Thomas Sanders Vines Vs Eh Bee Family Vines – Funny Vines – Best Viners 2019

to talk to a customer please press1 fast you were going back there I would have gone faster but you stopped me wait my fries I don't like foods even Instagram this Yoshi yeah what was the name of that kid show man ah surprise mother father Wow you bonito go you stop did you clean your room like I asked you I'm not buying you a pony for Christmas yeah no will anyone wait grandma did you anything you want Sweet Pea you name a mom that's right Oh baby get ready for some chocolate thunder no internet for one week back to school on Monday back to school on what every now and again it's nice to text my friends and check gob on how they're doing whoa we didn't just text back that's too much social interaction never mind he says he's male that's so sweet I want to have enough money to eat today okay hello hey where's IKr me party time hey everybody clap your hands dad when can I have this car when you go to college okay dad man that was a wild night right wait what were you about what was I about that something about a dog a turd clown you don't know I'm gonna go it's dad no I pod no I pass you iPad minis no Netflix No ladies and gentlemen this man he's obviously guilty because liar liar I win right dude a UFO that's amazing check it out that is the most ridiculous hat I've ever seen hahaha hey that is my best friend and that hat is awesome oh no she looks mad hey say something nice you look tired today we're gonna show you how to keep this delicious pie we just maintain Stan fresh and how do we do that eat the whole thing at once so cool robber what can you do I can say Titans go great new are you monster right around the corner I don't see you you can't see me who is it story time little did this gumdrop know they would soon grow up to be a mighty princess again without me do I pick all the good outfits no see it was then that he realized while reading his mind had been elsewhere and he'd have to start the freaking page all over this is not the way my mother makes it guess who just got oh okay so where's your house down the road your mom's mine now 46 that's the last time you bully my son you hear me let's roll wow I just talked to somebody I liked and I did some what-have-you didn't I I'm your brain and in a few moments I'll have you imagining all the ways you went wrong who wants to go rock – yeah this is not rock climbing what why good night Hotel father you have now reached the lobby who wants to go in a wilderness adventure Jimmy's house right there Wow sunsets always make me tear up hey there you big baby shut up all right help me out Google Maps make a u-turn okay okay okay okay I'm um you have arrived at your destination they're never clean all I ask is for a clean room that's all I'm asking here if you could what what's so funny guys wait I can't stand waiting for this you'll be fine have some coffee all studied in ready for the text that was my impression of a productive person hae-sun so I was using your laptop today and I checked your browser history okay I can explain just pages and pages of pictures of pasta yeah excuse me we're gonna need this someone burned through this workout hey Bob you need some help there thanks Maxie missed a spot right there right there right there cindarella you're here hello dear oh hello dear recharged and ready for oh come on hey are you huh give him a second okay I'm here who are you almost there we're just around the corner I don't see you you can't see me sign up go he's confusion heading play it worked did you clean in my room I made my bed and I took out the trash can we go get not yet gonna do makeup ah never mind this was an amazing idea it looks so good where's all the food country you need to eat but I'm home why my friends told me I should go on a diet to get a better Beachbody so this is me now I didn't do the diet I just got better friends hey guys goodbye hey baby go upstairs and clean your room okay no do it now broken please fix it that test was hard to get for number 540 – me too bury me Cosmo I wanted to think they're steak what what happens when Abby comes into the van this happens here are these free samples yeah one eternity later I can still smell sorry let's go in here no time don't just a trim that's a lot yeah okay that's airplane noises just leave it nope okay don't do that again okay dude you've done this can you help me do it yourself so my horn doesn't work no big deal want to see my Pokemon cards yeah snacks hats shoes I feel like I'm forgetting something here we go excuse me the dogs thirsty is there water great guys you woken her up you happy now why should drive in so slow no actually that's ditch I'm just incredibly awkward all right pick a partner as a parent there are many simple joys Thomas yeah like doing