‘This is a weaker America’: Frmr Israeli PM slams Syria withdrawal

100 thoughts on “‘This is a weaker America’: Frmr Israeli PM slams Syria withdrawal

  1. Think about it since world war II we have been at war or police action to 2019 than peace and because of this we have bankrupted our country so anyone that says we're weak hell will bring down our country before we will be called week how dare anyone from any other countries say these things fight them yourselves we're tired of it you said your kids over there.

  2. Oh how fox has fallen. Seems liberal news now. Put this guy on to try to make trump look bad. We dont want to fight Others non ending wars. We like to help out. Dont abuse our generosity. Fox news sucks now. Wheres tucker? He was much better.

  3. America is weak – he says as they beg for the U.S. to fight their battles. Screw Israel. We are not here to "protect" them and do their bidding. Israel can take care of itself. America First.

  4. Know this… this guy serves the Satanic elite… that means the Vatican Jesuits, the Rothschild bankers, and the Illuminists…
    You want proof?
    look into the decor in Epstein"s NYC mansion..
    It is all SATANIC.

  5. What is he complaining. Trump just did sent a huge amount of soldiers to Saudi Arabia, for to start soon the war against the Iran.
    Thats not a secret. He withdraw soldiers in one place knowing that he will cause more chaos in the region for to spread fire in another place. It will all end in WW3. Mentally we are all already prepared for it. To listen to the lying media is not worse it anymore. We have woken up and know that all our politicians, whether from the left or from the right ,are criminals, who, without shame, are laughing right into our faces. The awakening has started,
    perhaps too late.

  6. Our Country deserves peace. "Peace through Strength." "Strength through Peace." So maybe there are things we need to do but Trump should be Pragmatic.

  7. Isn’t this an Jeffrey Epstein buddy? There’s photos of this guy heading to Pedstein luxury townhouse in NYC

  8. This guy should talk…
    This bafoon pulled out of Southern Lebanon in a hurry and without a plan… he abandoned Israel's Druze allies in Southern Lebanon and he left Israel vulnerable to Hezbollah rockets and missiles..
    I was directly impacted during the Second Lebanon War, my backyard and city became a target range for Hezbollah rockets for close to two months…
    Thanks A-hole.

  9. How about sending their own Israel soldier to northern Syria if they really want to help those poor Kurds.

  10. This is stupid.
    Keep SF in the area. Keep up the intel ops. If needed send bombers and blow up any camps, or operations areas. Keep troops prepared at home.
    I have heard the arguments to stay in Syria. There is no reason to be in yet another ME country.

  11. F this guy spill your own country mens blood it's your backyard so clean it ☝ yourself we gave too much as it is

  12. No more wars for Israel. We give them more aid than any other. They take our Military tech and sell it to the highest bidder aka the Chinese. Register AIPAC as a foreign entity like JFK wanted. Dont forget Epstein.

  13. Ehud Barak and Joe Biden. Two self-interested people who try to project strength by using that of others for their own aggrandisement. Anyone further buying this lie from con-man Barak is sadly deluded. Fox's giving this joker a pulpit from which to preach this con to America is disgusting. Remember the Liberty.


  15. Israel is strong enough! We think but just in case, give us your millions of dollars and let your young men come fight and die. We only start wars we don’t fight them.

  16. America is stronger than ever. Stop wasting money protecting people that hate us and to hell with Ehud. If Israel is stronger , what's he crying about.

  17. It is particularly ironic that Ehud Barak should have more rights than me as he sits in one of my former neighborhoods in New York. All 10 of the protections of the Bill of Rights are afforded to him. I, a US citizen, am protected at this time and for the last 20 years by only 1 1/2 of the Amendments in the Bill of Rights. I seem to recall having written Gen. Barak a couple of fan letters 19 years ago, when he was Israeli PM. There is more I could say, but the concept that Gen. Barak was not set up for this interview at this time in history, while he sits in my old neighborhood is too priceless. How did he do with the boxwood test outside the studio door? I am guessing he failed. A pity… Do I really need to take lessons on military, intelligence and geopolitics from an Elmer Fudd, who apparently has no sense of smell, and utters the name I was born with when he says “arena”? What’s up, doc?

  18. This is where Israel needs to be careful. If they attack US policy, especially with Trump in office, they will lose all support from us. And I dont know a single nation who supports Israel even fractionally as we do. Israel needs to make a military move on their own or stfu. Telling our president and our citizens that its dumb to bring our troops home from a region thats unfixable will win no hearts and minds. In fact it will cause anti Israel feelings among all Americans.
    Declare war on islam and take action or go back to your holes.

  19. America under Trump is a very insignificant actor…nobody fears anymore a spineless power which can't stand with it's principals.

  20. Granted I'm not supper informed on the issue but as an outsider how I see it is like a drug addict. You can use your money to try to get them to get better but you will never succeed until they are ready for change, just like the middle east will not stop killing eachother until they are ready for civil peace. While I wish we could help the entire planet out it's just not possible for us to do that. We can't crash our economy to police the world, if we could bring all troops home and focus on América, we could have a great country where no American is left behind. Yet we abandon our own citizens and pump how many billions into other countries? I understand there are some things that would be in our best interest to do in other countries but to abandon your own family (the US) to care for others is misplaced values.

