THIS NIGHTMARE MIGHT HONESTLY END MY LIFE!! | Survive the Nightmare (Ending)

oh hell no look at this demon teddy bear boy just shut that way man at me he's ready to have a good ass time and you know that means how much like the hell Oh what is the bevery buddy my name is Tom and this is survived the nightmare yo this is a brand new horror game that I found for free hey y'all know me and it's said that it was similar in style to a like dark deception where this bitch is chasing me around and basically all you got to do is survive now if y'all have seen me play dark deception okay what you should have done by the way y'all know that I am an absolute monster when it comes from running from demon bitches so this shit this shit should be easy for me there's only one way to find out your less to hit this shit yo like that shorted true you're welcome let's hit this shit yeah Wow okay y'all here we go here we go let's start the nightmare called dark school yeah okay bitch let's see how dark and scary this school oh my god motherfucker horseshit alright this game might be on that bullshit wait a motherfucking second oh oh there big boy right there hey got a second wait hold on okay first things first is he faster than me I got a big sumbitch no he's not all Eddie's got a 15 I kill what the fuck see Joey humping the wallet shit oh this shit gonna be mad easy oh hell yes where's the end okay sorry I thought he was trying to Juke my ass oh hell yes alright so big teddy bear bitch is mad trash looking like playing hide and seek the fuck is his muhfuckas deal okay I do not know what his deal is but this shit look mad easy does he get quicker the more pages you get or what oh no there's more back back okay where the fuck hey listen boys I gotta get this left page okay got the last page let's get the fuck out of here oh wow yellow motherfuckin ass bitch that little bitch was lying that little oh wow I his little ass was playing with me his little ass was playing with me I thought if he was covered his shits he was being a real one turns out that's not what real ones do that's what schema dad's bitches do he done fucked my ass up but low-key this game seems mad easy I cannot believe that got me a second time okay all right bop thank you bitch I got four out up I got four an always that out of 8 pages oh shit I thought it said out of three okay this game just for the turn for the worst hang on a second watch out five out of eight that's definitely an eight okay here homeboy am i right there's another page right here now are there two of them oh yes there are bitch ass that's 7.8 motherfuckers we're this last sumbitch yet police tell me there's only two okay and they're both behind me this is best-case scenario where's the last motherfucking shit at bitch there it is break towards home boys oh my god wow they were really trying for that shoot holy shit they were really trying for that shit alright they both covering their sins but that's a fucking lie home by God there's really three if there's really four damn you boys really are no fucking joke no way these guys got the AI to fucking they do listen boys can you bounce I gotta get this last fucking sheet of paper in this bitch right there thank you motherfucker thank you motherfucker wait that shit was made easy wait a minute that shit was mad easy so I got a rank of C which first of all it's some bullshit cuz I did in two minutes 29 seconds but that's it was mad motherfucking easy I'm a little bamboozled than saying four of those bitches in the damn game but low cases they all came from the same direction it didn't really matter oh my god there's really more levels on this motherfucker holy shit how long's this video fuck it's pretty sure I'll play another one okay wait a minute let's do the cemetery all right so we got gnome boy out here in the streets wow it's considerably harder to see wow the fuck wait a minute wait wait I wait wait do I have to look at him to kill him is that what that is that what that means Wow Oh oh my god wait a minute that was bullshit that was bullshit where the fuck did that little smile at bitch come from wait a second fuck this he's still laughing that motherfucker was still laughing hold on a minute that shit was a little too surprise it from my ass I cannot cosign on that shit fuck the cemetery let's fuck around with fucking Jackrabbit bitch okay this muhfucka has got to be easier wow it's dark in this bitch wait a minute wait wait what the fuck wait a minute bring back the bear boy bring back at the bear boy yeah what the fuck oh there he is that motherfucker move like a straight freight train what the hell I need to see how this works okay there's Homeslice right there he don't see me he trashed now what so he was cheating a second ago and they're all okay wait a minute wait about a fucking second stop so wait a sell wait no okay first of all big motherfucking no on this haul shit why you ask because they have that first level with the Bears okay and the Bears or I'm just gonna be honest unadulterated trash okay every single thing about the bear is awful they're slow they stop and they do this shit which after you figure out the actual mechanic is to kill your ass is it possible to get killed by and then you go to the Nome boys and these motherfuckers are seriously no joke this bitch came out of nowhere ah what the fuck I need to pay attention I don't know oh now look he laughing eyes at disaster I heard him off to the right but where is she look look where the fuck I'm dead he's flat he's loving life where is this fucker