This Week at Interior October 11, 2019

This Week, at Interior Secretary Bernhardt joined First Lady Melania
Trump and dozens of second and fourth graders at Grand Teton National Park, to shine a light
on the First Lady’s “Be Best” campaign and the Every Kid Outdoors program. The Secretary said the program is a great
way for fourth grade students to expand their horizons and be their best selves by experiencing
the wonder of public lands. Get the full story at Secretary Bernhardt joined Montana Congressman
Greg Gianforte for a roundtable in Choteau discussing management practices for grizzly
bears. Taking part in the roundtable were landowners,
community leaders, state representatives and representatives from the Fish and Wildlife
Service. Get more details at And Secretary Bernhardt was in New Mexico
earlier this week talking about the importance of responsible energy development on public
lands and the Bureau of Land Management relocation. He met with BLM employees in the Santa Fe
Office, providing details on the relocation and highlighting that New Mexico will be receiving
additional staff and resources through the reorganization efforts. USGS this week unveiled a new, first of its
kind interactive tool that maps areas at risk for possible landslides. Landslides happen in every state, with occasional
disastrous, even deadly results. A landslide near Oso, Washington, killed 43
people in 2014, and caused millions of dollars in damage to property and infrastructure. Get the full story at In support of the Administration’s America-First
Offshore Energy Strategy, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management this week proposed a 78-million
acre, region-wide lease sale scheduled in March 2020. The sale would include all available unleased
areas in federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico not subject to Congressional moratorium. Get the full story at A big milestone for a small song bird… At an event this week in Michigan, the Fish
and Wildlife Service celebrated the delisting of Kirtland’s warbler from the list of endangered
and threatened species. The Fish and Wildlife Service says populations
have exceeded recovery goals and measures are in place to ensure populations continue
to recover. Check out Fish and Wildlife leadership was also in Iowa
this week at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge to highlight ongoing efforts to expand
recreational opportunities across the nation. Earlier this year, Secretary Bernhardt announced
new and expanded hunting and fishing opportunities on 1.4 million acres at 77 wildlife refuges
and 15 national fish hatcheries. He also issued an order to expand access to
e-bikes riders on public lands, so all can enjoy the great outdoors! Get more details at And our Picture of the Week comes from the
Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge in Colorado… We’re marking the kickoff this Sunday of
*National* Wildlife Refuge Week, which runs from through October 19th. Wildlife refuges provide vital habitat for
thousands of species, along with access to world-class recreation, wildlife watching,
and photography. There’s at least one wildlife refuge in
every state…find the closest one to you at Whatever week it is, make sure you follow
us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. That’s This Week, at Interior.

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