“Time waits for no one” [cc] accurate

we have on average twenty five thousand five hundred days
on this planet and yes some of you are pushing it a little beyond that, good for
you we all have one hundred and sixty-eight hours in the week and how we use those hours those years those decades in life the Bible encourages us to utilize our
time wisely intentionally David says Lord teach us to make the most of our time so that we may grow in wisdom and then here’s how Paul penned it andt this
is from the amplified version live purposefully and worthily not as the unwise but as wise people
making the very most of your time don’t be vague or thoughtless And foolish but understand and firmly grasp what the will of the Lord is now how do we grasp the will of the Lord when it comes to our time I have four suggestions from the scriptures number one is you need to take an active responsibility for your time be responsible for your calendar Paul says we are each responsible for
our own conduct and it’s interesting that when
it comes to the use of our time Well, some of us are just accusers our time is not used very well and we
trying to blame it on somebody else well if they could just get their act
together then I’d be able to get my act together but they are not getting their act
together and so I can get my act together and we excuse the other people or even
other circumstances in life while we make them responsible for why we are not able to take
responsibility for our own time if we’re not accusers well maybe we are
excusers when it comes to our time we always have an excuse for why something isn’t getting done or why something wasn’t done in the timely fashion we can blame someone else for that but
really in the end we’’re the ones that are making excuses for the use of our time and yes from time to time we may not use our time all that well
we might Be late from time to time and when it’s a rare occurrence then
it really isn’t an excuse it’s the reason that we haven’t used our time all that well but when the exception becomes the
rule then it’s just An excuse not a reason and it’s easy to accused people, blame others for why we
don’t use our time right it’s easy to be filled with excuses but the Bible says that we have an
ability to choose how we’re going to spend that time just like how we’re
going to choose how to spend that dollar and like a dollar we can only spend our
time once and so we need to choose how we’re going to spend our time it’s the lazy person who’s full of
excuses and accusations It is the lazy person who doesn’t choose to grab a hold of
their time so that they can use it wisely now as we grab hold of our time we need
to have realized that God is here to help us when it comes to how we ought to wisely
use our time Paul says in Philippians there is nothing I
cannot master with the help of Christ who gives me strength and part of God helping us well we
need to know what we are called to and what we’re not call to how do we know what we’re called to and
what we’re not called to oftentimes it has to do with what our
goals are and I want to encourage you today to have some faith goals and what is taking through the word faith first of all you need to get focused on
what it is God is calling you to do what God is calling one of us to is
different than what another person might be called to but God is calling all of us to
something when it comes to the expansion and
enrichment of His kingdom when it comes to where God wants us to
serve and work and what he wants us to do and our awake hours God has an agenda for us and we have to focus on that we need to
delineate that we need to see whether that goal
is achievable for us you know I understand that that Seattle is looking to get a
new who NBA team and so I’ve been practicing basketball
a little bit Oh, you don’t think I should try out for
the New Sonics team? that’s never going to happen, right? it’s about what is achievable for us not what is achievable for someone else but what is achievable for us and
there are periods of time where So things are more achievable than others
in life and what we are called to achieve we realize
we will never achieve that all on our own because when God Calls you to something that you are to achieve that will almost always
include some other people it will take God’s intervention his participation in what you’re doing and because of that what is achievable may not always be easy or comfortable is it something that is individualized to you God doesn’t have a cookie-cutter when it
comes to what he calls us to do it’s a very individualized thing you
have your own shape as we talk about your spiritual gift, your heart passion
your experience personality Those things chart where you ought to where you ought to be called how God might call you, the direction
that you’re to head in and it’s very individual just
because God calling you here we don’t have to say oh, everybody has to go in
that direction no you just need to head in your
individual direction that God has in store for you is it tractable can you measure it can you identify something
quantitatively about what it is that God is calling you to do what would be a faith goal for you and then finally it will always follow your heart passion It needs to resonate with you and your own soul
your own heart passion and we have very different heart passions
at times and that reflects the fact that God
calls us here and not here over here but not over here and we ought to have some faith goals for two thousand and thirteen and so that means we need to do a little clarified about
what we believe God is calling us to do we have to figure out what is it most important in our life and then to have our goals our time
spent in association with what’s most
important Solomon says an intelligent person aims at
wise action but a fool starts off in many directions
now that’s not a comment about being spontaneous and I know how that is you know spontaneous people and organized
deliberate people isn’t it interesting they marry one another you know we are often attracted to someone
who’s very different than us and so it takes a sense of
organization but it also takes a sense of spontaneity to respond to what God calls us to do And simply we are the ones that need to
choose Job says we can choose the sounds we
want to listen to I did not know that iPods were mentioned in the old testament we can choose what we listen to and we could choose the taste of the food we want and we choose to following what is
right for first of all we must define What is good we have to define what’s the more important thing in life and we
do need some priorities don’t we? maybe some A, B, and C priorities perhaps there are different categories
of life and I’ll get to that in a moment and you need to address what is most
important in each of those different categories or areas of your life if you do not if you don’t value
something more than another you’ll waste your time if you value everything you really value
nothing because everything is not of equal
value in this world when I was just starting out in ministry
I was busy Being a pastor and I came to a realization actually through my wife’s encouragement one day she sat me down and looked at me and
very nicely said honey I’m not sure we’re going to
survive your success and I had to really listen
to that over and over again and I was very busy I was youth pastor and I was flying around the country speaking and
doing seminars and it seemed like uh… you know being apart we were a little
bit like ships passing in the night if we were even awake and I realized I was Valuing everything I could
get my arms around now part of this conversation was
because we decided to have a very very active little boy capital Active, capital boy And life became it changed didn’t it? and so I had to sit down and say okay
