit which had
been brought forth in 1841 gone to trial in 1948 and settle kind of in 1951 led to the
companies bankruptcy, as DC was continuing to fight. A decline in the superhero genre led to Fawcett
deciding to let go and selling their assets. So as one can imagine there’s been a rivalry
between these two characters for awhile. And there are a lot of nods to this in the
films animated credit sequence. It’s nice to see things are finally settling. Number 3 – Shazam we’re edging closer
to the names now while Shazam has been known as Captain Marvel for decades there was a
period in time when people actually thought the characters name was Shazam we’re coming
full circle. While he’s called Shazam today because of
legal issues. Initially in 1975 when DC put a big push towards
revamping his character the comic series that happened in was titled Shazam in such bold
print that many assumed that that was the characters name, not Captain Marvel. However subsequent publications would feature
the Captain Marvel far more prominently on their letterheads which cleared up that confusion,
and now people are confused once more. Only some people though. Number 2 – The subway in the film Billy
finds himself running from some bullies onto a Subway that ultimate takes him to the rock
of eternity to meet the wizard and become Shazam. This is a nod to Billy Batson’s first origin
cause at this point of course the character has had several. When he first ever appeared Billy a 12 year
homeless newsboy usually sleeps in the subway station when one night he sees a mysterious
man and being a curious investigative sort. He follows him, onto a magic subway car adorned
with magical symbols, which take shim to his destination. So as one can see the film does a decent job
updating this but keeping the most salient points. Number 1 – Captain Thunder- Oh Captain Marvel
a.k.a Shazam. So Billy Batson has had naming issues since
the get go starting with Fawcett comics having no idea what to call him, the running name
for a time was Captain Thunder and this is one of the many names Freddie gives him the
film along with Power Boy,Captain Sparkle fingers and sir zaps a lot. However Captain Thunder was the name that
he almost got until last minute the company thought about going with Captain Marvelous
which proved too large for the word balloon and was hence shortened to Captain Marvel. And now he’s Shazam so his superhero name
is literally his transformation word you would think that would be more of a problem then
it is it would be like if Superman’s superhero name was Kryptonite. Little bonus one for you cause it might be
very reachy but the wordsKingsbury publishing appear in some subway ads. And Vanessa Kingbury is the name of the villain
Shrike. She’s never been a Captain Marvel or Shazam
villain perse but you never know. Ok so this movie was fun, a lot of fun. Although in my heart Shazam will forever be
Captain Marvel. So yes here were some Easter Eggs when you
get back from the film let me know what you noticed down below. I’m Sasha thanks for watching top 10 nerd.

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  1. I watched the movie and found out something funny when Shazam and Fred play mkx and Shazam was raiden the god of thunder and Shazam is a god of thunder

  2. Was that scene where the kid was playing with Superman and Batman a "jab" at them not being there anymore? The kid is making them fight (batman v superman) then he drops them (both are no longer playing those roles).

  3. Agreed, He’s always be Captain Marvel to me as well. I understand why it had to change but I just don’t like it. He’ll transform every time he introduces himself. That’s frustrating. Why can’t DC and Marvel just trust us to know the difference.

  4. Every other comment’s talking about comic book Easter eggs/ references, but I’m just thinking about that piano floor Big reference

  5. On the door scene where they were looking through the doors to get home when Victor opened his door and that monster came out it was the same monster from the horror movie the mist

  6. The name of Billy Batson father in the movie is C.C. Batson. C.C. Beck is the name of the original artist.

  7. There was the scene just after Shazam (Captain Marvel) caught the buss and the crowd gathered. There was a homeless man who seemed to be in the camera's focus. I thought that maybe that was Mister Tawky Tawny. 🤷‍♂️ maybe…

  8. Damn this page had millions subscribed and now 677k they always go out of topic I will unsubscribe after this post

  9. I bet Dr shiva is gonna end up freeing Black Adam in the sequel. I didn't realize the Fawcett high school was named after the creator and the original comic book company that released Cpt Marvel/Shazam before Dc. Now Marvel owns the name Cpt Marvel.

  10. One fact you got wrong Fawcett comics actually lost the suit to DC comics. They literally ripped off Superman with the biggest difference being the fact that Billy is a child.

