Today's Rappers Tell You How the Music Industry Really Works

before everybody starts screaming sound like I told you earlier you motherfucker the rapture and it's ain't nobody flying up to happen right now obviously all y'all is going to hell right with me so let's get it oh you already here I'm so sorry you can't get out this stop it's over you heard the songs a billion times and you didn't even though but I still like did I sell my soul I sold my soul for you now figure that out tell my dad Sam I saw I saw my soul for you for all you might forget this all here has asked me last time I saw motherfuckers y'all oh yeah I think I saw my soul now coming right with me get dummies I was supposed to be evil I just let me tell you right there it's ruled a table outside she hurt my fucking skin keep burning my fucking Pierce's and shit I need posed to be out here you I want to show y'all what mental illness really fucking looks like y'all want to see what that looks like I just did this to my car scratch dick heat it up I just bought it I just bought this fucking car he all the way want to know why I'm doing that cuz I mental fucking illness all this materialistic shit don't mean shit in the world and when they won't let you do I'm own I'm a fucking slave I'm a slave to my management I'm a slave to everybody I don't get control of my license I don't get control of my bank account I don't get control of shit I can't even drive that fucking car they put it in the basement so I couldn't take it I know I don't have a license but if I have someone with the license I could take it so fuck everybody this is mental fucking illness I don't care make fun of me I don't make fun of me on the internet I don't give a fuck look at this shit $150,000 $150,000 you want to see some look look that shit you a demon no but I have demonic energy or maybe demon I don't know you tell me and I really just want at least if I can if all right let's say worst thing comes to worst I fucking die a tragic death or some shit and I'm not able to see out my dreams I at least want to know that the kids perceived my message and we're able to make something of themselves and able to take my message and use it and turn it into something positive and to at least have a good life I at least if I'm gonna if I'm gonna die or ever be a sacrifice I want to make sure that my life made at least 5 million kids happy if you didn't like you acknowledge again it goes back to self-awareness you acknowledge that if you did not go at Drake this thing everything that you've done how big you are in the game it probably wouldn't be that I don't get a lot of people and then we try to sacrifice me nothing is tried to sacrifice I hate I hate speaking on it and I and I want to say this right now I want to say this on this video I park I apologize to drink for for coming for his mom I saw you as a business opportunity as you saw me as a business opportunity as you extorted the cadence from that song you when it would have been it would have been much better for all right me Umbro to have a personal conversation and I mean Drake we had a personal conversation he could have seen where I was coming from one thing he wanted to be an actor and deny his shit or not you don't stand out of been like look if you gonna do that make up for it somehow even if it's like yo go check go check out la bro go check out la blaw he's filming go look at his music boom then he was dinner then I would have shut up then I would have shut up but otherwise it's like you tried to sacrifice me but you tried to sacrifice me you could put that you could put that as the caption if you want you never tried to sacrifice me cuz look at it this way I'm in jail I had a PPO charge I'm facing life now that's what nobody realized I was face of life I'm facing life my which was one of my favorite rappers young saying cuz everybody everybody loved Drake bro everybody loves like I still respect nigga for his music you're saying I just can't respect what he did to me in Philly everybody loved rate broke do you think he deliberately did it or maybe like fuck yeah fuck yeah blowing I'm not gonna say no names nigga a DJ hit me up not only a DJ my manager at the time hit me up say yo this nigga Drake hit us up and he wants to talk to you he said he watched interview he fucks with you bro oh my god bro my fucking row on my fucking life bro my mom broke my mom from these niggas hit me up and said this shit you I sold my soul to the devil [Applause] [Applause] one night I was in my home studio it had to be like eight to ten people off in there and we have beats and stuff playing in the background and everything that's how we used to do it you know it's everybody doing what they do smoking drinking and everything and actually it came down to that dudes actually started being used by demonic spirits and the spirit starts speaking through him you know saying devil starts speaking through him talking to me asking me you know saying if I was gonna sell my soul telling me what I needed to do to take my career to the next level in darkness I mean dude actually came up to me holding wads of money saying man don't you want to make all this money now like I said you know saying I wasn't Church raised you know sent church to every day and all that stuff but I had went to church and even though it was a traditional Baptist Church you know I'm saying I heard about Jesus I ain't really Hill you know I'm saying the truth and everything but you know said my questions that I had within myself began to be answered and I knew that if those demonic spirits was real if the devil was real you know I'm saying he was offering me a way that I knew that God was real so what I started to do I grabbed a piece of paper that I had my pad or whatever and I just started to write you know saying started to repent and I just read it out loud and as I read it out loud I grabbed my people you can just start there rapping you know I'm saying and start apologizing to God and as I would do that somebody would leave my house one of those one of those spirits and those people would leave my house I kept on doing it to all of them left so I started coming clean with it start telling her what was going on she went in got the Bible she opened it up to the 23rd psalm and all I saw was the Lord is my shepherd the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want understand I just started to confess you know I'm saying Jesus asking Jesus to come into my heart and continually looking at that scripture saying the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want and I didn't I just said Lord Jesus just coming to my heart saved my soul you know Jesus just beam I'll just just just save me I just need you to save my soul I don't want to go to hell I don't want to save my soul I didn't know I was away from you I just need you to come into my heart come into my life and be my Lord and be my Savior you know and of course Jesus say you know a cleansing work began to me a cleansing work began to me for the next seven days I continued actually to hear the demonic spirit still propositioning me to sell my soul you know I'm saying in exchange for fortune and wealth or whatever in that music game you know I'm saying I even it got so bad I was so scared you know saying cuz that spirit of feel you know anything with the man that's the that's his spirit feel you know I'm so scared I make my mama even get into bed and sleep with me I like don't leave me don't leave me I couldn't eat for the next seven days couldn't eat couldn't do nothing now it was hard to sleep the slightest thing woke me up I look around posters would be looking at me blinking like this you know san-jay-z posted on the wall just just blinky you know I said just looking at me it was crazy man it was real too you know I said true story he had no nothing to do with no drugs and nothing like that it was just straight cross rules in a section of the of the the natural Ram you know I'm saying and the spiritual realm you know saying button heads and I had to make my choice which way I was gonna go you know what I'm saying

