Titans | 9 Episode Binge Promo | DC Universe | The Ultimate Membership

What is up with
everyone here? You people need some
kind of “super shrink” to deal with all
your problems. (Slade) Watch closely son, this is what
happens to Titans. Let’s end this
game, Blackfire. Good. [speaking Tamaranian]

64 thoughts on “Titans | 9 Episode Binge Promo | DC Universe | The Ultimate Membership

  1. Oh. Boy. This, I swear, is the best DC show yet. This season, though, is incredible. Blackfire. Next, Nightwing!

  2. 0:22 In case you dont know, that's Black Fire which is played by Anna Diop I think… She is the adopted sister of StarFire and they both love one another but StarFire banished her to Phantom Zone which is why they are rival now.

  3. That’s not Starfire I don’t care what race the actor is just paint her orange like how she looks in the comics and cartoons please.

    … ?

  5. WOAH!!! You just drop a bomb like the Blackfire reveal like this?! Sure she's been rumored for months and had been referenced earlier in the season but to just drop it like this!!! This is one of those things you show in a episode NOW the Nightwing costume that you reveal early 😜😜 take the hint….

  6. 2×10 was just amazing!!
    Joker’s appearance and Jason’s death, 😟👌
    What good acting! It really matches with the name Fallen!

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