Thu Ni Bathuku- 3 | Caste Reservations & Inter-Caste Marriages In India | Vikram Aditya | EP#144

What instigated me to make this video is… The tragedy that took place a result
of Pranay Amrutha’s intercaste marriage. What is mean’t by caste? How appropriate are reservations? What should we do to
demolish Caste system completely? Does this caste exist right now? Till what extent are
intercaste marriages correct? I am about to discuss on
many such topics in this video. This video is a bit longer than my regular videos for the
people who asked for a long video since many days, You will understand the depth of this
video if you watch it completely. Remember one thing. I’m not supporting any caste in this video. You will understand the real motto behind
this video if you watch this full video. Initially I’ll tell you a
story from Ramayana. After the war between Rama and Ravana, Rama had brought Sita devi to Ayodhya. Later one day, Considering a washerman’s words Lord Rama has sent Sita along with Laxmana,
asking him to leave her in the forest. The day he made Sita to
stay in the forest, From that day onwards, Ayodhya suffered
the curse of tormenting a great lady. Drought triggered Ayodhya. One day, by arranging a huge gathering they started finding
reasons for the drought. Then some of the people in
the gathering came to Lord Rama and said… …”Dear Rama,
a Shudra is preaching vedas in our Ayodhya.” “According to our rules,
Shudras shouldn’t preach vedas.” That’s the right of Brahmins. That’s why there is a drought. This drought will vanish
only if you kill him. If you kill him being a king, then no other sudhra in our
kingdom will ever dare to do so. They convinced Lord Rama saying that. Lord Rama went to the place
where the Shudra was. While the Shudra was chanting the vedas Lord Rama was mesmerized
hearing his chantings. Even a Brahmin could not
preach the vedas pleasantly. When asked for his name He said his name was Sambuka
and that he was a Shudhra. Lord Rama explained what has
happened to Sambuka. Then Rama said,
“I don’t feel like killing you.” “If I knew one such day would come” “I would’ve lost in the hands
on Ravana that day itself.” “If I kill you today,
I will not fight a war in my life again.” “What do you want me to do Sambuka?”
asked Lord Rama. “You will have to kill me if people
have to believe in you and your rule” “Else everyone will blame you that the
reason of drought is not killing me.” He convinced Lord Rama by saying so. Lord Rama cut down
the head of that Shudra. Lord Rama came back to his palace with
a dejected face filled with tears. I killed a person just because
he belonged to a lower caste. Feeling that if I have ever commited
any mistake in my life, that is this. Lord Rama had suffered with
that pain untill his death. Every man is born to a woman
and is living on this earth. Everyone is breathing the same air. Our earth is carrying everyone equally. Then how did this epidemic
called caste entered our lives? Why has this caste filled
in our hearts and brains? Is this unknown caste godlike? Where does the actual problem lie? We haven’t heard about
caste in any of the epics. It is not written
anywhere classifying the castes! It is not even mentioned in Ramayan,
Mahabharata, Bhagavata or any Vedas too! Then from where did the
caste system come from? We have to go back 5000 years,
to know about this. In the 12th shloka in the
purusha suktam in the Rig Veda. [Sanskrit Shlokas] Which explains,
if we consider a man as a form of god. Then from his face a “Brahmin”, from shoulders a “Kshatriya,”
from his stomach a “Vaishya”… …and “Shudra” has come
from his feet is the meaning. In those days,
people understood this in their own way. This is called as “Varna system”. Varna doesnt mean a caste. Varna means colour. But here, Varna describes their occupation. He who studies the vedas and utilizes it for
the betterment of the society is a Brahmin. He who makes his body a weapon and his
strength, his valor while fighting a war is Kshatriya. How energy is generated
from the food we eat… …similarly, a man who does business and
earns money for the society is a “Vaishya.” By doing the work which these three varnas
cannot and makes them live is a Shudra. Everyone in the society
must have a job. So that no one should be poor,
this varna system has been created. The real meaning behind the shloka was… If we consider the divine
appearance as the society. As the head, hands, stomach and
legs do their deeds accurately. In a similar way, if these four
varnas work properly in the society, then our society would develop well. Just imagine. Does the body work properly if one
of these four parts stops working? In any caste, it isn’t written saying
that it is a great or a henious caste. Just because of these upper varnas
and by refering to the body parts. Since the head is on the top,
it is refered to as a higher caste. And since legs belong to the lower part,
it is considered as a lower caste. The society has been
corrupted by adding this new meaning. But something these fools don’t know is If you consider a man
as a divine appearance. Humans don’t pray to the head of the god. They pray to a god’s feet. If we look at it this way,
Shudra would become great here. The reason they have separated
society in these four Varnas is just to have flow of money.
