Tiger Mother: Socialization is Over-Romanticized

37 thoughts on “Tiger Mother: Socialization is Over-Romanticized

  1. Tiger moms are all about their own ego not a well balanced child. I had chores to do and than it was go out side and play. If you complain you are bored, my mom always had extra chores we could do. Our TV time was very controlled and limited. Books were plentiful and trips to the library was a regular routine. We did alot of fun stuff as a family. I still learned the value of hard work, honesty, kindness and time management even with playdates. I was told frequently that I was loved, had potential to achieve, and when I failed, it was a lesson to learn how to get up, dust yourself off and try again because life is not always easy or fair. I was a free range kid and thankful for my parents who came from a generation that never told their children they loved them, were proud of them, just slapped out of the blue on occassion which made them wonder what they did wrong. Their opinions or feelings were never discussed because children had no opinions. You instantly did as you were told or got hit. My grandmother was six months pregnant before she could not hide it and her mother found out. She was very scared, Solution- marry the father. Lucky for her, my granddad loved her and at 16 my grandmother got married. They did love their daughters dearly, but showing or saying I love you was a cultural tradition that was not done. To praise a child would make them overly proud was the thinking. My parents felt the void in their lives and did not want us to experience that kind of lonliness they went through . Constant pressure will eventually break the egg.

  2. I have always been concerned that whites underdevelop their natural talent. White culture takes too much pride in iq, without regard to development.

  3. I'm sure this they know in the parents want to raise children in a big job that generally .. and one day I see you call your child happiness whatever say this a few minutes or hours while I want to talk with everything generally to be a successful education esktrim only unnecessary important .. you relate this achieving high ability or also can this social life but many create for you .. you can get her food cake and drink also but PRIORITIZING this secukunya ..

  4. she has no selfesteem, only diploms and wealth. Am I the only one who sees how small she is inside, how frightened and scared? A 'human product' of fear of surviving to me. Rich outside, poor inside

  5. She is not that bad and I think people are just heated because no mom / parent will openly say that is how they raised their kids . I bet you many parents do the same things as her but just don’t say a thing about it

  6. I understand what she's trying to get at but she doesn't finish her sentence and jumps to a new one; I think there's just so much she wants to say and can't arrange her thoughts

  7. Humans are social creatures. Socialization is a necessary part of development, but I also don't think having play dates prevents a child from becoming a very successful musician or anything. The two aren't mutually exclusive

  8. It totally depends on who your social group is. It can have a positive synergistic effect or it can turn kids toward a more deconstructionist approach where they quickly become too smart to listen to their parents.

  9. I don't really know, but would a couple hours a weekend really keep your kid from becoming the noble peace prize winner or whatever? As a normal american teenager, I don't really hangout with my friends outside of school except on Saturdays and only for a couple hours.(Lets just say 4 hours average) I highly doubt 16 hours a month out of 730 would keep me from being successful. Extremism is just unnecessary, you can achieve to your highest ability AND have a social life. Now that doesn't mean go to a party all the time and stay on Facebook forever, but geez is robbing these children of social lives really helping them in the end? I don't think so. You can have your cake and eat it too but PRIORITIZING is key. Not extremism.

  10. This is amongst the most moronic things I have heard in my entire life. (and I have watched a lifetime's worth of Hong Kong and Bollywood movies)
    If anything social mores and values (usually gained through active socialization. When several children are left to their own devices, in a place like ,say a field. Without adults loading the weight of their own social prejudices on them of course) are usually swept under the rug in the interest of goading children to cram another lesson of Mathematics, Science or some other 'tangibly' beneficial pursuit.
    Unfortunately a lot of parents (not just far eastern but even parents from the sub-continent) buy into this BS. A child without active social skills is going to have a pretty tough time as an adult ( that I can guarantee from personal experience), and some of these skills cannot be taught, they have to be learned. (and it is much harder as an adult, possible, but harder)
    Though I think the concept of play and chaperoned dates is pretty stupid as well. Leave kids to their own devices. Stop micromanaging, it is bad in business and worse for kids.
    Help them, reason with them, they are not as stupid as you think, stop loading them with the weight of your own failed aspirations.
    I know y'all gave birth to them and all, but please for the sake of them kids, BUTT THE FUCK OUT once in a while.

