Three Suspects Accused In Citywide Robbery Spree

9 thoughts on “Three Suspects Accused In Citywide Robbery Spree

  1. Take a good look this is what diversity looks like clearly the NYPD can't do its job anymore they are not effective in these communities we need to call in the National Guard and put soldiers armed to the teeth on every corner

  2. Was locked up in Greene corrections with the one on the far left he just came home from doing mad time smh now they gonna smoke him 🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. To all you folks attacking Mayor Bill Deblasio in his defense, hes not perfect neither are you and sad to say but in this world we live in when you have going on 10 million people living on top of each other things are going to happen, just the way it is, doesn't matter who the current Mayor is.

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