46 thoughts on “Today's Rappers Tell You How the Music Industry Really Works

  1. Yall trippin way to hard. Being controlled. I swear y'all sheep. And the sheep look up. Smh. Nobody expands they minds. What's real in life? What isn't real? "The price of fame?" Fuck it, let those who see past the governments corrupt bullshit thrive. You dont needa sell your soul to be rich, but you dont needa repent and be a God fearing person either. There's a lot of priest who are rich, from the churches stealing money and feeding off those who look up to God as a savior. sad. God is good. He's amazing. But what isn't, is a society of people who believe that the only way to live prosper is too be controlled by a spirit, god, company, or government.

  2. Niggas be actn spiritual and good in these comments but they are jus as blind fuckin idiots man this shii sucks still tho x shouldnt be in this category

  3. Hell isnt even fucking real its jus smh to keep us trapped in fear heaven was too easy we wanted a challenge thats when earth was created long story short u fuck up u restart life is a test life is a game do research x is spiritual "sacrafice" he is using it in a spiritual term and u misunderstood it, God is love why tf would he send us to a eternal fire earth is the only hell bro x shouldn't be in this category it hurts that niggas do this not truly knowin him but peace be upon u✌

  4. Let's say this you idiot rich or poor doesn't mean shit nothing key car who cares you got your ass fucked. Now you got money fame now your complaining. So much poverty in this world and the rich are complaining money means nothing you can't take it with you. Keep complaint we don't give a shit

  5. X did nothing that he actually could have don to make “5 million kids happy” lil xan coulda just got his own license and he just stupid and didn’t read his contract. Matter fact all the rappers are too gullible and sold their soul to make their life better but nothing matters and life you really gotta worry about death and what happens after that. Lord bless you

  6. xxx was teling truth about drake and people said he was crazy ,,,where is he now????his family is not even alowed to visit his grave yard

  7. I don't believe in all this satanic shit such bullshit. You make it by working hard and not giving up💯💯

  8. This shit is 100% real i was in a band and the story of what went on before my band broke up was real spiritual and demonic shit that happened it was fucking crazy how shit can manifest and this shit is no fucking joke man that shit about sacrifice,selling your soul and spirits opening up and being around that shit is real. I dont give a fuck what anyone says call me crazy or whatever but until you go through it yourself its hard for people to believe that that type of shit is real or dont exist when that shit is more real then the reality we precieve cause after we leave the spirit world is what is eternal theres no concept of time in that realm and we all have to pass through to that side at some point when we leave this earth.. So be careful if you do music or some form of entertainment cause that shit is 1000% true and a door you do not want to open!!!!!!! The doors are hard to close once you open them take it from me.. Shits no joke!!!!!

  9. Selling your soul just means sacrificing things for fame like personal relationships and possibly even your own body id doesnt mean you sacrifice your mom to ‘satan’ for rich and fame if it was that easy then everyone reading this would be rich and famous lol

  10. Y'all know I don't even listen to his music? Lil Uzi I'm talking about. I'm eighteen and I don't like any of the new school rappers music. I'm all old school. 50 cent, G unit, Juvenile, Big, Pac, lil wayne, eminem, boosie. All of that, I'm just old in spirit, but young in Flesh. I can't be fully part of this generation, but physically I am. Mentally, not really.

  11. Mynista not BSing, had a similar vision while high af, Devil tempting me with wealth, women, power, fame, showed me how to rap what songs to make to get it, but I told him "fuck off cunt"

  12. A lot of these artists say they sell their souls because once you sign a contract they own your ass, so they are speaking metaphorically not literally.

  13. Do your thing people, Artist have being ass fucked by untalented boy lovers through the ages.
    Blue eye blonde hair is the devil.
    Blackness is the Almighty
    Just look at the night sky.

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