Lord which in these great things that I’m
doing do you want me to stop doing because I obviously need to be home more
than I have been and it was amazing as I began to look at
my shape for ministry and what I valued as God Lead me it became very clear what I
should stop doing and I said to the Lord if you want me to do this that you’re going
to you know wait down the way and then
bring that back in front of me and it’s not that I don’t like doing
that but that is not the best thing for me to be doing and these choices we make it or not
always something bad and something good
it could be that we have to choose from great option because we can’t do everything and it helps us to know what is most
important in That time of life and this time of life for us to spend our time on now this is very true if you wait for perfect
conditions you’ll never get anything done if we wait for everything to be perfect
the fact is we get almost nothing done that’s why the procrastinates is always paralyzed procrastination paralyzes us and we don’t do anything now the truth is we look at the major characters of the Bible and
all the way from the the people of Israel coming out of Egypt into
the wilderness all the way to Timothy and Titus beginning to end of the Bible when people responded to God they don’t
have everything that they need they don’t have perfect conditions and it’s true it we don’t go we
will never know what it is that God wants us to do and God may be calling us to something A little out of our reach a little unusual for us a little bit outside of our comfort
zone but as we respond to that it’s amazing
how God can and will help us and God does equip us for what he
calls us to and clarifying What is most important to us in the year
ahead that will lead us in setting some faith goals for the new year and as we do that we should not forget
the big four there are four things that I think we
should all address when we look at the coming year first of
all we need a spiritual goal what are our spiritual for two thousand
and thirteen Peter says grow in spiritual strength and become better acquainted with our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so that means you need to have a quiet time don’t start with thirty minutes Start with ten minutes in fact here is a suggestion this is what I’m
doing right now I’m reading through the Pslams And the Psalms are good to read through
because the front ones are a little shorter you get in the hundreds and they get a
little longer, right? so it gives you a chance to warm up to a greater
amount of time pick a time, pick a place, pick a passage and read your Bible maybe you need to get to
a Bible study maybe you need to join a small group how are you going to get to know
Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior better in two thousand thirteen that’s a
spiritual goal number two you need to have an
intellectual goal do yourself a favor and learn all you
can and you will prosper we need to learn we need to be learning
something something new when we’re learning something new it’s
very interesting that doesn’t make you feel as old as we really are and what is it that you you would like to achieve in this year what you like do in this new year and there is this something that I know
but I want you to learn intellectually take on intellectually that will stretch
you that would strengthen you in the new year maybe you need to put away all the
fiction books that you read in pick up a non-fiction book I put that in my Bell article for
January and learn more about your faith or learn
more about this avocation that you have or this interest that you have third and I know you don’t like this one
but you need to have a body goal Physical goal for growth don’t you know that your body is the
temple of the Holy Spirit who lives in you and was given to you by
God so you must honor God with your body now right about now everybody at the first of the year that said I
am going to lose some weight They are all starting to fall by the
wayside give them a another week or two and ninety five percent of the people that
said I’m going to lose weight in two thousand and thirteen will not be losing
weight anymore they may not be putting anymore on but they probably won’t be losing that As we age I will help you out we need three things you need some strength you need some stamina and you need some flexibility can you still pick up that five pound bag of flour can you still go up two flights of
stairs without without feeling out of breath can you Touch your toes flexibility we need at least a modest amount of
those three things as we age and which of those three things might be
a goal for growth for you maybe you need
to exercise more maybe you need to look at your diet eating this sleep a little
bit more but everybody ought to have a physical growth
goal for two thousand and thirteen then finally have a relational goal Paul says my prayer for you is that your
love will grow more and more and that you’ll have knowledge and understanding with your
love As we age we have a tendency to get
a circle of friends and those are the people that we always
do things with now I know not everybody has room for a new close friend if you can only have so many close
friends but I think the great goal for growth for two thousand and thirteen would be to begin to look beyond your
close circle of friends and look for somebody that you might
befriends somebody you might be able to encourage
or help and it doesn’t mean that they’re going
to be drawn into your inner circle but it adds A very positive dimension when we move beyond our inner circle our close
circle of friends our Mexican train domino group and look to see who might be just beyond
that God might be calling us to help
Or encourage in two thousand and thirteen we need spiritual goal we need an intellectual goal we need a physical goal and we need a
relational goal and as we look at those categories we
begin to see What God is up to in our life and through our lives a dollar and a minute can only be
spent once and the Bible is very clear that we need
to spend our time wisely and that means we have to take
responsibility we have to accept that responsibility we need to rely upon God to equip us
and give us what we need to what he’s calling us to we need to clarify
what’s most important and then we have to manage our calendars I can tell you what’s most important to
you if you show me your calendar and your checkbook and I hope you’ll find in your calendar
that it changes a little bit after today that as you take in what it is that God
wants you to do that you’ll see that your goals for the year change a little bit
expand a little bit God wants us to utilize our time on this
planet and he tells us utilize it by loving me with all of
your heart, mind, soul and strength utilize it by loving your neighbor as yourself Let us pray Lord we all feel a little nudging when
we come to the subject of our time and How we are utilizing it and Lord it’s not though we can’t just do nothing that’s
a good thing too or have some fun with our time that’s
an essential of life as well Lord our goal is to utilize the time that you give us on
this planet to utilize this time in the next year for our growth as well as the growth of
those around us and Lord remind us that you’d you do
walk with us as you call us to something that you equip us for all the things
that you would call us to do and so Lord let us clarify what it is that’s most important
to you and to us and that Lord like our checkbooks our
calendars might reflect your great commission and your great
commandments and we pray these things in your name Amen.

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