  11. Dear god, who is this girl stylish? it made her look like that wojack meme "thats totally me", Fire him/her!

  12. He is shazam…the name captain marvel is no longer available for dc…the right belong to marvel now…we have captain marvel now…get over it

  13. I know that part 2 will come because of black Adam 😍😍😍😍 I will wait for the 2 part,, and rock will play the character 😍😍😍😍😍👍🏻

  14. for example in flashpooint paradox movie,when billy and kids transformed into the superhero,wonder woman said:"Captain Thunder,finally…" (said to him something like finally a man to witness the end of mankind)

  15. I think there was a nod to the movie "Big" starring Tom Hanks, in which a boy gets turned into an adult by magic. It's during the mall scene where both Shazam and Dr. Sivano step onto the musical floor piano in the toy store; there is a very similar scene in "Big", which makes sense to add, since both movies deal with boys being turned into adults.

  16. With all good reviews… i dont understand why shazam movie only made 56million in their opening weekend, that the lowest from all DC movies….

  17. I like Sasha wood she's cute. There's nothing better than a cute girl that also likes comics.

  18. Easter Egg – The scene when they were opening doors, one of them was supposed to be a painting of dogs playing poker

  19. No a comic book Easter egg but there was a reference to the Movie Big. SPOILER DONT READ AHEAD IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE FILM. When Shazam and Doctor were in the toy store they walked on top of a giant keyboard.

  20. I'm so happy you say captain marvel because he is captain marvel because shazam he can't say it in public

  21. Shazam was always my favorite I just don't like the villains they're too dumb like a bug I wish they would have made better ones for him

  22. This movie was a ton of fun. It took me right back to reading classic Captain Marvel comics as a kid. I'll have to reread some of those old collections. Tigers were everywhere in this movie, I was hoping for a payoff to the references. I was also hoping for a reference to Uncle Dudley.

  23. The subway was not "a nod to his original origin" it's literally his origin story in the new 52, which the movie is based on 🤦‍♂️

  24. My favorite easter egg is a reference on Freddie's list of possible superpowers. It comes and goes quickly but one power that is crossed out is "matter eating" which is a reference to Matter-Eater Lad, a member of the Legionnaires with the power to eat anything. Obscure and subtle, I love it.

  25. DC had to changed Captain Marvel's name to Shazam in 1972 probably before you were born lady. So how can you say he'll always be Captain Marvel to you when he's been Shazam since before you were born?

  26. If "the Rock" plays Black Adam, it gonna be fair for DC because "BATISTA" plays a role in Marvel with THE GUARDIANS. Lol, it is 1 vs 1 game.

  27. Sasha….i´ll never get it why a girl bears the name of a russian boy…were your parents sleeping? Just curious.

  28. First,i was 6 years old as i read my first adventure of Superman and Shazam,second is i only know him as Shazam,"Captain Marvel" is a cheesy name anyway. So the name Shazam is absolutely fitting.

  29. Let's get it right people. Shazam is the name of the Wizard that gave Billy the power to become Captain Marvel. This other woman that has laid claim to his name in another universe is a fake and a joke of a character.

  30. 2:37 – uhh why is Superman in the background? Is it bc they just photoshopped Dwayne Johnson’s head and some gold plate onto Batman’s body in a scene from Batman v Superman?

  31. I guess the people whose been reading comic books since 1967 to 1972 know shazam as captain marvel. But some kids will say, (it will always be captain marvel to me).

  32. You could see in the movie a child playing with a Batman and a Superman Action figure.It’s a easter egg of the Batman vs Superman movie.

  33. Actually there's one more Easter egg, it has nothing to do with DC, when one of the kids open the doors there's mist and a purple tentacle-Like thing slithers out of the door and unfolds revealing razor sharp needle and teeth, that creature comes from Stephen Kings 'The Mist'

  34. Looks like the easter egg you guys missed was the evil Annabelle doll in the pawn shop at the beginning.

  35. You guys missed The Mist reference! On one of the doors there is a room full of mist and a monster tries to latch on to him

  36. It’s nothing against the dozen or so superheroes Marvel has called Captain Marvel, it’s just that I’ve been calling Billy Bateson Captain Marvel since the 70’s, and hadn’t even read a Marvel CM story, until reading Monica Rambeau (my personal Marvel CM) in Secret Wars.

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