Thought Starters series – ideas about the key trends shaping business

I think this is a very,
not just disruptive era. I think that’s become a cliche. I think it’s a revolutionary
era where there’s ruptures with the past. I think the future work
is incredibly exciting where the pressure’s going
to be on for employees to add extraordinary value
through human connection. Are people shopping all the time? No, they’re consuming
content all the time. Mastering the urban last mile, there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. People have been using
technologies to reach out. I mean I think the biggest
thing that social media did was allow a direct
conversation with consumers. You’re amazed what can be done with data that seems so dull in the first place. In a world where we are
facing the rise of AI. I don’t think we know
exactly where it’s going. It’s probably revolutionary, but I wouldn’t assume the worst. Consumers are getting
increasingly demanding and they’re very, very sophisticated. It was at a scale that
was earth-shattering. That’s moments right now where the future is leaking into the present.

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