Top 10 Coolest Non Member Items in Animal Jam

Hey beans non-members are people too. Yes, it’s a shocker. I’m kidding. I’m kidding. So non-members are big part of Animal Jam and Animal Jam doesn’t have that many non-member items. So I thought I’d make this list of the top ten coolest non-member items to give some of those New Jammers a head start as To what cool things there are to buy and make sure that none of you guys are too discouraged thinking that oh No [non-members] Can’t buy anything so we can’t make cool look there are plenty of cool items to make plenty of cool looks. There are only ten In this video, but I promise there are many many more cool ones even though these ten are [pretty] awesome And I hope you guys buy some of these so let’s get started with number 10 Which is the eagle hat it’s available in regular Jam Mart Clothing for a pretty cheap price, looks awesome, especially [on] tigers It looks like very regal and cool, and it almost looks like a new head for your animal So it’s kind of a way to make this big giant almost lion looking look as a tiger And there are also some very cool colors that you can blend quite Well one of my personal favorites is putting a rare warm blanket on with a light blue [Eagle] hat it just looks really cool Eagle hats are one of those items that really seem like they should be member in fact almost all other animal hats are members only Accepted a little like very torn up worn ones like the bunny hat but this one seems like it’s [really] member item just like all The other ones, but somehow it’s not so non-members this is a very cool item that really seems like a member item that you can definitely take advantage of so you can kind of Cheat [animaljam] out on this one because it’s a very cool item that just happens to be for non-members Number 9 is Abbi that’s available at the summer carnival for a very relatively cheap price So unfortunately a summer carnival is only on during the summer, but when it does come around again I highly recommend you buy one of these beans get it dean e. Dean’s okay? [so] these look very cool almost every [handle]. There’s a very good staple head item I mean normally you get bored of animals regular heads and sometimes you just don’t want some elaborate head So you can just throw these really cool beanies on they look really slick And they make you look like a cool little penguin or a cool little tiger look pretty good on wolves too although my personal favorite Has to [be] the Koala, but basically these things just make you look really cool And they blend very well with almost everything given that They’re pretty solid normal colors, and they don’t really clash or interfere with anything given their road normal shape style and just overall appearance number eight is the pirate sword I’m putting this at number eight instead of like number two because obviously it’s a very cool item but it’s pretty difficult to get because you have to play sky high a bunch of times or be a pretty good trader and This is one of the rarer items since it was available only during the beta and hasn’t ever come out since except in sky High Now pirate stores look exactly the same as the swords that are [for] members in the shop but they’re just a little bit rarer and there are some cool little colors like the red one that you can’t get in stores with The regular sword, so I think they’re really cool And I especially love some of the really cool retro colors that you can’t get nowadays honestly They just look good on everything. They look exceptionally good though on tigers penguins and wolves [in] my opinion I think those are the three coolest I remember animals okay, so you’re going to hear me say those three a lot, but I just think the swords are awesome it’s literally just an excuse to have a member item as a non-member and actually one of the coolest member items eventually so convenient the animal gym happen to release one of the coolest member items as a Non-member item I mean members even [used] pirate swords like I remember I used to have a pirate sword in one of my main looks I just really enjoyed how it looked on the tiger So if you remember take advantage of this because some members even do even though they could be wearing member Items that are generally considered to be cooler Number seven is the fez not only is it cute and smart looking. It’s just awesome. Okay? It’s just awesome It looks great on [Penguin’s] wolves and koalas. I’m not a huge fan of it on tigers I don’t know why in general you can make some really cool Looks and similar to the beanie it just really doesn’t clash with anything There are some really cool colors and the nice little black string is cute But it’s not going to get in the way of anything else that you’re wearing So if you just want a cute little non-member item that’s in Jam our clothing, and it’s pretty cheap Go ahead and buy a [fez] they’re one of my personal favorite items And they’re definitely one of my personal favorites non-member items, which is why they take number seven on this list? Number six is an item yes. I’m including the den items, and it’s the Brand-new Mossy stone pathway I include the Mossy stone pathway just because I find it very very cool frankly It’s got this kind of adventure feel to it And it’s in this really cool set of items [that] are normally all member but this one just happened to be non-member and also fits very well with the small house [den] since you can put it at your entrances and exits And it works out pretty well since it’s symmetrical and is pretty much the same shape and size as your entrances and exits also You can make some pretty cool layering to create pathways into your den and create sort of a cool feel you don’t really often get With a small house since it’s so you know one-Dimensional and not very Dynamic or cool you can create kind of an adventure feels by lighting these things up next to each other since they are basically Interlocking grid Pattern kind of things you can just put one on top of the other and then shift one to the right and left a little bit