that and not responding hey hey hey do you want to be Frozone for Halloween Frozone where'd you learn how to drive Oh milk thank you aren't you handing back our tests today better well that's in your to see me buddy sit on the subway anatomy find me at the North okay you speakers punished yes I'm gonna have an ice cream but no sprinkles for every sprinkle I find I shall kill you I feel listen closely you can hear an animal eating today kids I only have 50 problems for you objection I have here a piece of evidence that I think will really turn this case around close story time she waited every day with their arms outstretched for a hug and she was about to get one thank you for joining me oh no problem I never met a real princess before where'd you say you're from well house sounds magical sometimes I feel like I live with a big kid you need to grow up are you listening to me better feed my babies for you dead man I can't stand the thought of you being alone tonight so here's my number that's why you're always early the free coffee hey hey hey what's going on guys try our new and improved you haven't upgraded to premium friend I haven't decided on him yet Oh what do you want now every time you ask me for something at what a night to himself yeah morning self do you go to bed earlier dad I don't think so I'm literally you four hours from now I'm miserable there's a new episode of scandal wake up it's Saturday wake up it's Monday what today you're gonna be writing an essay but I'm gonna let you listen to your music I just saw my ex where this is awkward guru dose go say use waterfall just listen to those birds sing go what girl wants a piece of this hey dude get off my branch nature's so I think it's time you got your own phone huh what do you think yeah really I'm so tired of what dealing with my fake friends I've never fake with you I'd literally made you up for this conversation you're right you're right don't you think my friends pretty yeah your friends hot um she's not hot she's okay we have a lot of work to do right right and we're gonna do it – no playing games games no games you're fun stop I'm gonna go no no can you please clean your room can we story time she only had one plan for this new year world domination here is that a charge device all you need is orange and orange juice need help writing an essay all you do is type out your essay and then poof read your essay and finally turn it right in so you're not gonna fix it you're done these way what do you think of Raven she's alright maybe a little weird did you say weird oh look at this comment I wish it was part of your family sweet what are you doing just a trip to the story let's kids let's play outside your grades are wonderful I'm so proud we'll be back in two days we promise never the news app but my pictures of treasured memories it's awesome okay hey guys we're going dark for dinner that means no technology no distractions just us three hours long no thanks dude what's up with your eyes yeah I just watched six seasons of my favorite show in one sitting it's just my thing do you trust me your breath stinks well I'm from the future to tell you it stinks cuz your mom's cooking what what everyone needs that gonna Sienna Catalina Sabine effect number a fireman well if I win it I lost you once but I will search far and wide and I will not stop and found it why is the remote all the way out here Rebecca you're grounded you're grounded and I'm changing the Wi-Fi password storytime they were having a lovely time and then all of a sudden a duck flew above them and it was beautiful and majestic you learn new things about people when you turn off technology and remove distractions for example I have a wife and kids dude how about we go for a job today how about a race how about a marathon yeah movie marathon let's go why'd you use all the hot water mmm listen buddy I don't know what you're playing at but you're making me look like a sloppy baby when you become a man and so she said that's not an ape that's my mother dude you couldn't spit that way happy Valentine's Day because you're hot and steamy

32 thoughts on “Thomas Sanders Vines Vs Eh Bee Family Vines – Funny Vines – Best Viners 2019

  1. Thomas Sanders is better in my opinion! I actually really don't like Eh Bee family I think they're annoying. I don't mean to offend anyone by saying this.

  2. You looked tired. Jujbfjwhbhbdwhbwfhrjjhfhgrfwlgiefwiowfejiowdcibodcalibcdaijlxsajlisqdoijefwiojwriuefjhkewfjilvewhiowxqijpwdqojpdqmo

  3. I like both of them I locked MB family and I also like Thomas Anderson Rhymes they're the best and why can't I just picked both both of them are

  4. Most say more are better. Except for when it comes to Thomas Sanders. That's when a one man show is awesome.

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