Money has to be circulated. Which means there should
be both buyer and seller. Similarly, the Shloka was written to convey that there
should be a worker and a person who should make him work. But changing the meaning of it completely The religious heads then have changed the meanings
of these Varnas as per their wish to control the society. Tell me something.
Where does the sun rise from? Is it east? No.
The sun doesn’t rise in the east. We call the direction
the sun rises as ‘East’. Similarly anyone who has taken birth in
the Brahmin Varna isn’t a Brahmin. He who masters the Vedas is a Brahmin. But as time passed, they changed it for their own profit that
only a person born in the Brahmin Varna should recite Vedas. This is totally wrong. In the 25th Shloka, 18th chapter
of the Varna Parva in Mahabharata [Sanskrit Verses] [Sanskrit Verses] Which means any Shudra has the qualities of
a Brahmin should be considered as a Brahmin. Similarly, any brahmin with the qualities
of Shudra should be considered a Shudra. But this never happened in history. They decided on the caste dependent on birth
but not dependent on their talent or qualities. They killed a lot of people mentally and
physically abusing them on their birth. ‘Your birth doesn’t
decide your caste’ says… the 35th Shloka of the 11th chapter
of the 7th Sukta in Bhagavatha where [Sanskrit Verses] Which means, even if someone who has the qualities of
Brahmin, Kshatriya or Vysya is born in another Varna too after taking his qualities into account, he should be classified into the caste
according to the Varna he belongs to. It means the classification of Varnas
by virtue of qualities is righteousness. This Shloka says one doesn’t
acquire caste by birth. Till now we just discussed about the
Varna system. Not about the caste system. If you ask how this caste system
came into existence, I would say A new Varna below these 4 Varnas was created by the people of 4 Varnas. That is nothing but the 5th Varna. Which is currently termed as ‘Dalit’. Where did the Dalit who was not mentioned
in any of the Puranas come all of a sudden? The term ‘5th Varna’
was born in the 4th century. They have placed it at the
bottom of these 4 existing Varnas. The word ‘5th Varna’ was used
in place of the word ‘foreigner’. Which means, people who have
migrated from a foreign region. For example, if we win a war, The army of the defeated kingdom
would be taken as the prisoners of war. They have to serve us. They formed the 5th Varna. The people who had
migrated from other countries. Even the migrants from Africa and Mongolia
were also categorised under the 5th Varna. Even the kings who invaded our country and the slaves and servants whom they have
brought along with them belonged to the 5th-Varna. Even the people of our country who helped, or gets mingled with the people of the
5th Varna were categorised as the 5th Varna. They used to call them Dalits. Shudras are different from Dalits. For example, if we consider
servants as Shudras, Dalits were like the prisoners of the war. If the prisoners of war are
subjected to bad treatment or torture, They have no right to complain about it. They were subjected to that
kind of treatment at that time. Now, the 4 Varnas have become 5 Varnas. This is fine. But where did caste come from? The marriages that took place at
that time were a reason for this. They have turned the Varna system into a caste
system in accordance with their occupation. As a goldsmith’s family felt it wouldn’t
suit them to get a daughter in law from a potter’s family, as she wouldn’t be helpful due to of lack
of experience in their family occupation. So, they used to get the
daughter-in-law from a goldsmith family, so that she would be
supportive in their family occupation. Then started the concept of getting a
girl and guy married from the same caste. And it was termed as caste system. And the dirty works which the people
from the above 4 Varnas never did, like cleaning excreata from the toilets,
clearing carcasses in the villages, and unclogging the drainages. They have created an impression that Dalits
were supposed to do all that dirty works. As these people get dirty
by doing such profane work, They have declared them as untouchables. They have passed a rule that
normal people should stay away from them and refrain from marrying them. If you question whether that
system is still in existence, I would say, “Yes,
it is still in existence.” It is not confined to a single place. It is spread across the
entire nation like an epidemic. Instances like cutting the tongue
of a Shudra with a knife for reciting Vedas and another man who married
a girl from other caste being ruthlessly castrated prevailed
100years ago due to caste feeling. Similarly, almost the same
temperament of caste exists even now. In a village near Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, If the people of inferior caste have to pass
through the streets of people of the superior caste, They have to remove their
footwear, hold it with their hands, lower their lungis and get down
from their bicycle and walk. It is still happening. In a village near Ahmedabad in Gujrat, people of inferior castes were allowed just
one well to get their drinking water from. Not only that, even in
some villages of our state there is no permission for
a Dalit to enter the temples When the children went to some
government schools In Bihar, they are making the Dalit
children among them clean the toilets. This is happening even now. Isn’t there a caste
feeling in the film industry? Trying to make a movie success
because the actor is from the same caste or expecting to vote for a person
as he belongs to the same caste or wanting to select a person in the
interview as he belongs to the same caste or giving exemption from ragging
because the student is from the same caste or news channels supporting the political
leaders because they are fall in their caste This has reached to such a level that currently every house has decided that their son-in-law