  21. For the record: Ehud Barak is a well known Trump hater, Epstein bro, disgusting corrupt leftist ex politician, one of the most hated figures in israel, his career was full with dirty scandals. Israel loves Trump and loves the American people.

  22. Zionist masters of America are angry cause they can't continue supporting islamic terrorists against Syrian government, killing christians of Syria and stealing Syrian oil resources.
    Get lost, "Israel First" bunch of warmongers.

  23. TRUMP 202
    HYPOCRITE! You never get your house in order… and want other countries to sacrifice their lives then you insult them when they finally stop … you are responsible! You are the reason your borders are challenged. TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN BORDERS. WE WANT OUR USA MILITARY HOME !
    TRUMP 2020

  24. Seeking peace takes far more strength than seeking conflict. 99% of comments calling out these Military Industrial Complex shills, too funny. Certainly not the reaction FOX was hoping for, hahaha.

  25. Give this guy a uniform and a weapon…and put HIM on the front line, Lets put HIS children and family in the line of fire…and then see how self righteous and smug this coward is.

  26. do Eehud warn or threaten US by surprise we can't predict ? 0:33 "i spend decades in special forces and i confident your guys on the ground … no one can predict how it ends because we'd seen may surprises…"

    'ex' Israle special forces may have surprise for you and he is confident you 'love it' .

    Deceptive mosTsad reverse meaning words 'quoted'

    This all about ~'your guy love to fight and die' is just deceptive a BS . His message was send to those who waited for it. I afride they knuy samson and wearing shifting US IS is part of the game so when oveedue push on shifty shift happen thycan do surprise and blame as 'Trump attack intelligence'.

    Reduce footprint to minimize exposure, watch them they are crazy suicidal.

  27. IG a feeling the President smelled a Rat , the timing was very suspicious, if President Trump hadn't moved those small amount of Soldiers, they would be trapped or Killed & the President would be forced into Another War ?? MMmmmm 🤔🍿🍿

  28. "these people are sick'-trump,

    er THIS child rapist, (jeffrey epstein videos) , directs U.S. troops?

    Israeli people made him an X-leader, these people are sick.

  29. You cannot make a genius with a dummy. USA lost lifes fighting but the other parties should suffer and fight too.Enough is enough. Let BIBI back and then we will reconsider.But with socialism in Israel, hard to keep going. USA IS NOT SOCIALIST.

  30. I am an American, and I don't want my tax dollars going to Israel anymore. Supporting Israel has screwed up our foreign policy in the Middle East,. Israel has been a consistent diplomatic embarrassment that has damaged the reputation of the United States abroad. We have used our security council veto 43 times in the United Nations to shield them.

    Aid to Israel costs us too much money. Their claims of being "our greatest ally" are absurd. Why wasn't "our greatest ally" part of the coalition of 35 countries that supported the United States in the Gulf War?

    They sell weapons technology to the Chinese.

    The Mossad intentionally gives misleading and alarmist intelligence reports to American Congressmen in order to manipulate US foreign policy in their favor.

    And their lobbyists have a had a toxic influence on American politics. People in Texas had to promise not to boycott Israel before they could get hurricane aid.

    Israel has had ten billion or so yearly budget surplus for years so they can do without American aid.

    I can post links to support all this if you need them.

  31. SR. Where is your God ,God controls all nation everything happens for a reason, it's better to pray than to talk so much, these are all your cousin's from ABRAHAM seed, Ismael father from the twelve tribes,

  32. so a foregin nation is trying to tell us how to run our policy, sorry we have to worry about our own people. "israel will fight until the last american"

  33. Why can't other western nations take over. The U.N. is useless. Isreal has one of the best militaries on the planet. Why don't they take a larger role? We don't want them to be destroyed. We just don't want to be the world's babysitters. Even when we help, the M.E. nations and tribes turn around and talk about how they hate the West. Specifically America & then Israel.

  34. Blah, blah, blah…. with all due respect sir, you don't know what you're talking about. Trump knows exactly what he's doing.

  35. Mr. Barak our President is a man of peace not a man of war. The other administrations did wars for their own interests regarding how many people die.

  36. This was done by Trump to scare the Israeli government into using their influence to apply pressure on the Democrats to sieze the impeachment proceedings. You watch as this whole impeachment story will fade away.

    Its going to mean a weaker and less influential Israel, nothing else. Trump said he'll withdraw the troops. Well let's see it happen. And why isn't FOX NEWS holding Trump accountable to the promises he made to the American people?

  37. Forget you Ehud Barak, you are the sorriest!! You don't have the foggiest about anything!!! Go soak your head for all your knowledge!!! So you sit and yak on fox business? No one is listening.

  38. What did the USA and Israel get from this war? As a result of this war, Hezbollah gained invaluable war experience and strengthened its military power. And Damascus received the S-300 system. And Iran created military bases under the nose of Israel. Trump has created the most dangerous situation for Israel in the Middle East. Israel is now in danger. Israel is now at gunpoint by Russia Russia and Iran.

  39. Leave it to a subscriber of haShem's kosher bestiality, inbreeding, incest and pedophilia to tell us about America.  Ph*uck Judaism

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