  11. Also socialization is something that YOU can't use to feel good, that YOU can't use to brag about how great a parent you are, that YOU can't use to give yourself a comfortable retirement in a few decades (looking after elders is expected of the Chinese)

  12. she looks like a lesbo with man watch to call attention… "Manly girls are UGLY" and may surprise you with dingdong. lol

  13. that's a false dichotomy. Either you work hard, or you're social. You can't do both? Demonstrably false.

  14. She makes sense, but to be sense, shes not a real Asian "Tiger Mom." She may have influence from her parents and she marketed this to America, but come to China or Korea and talk to the moms here. Those are the real Tiger Mom. She said her daughter has a boyfriend? Thats no Tiger Mom right there.

  15. She is a great parent because she leads by example. I too want my daughter when they are 50 years old, to wear short skirts on TV interviews.

  16. There is a new scientific discovery about extreme parents like this mom. They are missing small quantities of lead from behind their left ear lob. It can be repaired quite simply… with my fucking shotgun

  17. The most dramatic example showing Mrs.Chua is right is Korea which has become a feminist matriarchy-men went to the old way of socializing and fell down to lowest social levels as they can't get professional jobs and must sell chicken once they reach the age of 40s as they have to leave their office jobs. Only women become judges,lawyers,diplomats, teachers,public servants etc. as they spend all the time studiying instead of hanging around like men. A woman who has become a judge and a man who socialized and became a demolition thug(as it is mostly the case nowadays with gender quotas even enforced in the private sector)-clearly the latter is the socially lesser being. This is why feminism is gaining ground-now the role of the male on the human genetics is being officially discarded and the female mytochondria being considered the sole source of genetics.

  18. For example, in a society, judges,lawyers, doctors and engineering Ph.Ds are more worth than generalist paper pushers or factory workers or low educated(10 years of school) handworkers. Socialization does not make one become a judge,lawyer or Ph.D; studying very very hard does. It is not the socializing paper pushers but the judges who studied very very hard who hand down jail sentences.

  19. In Asian countries,students can get disciplined for organizing things like "proms" ;in the far past,expulsion meant criminal background. In Western societies, the man with hugher physical traits such as height,chest size etc. gets the better woman;not so in Asia. The ones with better achievement get the best women. The extreme is Singapore where the government steps in so that only the best get married. This makes sense. An average European with 10 years of education and following apprenticeship in handwork will not get a wife in Asia. besides, other countries require 12 years of education as a minimum for the lowest social rank jobs.

  20. Anyone who thinks socialization is over-romanticized, should sit in on a job interview with an applicant that was home-schooled sometime. Not all well-paying jobs require the stereotypical 'high school cheerleader'-networking skills that are overvalued and short-lived in the real world. But it is generally true that to enter into the upper echelons of leadership in business, you need sound, socially-useful and relevant networking capabilities. Capabilities, that simply cannot be acquired being educated in isolation, likely being denied the problem solving obstacles of proper K-12 school social strata. If you're the world's top theoretical physicist, you will have PR-handlers and publicists sending you resumes to work for free and manage you. But most people don't have that advantage and cannot simply survive working in isolation and maintaining brilliance and productivity. That's just not realistic. Socialization is a key component to overall success.

  21. Good work Amy Chua. By the way, no one should be made to apologize for laying emphasis on traditional values of hardwork, proper time management and thinking 15 times more than you socialize. 

  22. You lived in liverpool for two months so know little about Liverpool and even less about the whole of England.

  23. history and politics are two different things. history can include political history but usually history means more than just politics.

  24. History is called history for a reason. It's the past a thriving on the past don't help no one.

  25. England a great country? I'm sorry I have to break it to you but England has the most retarded people on this planet and I should know I was just living in fucking Liverpool for a couple of months.

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