Tom Holland and Chris Hemsworth on which cast member they’d eat first!

(Tom) I mean I did a lot of weeing off
the side of the boat (Charly) Hey guys I’m Charly and welcome to the Get Into Film channel today I’ve rocked up at In the Heart of the Sea press junket where I’m bringing all the goss from all the cast any excuse for them to hang out with me I suppose So the sailors eventually
resort to cannibalism obviously but what we really want to know
is if you could eat one member of your cast first which one would it be and why? (Cillian) I wouldn’t be fussy I’d eat whoever is closest (Benjamin) Probably Hemsworth (Chris) Tom Holland looks
pretty delicious doesn’t he (Charly) Oh that’s funny cause he said you (Chris) Did he? well there you go (Tom) There is just more of him you’d feed
more people with Chris and he’d be the hardest one to kill though (Charly) You all obviously had to lose weight by cutting down on the food you’re eating so what food did you dream of most like what
were you missing? (Tom) I got dreams about Mars bars and chocolate I love chocolate and especially Mars bars (Chris) Anything just quantity (Benjamin) New York pizza It would literally you say dreamt about it would wake me up in the night (Chris) I’d eat a whole loaf of bread or a whole you know bag of chips or whatever It was just the fact that we had these tiny little portions to nibble on (Tom) If I see quinoa ever again it’s gonna be bad (Cillian) I’m keen in Quinoa (Charly) i’m also a big fan of
your brother Liam (Chris) mmm (Charly) Now both being actors do you get
quite competitive about different roles? (Chris) No, not really we kind of Thor was I think
something we were both auditioning for one of the few things we were both kind of up
against each other for but it was a different time (Charly) How do you think Thor would
have tackled the whale? (Chris) He probably just would have flown out of
there I think he would have chosen not
to fight the whale he would have recognized the beauty of the
creature and and put his ego aside maybe (Charly) Oh that’s great (Chris) Or use his hammer

100 thoughts on “Tom Holland and Chris Hemsworth on which cast member they’d eat first!

  1. So Chris Hemsworth has called Tom Holland and Chris Evans "delicious" so far. XD Why is he always trying to consume his castmates?

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  4. Funny how Thor and Spiderman chose to eat each other. Funny in my head, but after a second thought maybe a bit inappropriate to post? Gosh, I hate accidental innuendos.

  5. I love this interviewer so much! And all the answers made me at least smile. Never getting over the hilarity of those two wanting to eat each other tho. One thing, since he brought up that Chris would probably be the hardest to kill? I can only think 'well I can guess who'd be the easiest to kill'.

  6. I like the interviewer, she’s sweet and comfortable to be around, not annoying like many other interviewers

  7. Love Tom and chris Tom is the best Spiderman and Chris the best Thor
    This might be a little random but it's true I love them both. Favorite actors

  8. Cillian looks sooooooo done! He always looks like that though like dudeeee play along try to have fun a little 😂

  9. He probably would have just flown out of there, I think he would have chosen not to fight the whale, he would have recognized the beauty of the creature and put his ego aside maybe….

    Or use his hammer😂

    I just love Chris

  10. It cracks me so much that Tom was ready to kill in the hypothetical scenario. Like, "who would you resort to eating of your dead shipmates?" "Well chris has the most meat on him but he'd be the hardest to KILL"

    no one said anything about killing tom!!

  11. Chris: “he would’ve chosen not to fight the whale. He would’ve recognised the beauty in the creature and put his ego aside.. maybe”

    Interviewer: Oh that’s great!

    Chris: OR use his hammer. 😂

  12. Yo Tom is much higher pitched and slow talking in this interview (Is he kinda misty eyed). The boi is distracted. Yo, is Spider-Man into a southern Scottish accent as much as I am? Coooool.

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