and [it] will basically just Completely lock in like a puzzle piece with the one below it and you can create this kind of seamless path effect I just think it’s awesome Number five is the [worn] blanket again This is one of the coolest items ever in fact some of the rarest jammers ever used to wear these things Because I mean granted they were rare But even though they were not [a] member people would wear them all the [time] people still do it especially on Arctic wolf even though They’re not really that rare anymore because you get them in sky high. That was a huge [run-on] sentence But basically they’re really cool, and they’re [non-member] even members wear them because they’re so cool. Yes. They’re a little bit rare You’re gonna have to play sky high a few times to get one or be a pretty good trader It’s like a pirate sword, but they’re well worth it And you might just happen to stumble across one while you’re looking for a pirate sword or you might stumble across a pirate sword while You’re looking for one of these in sky High So I highly recommend working towards that warm blanket if you don’t have one already since they’re very cool And they give a very nice vibe, and they come in some very very nice colors. They look especially good on wolves and tigers in my opinion Never [forward] is the fantasy better. I can’t believe this thing It’s not a member for the longest time I thought this was a very cool member item and I used to put it in all My different castles and things and [hang] [it] up on the [wall], but then I figured out this thing is non-member And I was like well, that’s really cool But it doesn’t really do anything because you know you know you can’t have a castle as a member You can only had the small house, but then I went into the small house And I placed a [fantasy] [ban] on some of the places and I realized wow this thing almost perfectly fixed a small house and like you know you can hang it up on the post and Then almost beat you down to the floor, but doesn’t quite hit it So it looks like [it’s] really cool kind of regal thing and again It’s very hard to add [games] at a small house [tents] It’s so [one-dimensional] but by adding these cool regal banners of all sorts of different colors and shapes and sizes well You can really make it feel like a castle which I think is really cool and really adds to the vibe that small houses have Trouble getting Number three is the Raccoon hat it’s available in Epic orders as one of the more expensive items But it’s not very rare. Which is the good news [these] things just look good on every single animal They’re like box hats that are in store in fact I would argue that. They’re cooler than fox hat in fact I’m not even including fox hat on this list even though They’re one of the most popular non-member items ever partially because I’m still salty that they used to be so random and [really] [some] [of] The right on money, but that’s unrelated. [I] really [liked] the raccoon hats They’re just cute, but also cool, and they can make some really good girly looks as well They’re very good, and they’re totally unisex. So whatever you want to do with them You totally can they fit almost every purpose, and they’re just like a good way to keep your penguins head warm honestly Number two is the classic the classic bow and arrows. Yes I know these guys are kind of rare unless you get the jamaaliday one But the actual rare ones can be difficult to obtain, but don’t worry. They’re not too hard They’re not quite at the level of you know, Milky, Tiaras and glitched rings So I wouldn’t despair too much and when you do get one they look awesome. Especially as always on tigers and wolves okay I’m sorry I really like to capture the dogs just the tires and the [wolves] pull up these bow and arrows are very very well in fact My main look on this non-member account Uses these bow and arrows because I just think it looks so good on the tiger and don’t [have] to preview screen down I know They look kind of weird on the preview screen, but I promise once you exit that screen. They look really cool game And my absolute [favorite] item for non-members of all time has to be the Ribbon Scott I am just the biggest fan of the ribbons [card] It is just like the silk scarf that is for members except it’s first of all [card] Cooler second of all it moves and third of all cooler again. It’s just cool It is actually one of my favorite items of all time, and I’m shocked that it is available for non-members I had to stop myself Multiple times from using this so start in like every single look and this video because I didn’t want to give away that it was Going to be number one, but old man do I like the Ribbon scarf It is just so cool on every single animal I even use it on member looks like routinely It’s just so good every single animal you put it on it just fits perfectly Because I mean every animal has a neck and every animal has a little place that it looks cool for little things to Whistle out behind them like Ninjas. It’s just so cool and all the non-member animals [wear] [it] so well, especially koalas pandas and Wolves in my opinion and in penguins, okay? Yeah Penguins do basically all of the animals I kept they give a single animal that it doesn’t look fantastic on actually I don’t know how it looks in the elephant, [but] that’s unrelated [I] just really like the Ribbon scarf and it’s available in Jamaa clothing for a very cheap price [so] I would seriously buy what if you are not a member. This is a staple and it is V cool It’s not under items that you can possibly wear by far, and it’s super easy to obtain so get one anyways beans Thank you so much for watching I’m hoping these [non-member] help videos are helping out You non-members since I know I have a lot of non-member fans and animal Jam is getting more and more non-members every day So if I am please we like and tell me if I’m doing a good job because I’m trying as hard as I can To include non-members in my channel, so anyways beans again Thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my [next] video. Bye

