Three Reason Why You’re Not Fluent in English: English Unmasked

What’s the connection between wearing a
mask and learning English? Are you ready for the answer?
Well. Speaking a second language can be like wearing a mask because people don’t
see you for who you really are. From my own experiences of learning Thai I find I
can’t express my real personality in my second language and people only see a
child like panda version of me and I find this second language mask comes on
for three main reasons. And some of you might be familiar with these reasons
when speaking English. Reason one: Misunderstandings now in Thai I still have a lot of
misunderstandings. I mean a lot. For example, even when I still go to the
fruit market and I go to buy say for example pineapple in the local market
I’ll go there say in Thai what I want I’ll even point at it but the person just
smiles at me and says ‘Mai Khao Jai’ which means I don’t understand and this is
when the mask comes on. Reason 2: The intermediate plateau Beginner easy. Pre-intermediate you feel
like you’re making progress really fast but then you hit the intermediate
plateau. The level that just keeps going going and going no matter what you do
you still feel like you sound like a foreigner and your English is never
going to be that good and that’s when the mask comes on. Reason Three: Loneliness Studying a second language can also be a
really lonely experience you don’t have all your friends your family from home
and you can’t speak the language how you want to speak it so another mask comes
on: The mask of loneliness. What this series and whole website is
about, is helping you take your mask off in English. When your mask comes off
you’ll be a lot more confident using English. So English unmasked will focus
on online learning tools they’ll help you become a better independent learner
of English. In this series we’ll look at things like online dictionaries, the
phonemic chart and collocations or word friends. Oh. One more thing. You might have
noticed the t-shirts. They all represent different kinds of language learners who
have problems with learning English this is tech and he represents technology.
He’s a robot who’s not afraid to swear and he really wants to destroy the IELTs test! Remember to sledgehammer that subscribe button. Hit that bell for reminders. And most importantly start smashing English language barriers today.

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