how would in everything welcome to Russell heritage golf today we're talking about the unusual impact on major winners the thing that prompted this video more so than anything else was the recent win of Shane Lowry couple of things have obviously been going around a social media one of him obviously enjoying himself in the after party but also some of the swings around the impact area which are coming onto the screen now and he's not alone there's quite a few that I've had this tendency of kind of should we say regretting or letting go of the club through the impact area now the reason why I think this is important to talk about is because I've mentioned it before on the channel the way that the hands don't necessarily work or the forearms don't necessarily work in unison when hitting the golf ball right basically meaning that I'm not a massive advocate of the roll release I'm not a huge fan of kind of rolling the club over for me you know in terms of getting the trail hand to really whip over the lead hand I kind of personally feel that it is a byproduct of natural rotation on the lead arm so my point is to keep the club on play and your lead arm will naturally rotate and then the right hand will follow the lead hand because of us in the hands are connected which gives you this sort of post impact position if you end up looking a bit this way or you look whatever a bit stuck it's normally due to the fact I say normally it's mostly indefinitely due to the fact there's a lack of rotation going on in your golf swing so what are we talking about well we can see through Larry the way that the trail hands almost coming off the club coming in towards that hitting area but the clubface still stays with the degree of rotation all right so it still stays rotating relative to his inclined plane but we can see the way that the trail hand can't therefore naturally be the one that's manipulating this sort of movement now I've talked about this before in the channel have done some drills but I thought it'd be a nice opportunity because it was a few months ago just to kind of you know reinvent them and go back to doing some of these exercises because been talking about short game talking about pitching and I think this would be a really good drill for people what we're trying to do is get rid of any flip enos and what we're trying to do is get rid of any you know kind of conscious trial hands rolling because I just felt like it manipulates the clubface too much through the hitting area so what I'm trying to say is that your lead arm will be the one that will naturally rotate if you create space for it to move into then the trail hand will work on side of it as well so the drill that I'd like you to do is going back to the starfish drill so basically you get your trail hand out and then you support it through your index finger in terms of on the trail hand to the side of the shaft so you are going to be imparting a bit of force to the trail side of the club but we're not going to be actively trying to roll it so through the weights on top it's going to stay much more to the side of the club as he's pushing it through and as long as you trigger a rotation in terms of with your lower body you'll be able to create enough space so that your arms can stay more extended through the hitting area and we'll get rid of this sort of look now it might take you a few to get this sort of feeling of coordination but I really like him I really like this drill I do it with a lot of people and then it's a nice little drill to get a sort of feeling for you know pitching as well where you just get the feeling as you can see the way the clubface is not being massively manipulated and it just makes sense and you'll be surprised although it'll feeling different then you might start to if you did enough repetitions of this start to understand the reason why we don't want to necessarily be hooking it around with that trail hand because the clubface is just so vulnerable of pointing obviously towards that left hand side so if you're somebody who is like well that's all well and good wrist but I'm somebody who has a massive chicken wing or somebody who kind of doesn't release the club it's like well the reason why you're not releasing it is due to the fact that you're not rotating so when you do this drill lead with the lower body first so get the belt-buckle pointing towards a target and then just use that trail hand to support going through the hit don't let it sit on top and become too dominant hopefully you enjoy the video always appreciate the thumbs up and like remember it's absolutely free to press that subscribe button if you're going to do it you might as well press that little bell icon so it means you'll receive notifications every time a new video comes out go and work on that drill similar to what I'm doing here start off just by doing some short swings and then you can progress it in time but it's definitely worth something exploring about catch-up you soon


  1. Great drill. Halfway between left hand only and two handed. Ive working with a really soft right hand for pitch shots and this has really helped with both direction and distance. This is a great drill to help with that.

  2. Great ideas Russell. My misses seem to be pushes and occasional slices and know I don't rotate my hips enough and get stuck, so i need to focus on rotating my hips at beginning of downswing so I started to practice that sequence. This also affects my power and distance so I am working on the proper downswing sequence. I have recently started to purposely rotate my wrists to keep ball flights straighter with some success but wonder if it'd perform consistently in tournaments so this video totally speaks to me. I would rather not purposefully have to rotate wrists and generally feel like you that it is a natural result of the swing. I will try your starfish exercise and your video gives me other concepts to work on. I love your videos in part because you touch on the details and issues of the swing for both beginners and veterans alike. Keep up the great videos.

  3. Really like these chipping drills, for (at least) two reasons: 1) to get rid of the urge to let the right hand interfere (and even dominate) the down- anad throughswing, and 2) it has helped me a lot with my full swing, thinking of the upper body rotation while chipping as a "mini" full swing rotation with the upper body, staying more centered and connected, letting the rotation of hips and shoulders drive the motion.

  4. I did this drill all last year and it changed my life. I know it very well. lol. ive done about 3,000 of them. To throw the club accurately, you can add taking your right hand and push the club straight down at the ground as you turn. Also, take your index finger on your left hand off of the club on the throw down. You would finish with your left arm. To really stop the flip for someone at my level, I make the club get to the follow through with the turn. I think of the back of my left hand facing directly left (or left of the target) via the turn. This really marries your turn to your arms. It changed me in a very short time.

  5. Thanks for this. That overactive right hand is causing a lot of casting and flipping. The left elbow/arm is rarely if ever straight at impact, and so there are a lot of thinned shots because the club is too far off the ground and has no turf interaction. Will 'starfish' a bucket this weekend!

  6. Would love to see you do a collaboration video with Alex fortey and Alex Elliot do you know them if so make it happen Russell I'm Scott from Glasgow think this would be great to see great teachers sharing views with each other seen Peter finch and Danny Maude do it recently works really well give it a go Russell 👍🏻👍🏻🏌️🏌️

  7. They are all stuck and doing it the exact opposite of correct. Due primarily to self made golf pros like you teaching the wrong way. You are not helping in anyway only hurting. In fact you sound ridiculous and are only making a fool of yourself.

  8. Another excellent simple but effective drill – one I'm going to do next time at the practice ground – great stuff again Russell

  9. I was told that high hcp players used mainly their hand when hitting the ball, mid hcp use their hip and low hcp player use both. How truth was that ? After watching your video, it appear it again all about separation and rotation of the hip. With this video, hand really have nothing to do in hitting the ball rather then just holding the club ? Correct ?

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