or daughter-in-law should be from the same caste. You tell me watching this video Do the people in your house plan to get you
married to the person from the same caste? or are they fine with anyone? Only 5% of people amongt you can confidently
tell me that your parents would accept it. Lets just consider this,
how many of you have not faced this? When you proposed your love to a
girl, the girl has asked your caste or the girl rejecting you saying that her parents will
not accept your caste. Haven’t you experienced these? In order to eradicate this caste system, Saying every person is
equal and no one is an untouchable and the people from lower castes to safe
guard there self-esteem and self respect B. R. Ambedkar passed a
bill on caste reservation B. R. Ambedkar said a thing
on the day of passing the bill that exactly in 20 years, the financial status and social status of
the so called low caste would increase and that we could remove
these reservations after that but, even after 60 years,
these reservations aren’t removed. the reason is because of these reservations, there
is a growth in financial status in some people but considering their social status, they are
still being treated as lower caste people and the dream and ambition of
B. R. Ambedkar is not yet realized. nor are the reservations removed. I am against reservations, but, on the day every person thinks
there is no higher caste or lower caste I am against reservations, the day when while marrying their
daughters and sisters to the ones they like, every father and brother feels they
would not consider caste factor I am against reservations, when you decide
to knock him even if he is of my caste… The day when you decide to hit a person discriminating
people on the name of caste even if he falls in your caste. I am against reservations, the day when everyone stops judging one’s attitude,
behavour and character based on their caste Yet, what we need to notice is if we think there are hundred percent
public and private jobs in our country then the jobs given by the government in the
name of reservations are just one percent Please carefully understand
the sentence which I said you now I’m saying this considering both
government and private jobs together. Mentally disabling someone calling them as
lower caste on the name of reservation is like providing a wooden leg
for a person who lost his feet. but, it is not right to say that “you sit in a corner
as you don’t have legs and we will run for you. The point we have to note here is Before everyone talks about rights
of equality at the end of the race we should consider if the starting
point of the race was equal or not. The son of a rikshaw puller and the son
of a cobbler and the son of a poor farmer can’t join in some noted colleges nowadays paying
four lakhs for 2 years of intensive coaching. That is also part of the race. If we tabulate the problems of
reservations and caste-based feelings, We can only state that we didn’t bag a seat
in the college or find a job due to reservations. But due to caste based feelings, We have been witnessing
decades of untouchability, Inequality, humiliation,
violent riots, honour killing, Torture, destruction of the nation
and many more social atrocities. The biggest problem is not
reservations but the caste feeling. You have to definitely
understand this issue. But I am proposing a solution today, If the government implements
my proposal for just 30 years, We can eradicate this
caste system from its roots. We can implement reservations based
on the financial status but not on caste. I swear it will happen. Aren’t Brahmins facing poverty? There are lakhs of priests in our
country who always work hard doing service to God in
order to afford 2 meals a day. Would you disagree?
Who would bother about them? Isn’t it the government? Shoudn’t they be given reservations? We can make that happen. If we all cooperate,
we can bring that to reality. Let me discuss how to implement that scheme. Government has to pass
three rules in order to run that scheme. The first rule is, Every Indian citizen should
have the right to choose his own caste, and his children’s
caste once in his lifetime. Every citizen of India who
attains 18 years of age can choose to change or pick
the caste of their choice Similarly, they can change
the caste of their children too. The children can change their caste
again once they attain 18 years of age. If they feel that the reservations
of certain castes are beneficial, They can feel free to change
into the caste of their choice. If they feel that their
caste is considered as inferior, They can change to the
higher caste of their choice. By implementing this, the deep rooted caste system which has
been maligning our society since 3000 years, Can be fully
eradicated just within 30 years. If you ask me how, Consider an example,
you have been living in the same house. It means, your house is
your permanent address. But if you change your
house twice with your father, twice yourself and again twice
with your children within 30 years, If you change your
houses 6 times in this way, Nobody would know your
original address after 30 years. There would be no scope for caste to exist. By following this method, If you fall in love with any girl, You can change your caste to which the
girl belongs to, just within two days and Take that certificate to her parents
and ask them to get her married to you. The date shouldn’t be
printed on that certifcate. It should be confidential. Caste would be fully eradicated
by following this method, But love would survive. Caste would be in an urecognised
form after 30 years. Then, one fine day, Caste system and reservation system
can be eliminated at the same time. Then, a new reservation
system should be implemented. It is nothing but Financial
Status Reservation System. It means, the way CIBIL
score is linked to our PAN card, Similarly, every family
should have a financial score. It should be based on their monthly salary. Then, there would be three categories in it. 1.) Developed category. 2.) Developing category and 3.) Underdeveloped category Those people whose monthly family income is between Rs 25,000 to Rs 1,00,000
