This Psychological Trick Will Make People Like You (Animated)

– Do you want other people to like you? Do you want to become friends
with the popular kids, or the successful people, or even the famous people? Do you want to be the person that everyone else wants
to be friends with? Well, you’re about to
learn the simple trick that will make all of this happen. I want you to think back to
your first day of high school where you were feeling nervous and scared because you didn’t really know anyone. And seeing all the attractive girls and the popular kids probably
made you feel a little shy. And the only thing that you really wanted was to be liked and
accepted by the other kids. At least this is how I personally felt. I can still remember looking
at those popular kids, and thinking to myself, How happy and how
complete my life would be if I could just hang out with them. Or how excited I would feel if I could go to one of
their exclusive parties. And then I could post pictures
with them on social media showing everyone that I
was one of the cool kids. Because I really wanted them to like me, I was always very cautious not to say the wrong thing around them, or to bring up something that I thought they would
think is lame or stupid. This behavior is known
as walking on eggshells, and I walked on those eggshells throughout my entire high school life going all the way into my college years. I did have friends during this time, but even the people who did
like me, did not like all of me. They liked the parts of me that I was comfortable showing them. I never really opened up about my hobbies that I thought were stupid, or my interests that I thought were weird. At that time in my life the only person who knew
the real me was the person who would stare back at me in the mirror every single morning. And I think this is how a lot
of people live their lives when they meet somebody new, they put on their fake public persona. The things that they say
and the things that they do will always be influenced by who they are hanging around with. And almost always they
will keep certain things about themselves a secret. And those sharp eggshells
are just always there. I think most of us here can agree that we don’t really
like people who are fake, we don’t like it when someone
acts overly nice all the time, or when someone pretends to be our friend, or pretends to sympathize with us. We don’t like people who pretend to be someone who they aren’t. But the irony of this is
that, a lot of people who say they don’t like people who are fake, are usually, to some
extent, fake themselves. But most of the time
they aren’t being fake because they are trying
to manipulate someone, or trying to take advantage of someone. They are being fake
because they are scared. They’re scared that if they
express who they truly are, their family will be disappointed in them, or their friends just won’t
want to talk to them anymore. They are scared that
the world they live in will reject their authentic self, which is a very scary
thought for most people. The problem with this though, is that the longer you
walk on those eggshells, the sharper they will become. And if you can’t become comfortable living your authentic self, then you will slowly start to
lose your sense of identity. In fact, that’s how most people are. Their entire identity is just a collection
of external influences from things like their
parents, or their friends, or social media, or society. However, there is a very
small group of people who do live that authentic
life that’s not based on fear, and it’s these people that
are usually liked the most. The simple trick that will
get people to like you is to stop consciously trying to get other people to like you. The moment when you can go up to that really attractive girl, or that really popular kid, or even that famous person without caring if they like you or not, is the moment when a lot of them will start to like you because you will be one
of the very few people on planet earth who is not being fake. Wait, Mitch, what if I meet somebody who is authentically a horrible person, or a crazy person who
wants to hurt people? Are you saying that I will like them because they are being authentic? No, I’m not saying that. Obviously, there are some exceptions, and of course, there will
always be some people who just won’t like you no matter what. Maybe you have a single character trait that they just really
hate for whatever reason. Or I don’t know, maybe you
remind them in some way of their childhood bully. They might actually be jealous of the fact that you have the power to be authentic, and they don’t. But most of the time, within reason, if you’re being real people will like you, or at the very least, they will respect and appreciate the fact that you are being authentic as opposed to being fake
like most of the world. If you want to actually
become that authentic person, then you need to learn how to stop caring what other people think of you. And if you want to learn how to do that, then click the screen now and watch the video that I made on it, and I’ll see you there. (gentle music)

51 thoughts on “This Psychological Trick Will Make People Like You (Animated)

  1. One should never lie to themselves to avoid putting themselves in situations they knew were likely to fail. One should never change who they are just to appease others. When you focus on living up to your own values, you never have to feel bad about yourself again. Therefore, it is vital to value the concept of internal validation and not caring about what other people say or think about you.

  2. This Gáy video is a total load of shit 💩

    “Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners”
    ~George Carlin

  3. I highly recommend you to read the book ,,How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie. It changed my live and the live of many others!😅

  4. I'm a man who already gone through many unique and different experiences in young ages. Basically they made me a grown man.
    BTW Listen to Mitch's contexts carefully , his every video is masterpiece..

  5. Wait!!! Mitchel!!! what if i meet someone who is authentically a horrible person,or a CRAZY person,who wants to hurt people,are you
    saying that i will like them because they are being authentic??

  6. I always feel ignored as I am a person who doesnot make friends easily… I have many friends and I m popular but I m only close to some people but feel ignored due to my this habit…what to do??

  7. Who are you? You’ve got knowledge and you’re a pretty good story teller. You’re kinda the best you-tuber out there. Why don’t you reveal your identity?

  8. This is in true I'm genuine all the time and I have a met no friends I have a have no friends or nothing look at my face nobody's making friends with this all I mean my page nobody you got the cool kids and then you got people like me you're generally like to help people people like that is always going to win the fake people

  9. I haven't lied ever but befor almost two weeks I knew that I was lieing when I was trying to hide my real personality.
    But until now I hid it subconsciously.
    What should I do to solve this problem?

  10. First rule of life is PARADOX.
    The more you want be…
    -Attractive, the uglier you'll feel despite your looks.
    -Wealthy, the poorer you'll be despite your bank account.
    -Popular, lonelier you'll be despite your friends.

    "Trying to" only enforces that which is already.

  11. What about when I act fake so that I don't hurt anyone and generally am caring more about others than myself? I try to be more altruistic, but doing that surely doesn't let me be authentic.

  12. I really love your videos!!! I assume that you're a young man, however your have the knowledge and perspective towards life from a mature man.
    …I'm still looking forward to share your videos through FB
    Many blessings!

  13. I was being authentic to someone, because I mentioned I love watching bird videos. And they didn't become my friend afterwards.
    I guess they're not a true friend.

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