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Coolest Non Member Items in Animal Jam

  1. you can get rare bows and arrows in the return of the phantoms hard mode I think you had to unlock the bunnies in a certain order though

  2. Here is something cool and nm!! 1. Buy a bunny 2. Make the Bunny white with brown patches 3. Sun hats (you know, with a literal sun on it) and ribbon scarves look great on bunnies!

  3. Here's some advice: If you are lvl 2, for new jammers, you can train first, and then go to Return of the Phantoms Hard Mode, for some headstart rares.

  4. I personally hate being a NM and would give anything to be a member…BUT! I really enjoy the Mech Angel Wings…I actually have 1 of each color including the Christmas ones and the rare orange ones 🙂

  5. My first item in the entire game was a ribbon scarf. I used a red ribbon scarf on my bunny for about two months. And I continue to use them as replacements for spikes (i have a purple look with a flower crown and panda power backback, but I don’t have a purple collar yet so here I am) In fact, one of my favorite arctic wolf looks of all time is the look I made with a purple flower crown, a purple ribbon scarf, panda power backpack, and blue tail armor. It’s just so cool

  6. i lost my membership a bit ago and when i was looking for a video to watch then i watch this then im like: wow i should trade for these items instead of rarer items ( ok im joking but srsly im doin it )

  7. thank you, i was looking for some new looks to my tiger… found one thanks julian for caring about non-members

  8. Thank you for making this video. You actually made me really excited about playing Animal Jam. At first, I used to be sad because I was a nonmembers and I thought members had all the cool stuff. But now I see that nonmembers too can have really awesome looks… and dens. 😀

  9. Guysz!!!!!! Search bluehood199 in aj i dare u to make himher happy beacuz himher just got hacked

    Ps im not bluehood im him/her's buddy

  10. I had a bow and arrow but I got scammed 😥😥😥😥😥 but then I won a give away and got a rare blue spiked wrist

  11. I am a non member and before i watched this vid i had the ribbon scarf on my bunny and she was my oc for roleplaying and the ribbon scarf is her main item. (Side note yes i roleplay in aj but im not so dramatic . i watched types of roleplayers and i was none of them)

  12. Raccoon hat (or) Fox hat plus bow and arrows PLUS wolf equals a hunter which is very classic, and basic :,)

  13. My favorite nonmember items in the store is the raccoon hat becouse its a great alternative for a fox hat which can be harder to get!

  14. Do you think Peacock feathers would fit on this list? I honestly don’t care about rarity, they just look cool X3

  15. Hey my three main accounts (Lpscadince, meanies, and Vortexaj339) two are nonmember! (meanies and vortex) this helped me find cool items for my fav accounts on aj

  16. i actually have random items in my outfit…..
    colors:orange main body,white bottom,black stripes
    clothing: purple cat ear,purple bow and arrows,purple candy cane socks,jingle bell collar

    i found it out that its really really cool it works in wolf too here is the color of the wolf
    2nd top dark grey color is the main color
    and bottom of the 2d one its a lil bit lighter or darker or normal or someethin


  18. I would have put the jammaiday flower crown in this video bc its just a red version of a MEMBERS ONLY FLOWER CROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So i feel like I'm wearing a member item

  19. My first thought:

    I think ajhq now knows that they are the coolest non member items, I think they will turn them into member items…

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