at I'm about to fuck about to die I don't know fuck it maybe I just get the sheets I don't know where he's at well there is what's up playboy Hey oh you don't touch it man don't touch a fake fucking nose I thought maybe if I go up there that touch his little ass fucking he'll fucking bounce but now I don't know why he didn't disappear he definitely disappeared in the tutorial what the fuck is that shit look I turned look at that bitch boom he teleports he's like fuck you down bitch but his fucking cousin fucking red bitch don't play games his motherfucking ass ain't playing around his shit I feel like I might just be able to get this just pure luck where's he at if you like homeboys got to be around here where the fuck is there another paycheck please please give me another one please please give me another one please I'm but did not give me another one please where the fuck are the pages that bitch I'm about to shit myself where's fucking dicks you at oh here we go please give me that one more one more one more I got one more left shit he's close oh shit he's close he's like right there somewhere I'm not sure where but he's right there somewhere if you like oh my god bitch oh we love in life bitch ass knuckleheaded ass motherfucker guys now fuck this game I've done now fuck this game up done okay they didn't give me a time they didn't give me a rank and they're gonna try and act like I did not just escape that nightmare fuck that shit yo fuck that yo I got this wait a minute how long is this episode I have no fucking idea hang on a second y'all thought I beat that I don't know why this game try to play fuck that shit let me hit the farm I don't know what's up with rabbit boy okay not really sure what Brad's is up to but he kind of a hatin ass bitch now watch is it does he come running when you pick up the shit why this was like piles of shit literally okay so I just picked up a page and he's not Freight training yet does he see your flashlight maybe how many homeboys are there maybe you just got to do this shit in the darkness maybe that's the strat motherfucking is blind but sometimes he just straight while like right now wow big this motherfucker wilds for no reason it's not the flashlight cuz that fucking hoe bought my ass regardless oh my god you little get you Joe this dick shoot what the fuck okay I got one more I got one more life left this mother my last attempt on this Beach I feel like he's already coming oh no there he is alright they're home skill they're home slice okay watch out cuz he might turn around at any fucking moment okay there's one there there's one over there there's my last two he's still uh come bullshit that's it that's the fucking money I love how the grass okay just a second I love how the grass on this motherfucking game spawned as I walk that grass wasn't there until I got there okay that's it just popped out of fucking nowhere and was the okay down how you do it how you do a bitch okay motherfucker I don't care I don't care I beat all three of these shits even though the game trying to act like I only beat one okay cuz that's some bullshit y'all saw the skills or y'all know I was cheating if you don't think so fuck you why stop don't stop don't kill dumb relax I love y'all I do I love y'all but some of y'all frontin in the streets okay and I see you from a hundred thousand miles away I see you bitch stop listen yo obviously that is the full game play a boot survived the nightmare this is like it must be a very early access kind of game and yes it did remind me of like darkness let's fuck dark deception slash slender damn it's harder to say that you think okay try saying shit ten times fast listen if y'all enjoyed this gameplay of this indie horror game maybe I don't know y'all should maybe suggest you some other new shits to play down below and I'll have a look at those and maybe I'll play them in the next episode okay baby shit I don't know there's not a lot of new horror games coming out at this time of year for some reason and so if y'all know of any good ones that I should be checking out y'all should really let me know that down below anyways it during this particular episode you guys had joined me Michiyo loose slug down below like and subscribe guys derive some new videos coming up every single day for all of y'all you guys have really been killing it with the support lemony so thank you so much I'm gonna see y'all throws another video I'm out of this bitch rabbit bitch fucking no bitch fucking bear bitch I can't say shit bitch Bob God fuck them fuck this I'm gone hey please

44 thoughts on “THIS NIGHTMARE MIGHT HONESTLY END MY LIFE!! | Survive the Nightmare (Ending)

  1. Suggestion: Whenever Dom says he’s a god at a game Editing Dom should clip in a video of him getting bopped

  2. Play that game where you were at a Asian school…can't think of the name tho! You have quite a few games to go back to and play that I LOVED watching you play!🎮🎮🕹🕹🕹😊

  3. Who knew Snow White had an 8th dwarf. Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sleepy and Homicidal

  4. Dom: man those bears are SLOW as hell and trash!

    Also Dom: oh HELLLL naw, that rabbit is too fast and that gnome comes outta no where

    Well which one do you want Dom! Easy bears or hard to beat gnomes and rabbits? 😭😅

  5. Now I know why it's called survive the nightmare they're going to make you redo it over and over just because they say you didn't do it but you actually did I would get triggered in rage quit on this game bro

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