are said to be developing category. People whose monthly family income is below
Rs 25,000 falls are termed as under-developed. Government would implement more reservations
for the people who are under-developed. The people who are under developing
category would be given medium reservations. And the developed category
would be given no reservations. Then, the reservation would be utilized only
by the people who are in financial need. The second solution is, No person in our country should have a surname
or a tag which infers to the name of their caste. They can have father’s
name as their surname. They should not have caste names on
their bikes, social media profiles etc. Then, the existence of
caste becomes negligible. Remember one thing, Reservation wouldn’t fade away
as long as we give importance to caste. The third solution is inter-caste marriages. Government should declare a reward of 5 lakhs
to the people indulgin in inter-caste marriages. If at all, if they get
divorced after marriage, They have to pay an amount of 10 lakh
rupees to the government in return. By following this method, there would
be one time settlement for poor people. It would even free the poor
people from dowry menace. Caste-based matrimonial
sites should be banned. They should remove the column of caste from
the matrimonial pages of the newspapers. People who are in love should get
married without bothering about caste. If you ask me, “Lecture aside,” “What about you when it
comes to your marriage, Vikramaditya?” The day when you hear about
Vikramaditya’s marriage, You would also definitely hear about it
being an inter-caste marriage. Finally, how to raise children. We should raise our children either
by not disclosing about our caste or teaching them how
incorrect our caste system was. I would never tell my
children that my caste is great. I would teach them
“There is no such thing as caste.” I would teach them
that it is a henious word. “If someone asks which caste you belong to,” “They are the people who
belongs to the dirty caste.” Because I consider the people who judge people
based on caste belong to a henious caste. “Our caste is superior.
Rest all are inferior to us.” If there are any elders in our
family who keep brainwashing saying this, I wish that they die soon. Did you observe a thing, The Varna system disappeared
during the beginning of Kaliyuga. Caste system was
also lost 100 years ago. Why? Do you fear a Brahmin
just by seeing him? Do you consider the
Brahmin caste as a higher caste? They too are facing a lot of problems. Nowadays, each region is
dominated by a certain caste. This is not caste system
but a vodoo caste system. It is a social evil which is unknowingly
destroying our lives by directing us. If we don’t identify and destroy it, It would destroy us as well as our nation. Would you visit a doctor who asks
your caste when you fall ill? Would you get your child educated after
asking the teacher about their caste? Would your caste feed
you when you are hungry? Would your caste pay your
loans when you are debt-ridden? Would the people of your caste pay for your
children’s education and daughter’s dowry? Let’s not even go that far brothers. The people who helped your mother while
giving birth to you don’t belong to your caste. Even the person who cremates you after
your death doesn’t belong to your caste. I don’t consider the people
who give importance to caste, and destroy their lives as well
as their children’s as humans. What sin did Amrutha commit? Falling in love? What about Pranay’s sin? Being born in the family
of a different caste? What sin did the
soon-to-be-born child commit? For whose sin have 3 innocent lives
suffered and fell apart in a moment? Amrutha’s father himself made the
yet-to-be-born child of his daughter fatherless. If at all, if Amrutha’s father really
committed this crime as told by her, I am feeling ashamed of
being born in such society. Dear Amrutha, I ask for
forgiveness on the behalf of this society. I feel that we have time to participate in a
rally for an entertainment-based programme but, we have no interest at all to fight against the
caste system which is destroying the nation. Dear Amrutha, in order to protest
against the injustice happened to you, I am shedding my caste from today. From now on,
if someone asks me which caste I belong to, I will tell them that
I don’t have any caste. This is my promise to you. I rarely ask people to share my video. If you feel my discussion to be correct, Share this video in your Whatsapp groups. Let us meet soon. Your Vikaramaditya. Friends, I have recently started a campaign named
Parahita: A journey towards humanity. As a part of that campaign, We have recently made contributions to a
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washing machine, refrigerator, TV, And many more things and
raised their standard of living. Within a few days, I want to raise the
standard of living of the people, who were considered as burden and dumped
by their very own children through Parahita. If you want to support me in that good work, You can do that through Patreon, Or by clicking the ‘join’
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  22. Mimmalni Anna anadam kanna SIR ante baguntadi anipistundi… Endukante evaru ivanni chepparu caz vallaki kooda ee caste feeling untadi . Really caste vadilestunnav ante meeku ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’ฏ . Just awesome video I had ever seen in you tube….

  23. Reservation cast system tessasate India eppudo bgupadadi annaya law mundu andaru okate Ani annaru kada Mari enduku e discrimination naku cardiologist avvalani korika but ma parents anduku oppukoledu nenu chala badhapaddanu so nenu compromise avvaka tappaledu enka evarriki e paristhithi rakudadu anukuntunanu India got freedom but not Indians ani ma sir annaru edi correct e dirty politics valla e reservation elage conasagutundi

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