Three ‘Squad’ Members Endorsing Bernie Sanders for President

three of the four freshmen congressional
squad members plan to endorse senator Bernie Sanders candidacy for president
with representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortes planning to appear with him at
his Bernie’s back rally in Queens New York Saturday Cortes dny along with
representatives rashida blade d michigan and ilya know mark dean minnesota
reportedly will back Sanders reports Fox News while there is no indication that
the other squad member representative Anna Presley D Massachusetts is ready to
pick a candidate at this time Fox has confirmed Ocasio cortezes plans
for the Sanders rally and Omar’s support for Sanders meanwhile CNN is reporting
that labor is endorsing the Vermont independent as well it is not clear if
Omar and Blade plan to appear at his Queen’s rally which has been set up to
build excitement for the senator after his recent heart attack and stent
procedure Bernie is leading a working class movement to defeat Donald Trump
that transcends generation ethnicity and geography Omar said in a statement
posted on Twitter by the Sanders campaign and retweeted on Omar’s page
Omar also cited a bill she and Sanders introduced in June calling to cancel all
student debt with a price tag of 1.6 trillion dollars and praised his efforts
to end Foreign Wars notes the New York Times
I believe Bernie Sanders is the best candidate to take on Donald Trump in
2020 Omar said Sanders in his own statement referred to her as a leader of
strength and courage winning the three freshmen congresswoman’s endorsement is
being seen as a crucial step in attracting young voters with Sanders
being the oldest candidate at 78 former Vice President Joe Biden 76 and senator
Elizabeth Warren 70 round out the top three Democrats in the polls

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