Tikkun Holistic Spa

have you ever felt that life is just a little too fast paced and hectic and your body and mind are a bit of a jumble well we found the ultimate solution the tcode holistic spa in Santa Monica California where korean-inspired spa treatments and holistic medicine are combined to return you to total health and relaxation and it's all done under the direction of owner and founder dr. Charles Schwartz takuan comes from the ancient hebrew phrase tikkun olam which means to heal the world which we attempt to do one person at a time we combined the best from the east and west to create a restorative co-ed sanctuary with a medical twist we offer a wide variety of unique treatments we have a physician on staff chiropractor acupuncturist nutritionist as well as our massage therapist and estheticians we specialize in our traditional Korean body scrub we also have our hot and cold chaise stone massage we do deep tissue and for those who want extra deep tissue our therapist can even walk on your back Tekin Spa also offers some very original pre treatments like the Himalayan salt room and the clay room for detoxification the Jade room for energy the ice room for cooling and the green tea jacuzzi room for women their all-natural facials are the best we've experienced plus you'll definitely want to check out the couple suite if you're looking for a one-stop shop for the ultimate reparative therapy that includes spa treatment skin care and holistic medicine you need to make an appointment at the takuan holistic spa in Santa Monica

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