This blind kitten is searching for a new home

Oh honey pie. It’s okay,
you’re such a good girl. This is Rose. She’s a tabby kitten
in need of a home. She’s still recovering from
surgical removal of both
her eyes. Rose came to us from another
shelter, in a rural area of
Maryland, And she had issues with her
eyes and they didn’t have the resources to care for her
properlyso they asked if we
would take her . Rose was found living in the
streets at 3-months-old with a severe eye infection. Despite veterinary care her eyes
were unable to be saved. They aren’t sure how she got
the infection. Very probably some sort of eye injury when she
was very little and out on
her own and it generated an infection
in the eye themselves. that was very painful and the
best solution to keep her healthy was to remove her eyes. Rose spends her days here, at
the King Street Cat Rescue. She is a domestic short hair
which is cat language for a mutt. Uh, she was pretty subdued when
she came to me. but I have other foster kittens at
home so once she was in the foster kitten group and had
others to play with she really
blossomed. She has a very sweet, outgoing,
personality and she actually gives hugs. When you hold her
she likes to get her paws up around you and give you a hug. Amazingly, she leads a pretty
typical, well-adjusted life for a cat whose lost both of her eyes The vets tell us that cats
don’t rely on their sight as much as say a dog would.
She will rely on her whiskers to tell her when things are too close to her
or her hearing and sense of smell. So she’ll do
just fine. We have had other blind cats
that are able to jump up on counters and find the treats
that are in a jar. So, she wont have any
limitations at all. The ASPCA estimate around 3.2
million cats enter the shelter system each year. Of those
cats only 50% are adopted. I have another cat about the same age
as her that I got when she was 4 or 5 months old and she
is still pretty feral and I can’t touch her. Where as Rose came
to me younger and had been handled a lot by people so
she’s used to it and enjoys it. A lot of it has to do with how
old they are when you get them and what their experience with
people has been. Rose is currently being cared
for by her foster mom, but she is looking for
her forever home which Patti hopes she
will soon find. She is a very sweet little girl
and she is very playful. She loves other cats. Uhm, so
we are looking forward to sending her to a home
where she can have probably kids and other cats to play with. Rose is very sweet. She deserves
a good home and a long lfe and she will bring a lot of love
and joy into the home she
goes to. To adopt Rose or cats like her

1 thought on “This blind kitten is searching for a new home

  1. Blind Kitten..
    I like keep them..

    Blind Deaf kitten
    make lots a (( Scear ))

    Need Little Puppies
    like Pugs
    take Care save
    kitten Training
    together to save life
    hear Voice.. sound

    Pour.. kitten don't know..
    Nothing.. be a alone..

    sound like Blind Deafness People's

    like me..
    I'm Deafness

    Frist times
    8 years..ago
    I saw..
    Mother' found Baby newborn.. is Blinds..

    Mother got kill.. over road street..
    got 7 kittens
    found under hold in house..
    Mother hear it sound..
    meow ..moew…
    I dont.. can't hear

    Mother saw one Kitten
    Blind Deafness..

    after Later months
    I can't say
    Got Kill..
    That Dogs next door

    Is pretty Black ๐Ÿˆ Cat

    You should keep
    save ๐Ÿˆ cat

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