This Blind Kitten Finally Found A Furever Home – And Now She’s Best Friends With A Rescue Dog

This blind kitten finally found a forever home and now she’s best friends with a rescue dog after Stumbling across a photograph of a blind kitten in need of a home Brianna Rosario knew she had to step up she decided to bring the tiny cat back to her house naming her at lime and Soon she watched as her new kitten, became extremely close to an unlikely companion for Rosario adopting a kitten with special needs was nothing new in fact two years before she took Lyman she was the proud owner of another blind cat named lemon Rosario had added lemon to her family back in October 2016 but lemons time with Rosario would prove to be short According to a Facebook page where Rosario chronicled the cat’s life lemon had a laundry list of heart problems among them was an atrial septal Defect as well as a ventricular septal defect His heart murmurs at a 5 and the doctor believes his heart has an obstruction Rosario explained on Facebook he’s, also on the cusp of going into heart failure Basically his heart is like Swiss cheese and isn’t pumping blood where it’s supposed to go but Rosario was determined to give lemon the best possible life in the short time he had My time with Lennon is going to be short but the sweetest she continued When he starts showing signs that he’s not happy or that he’s in pain is when I’ll say goodbye But before that day came Rosario decided to drop a bucket list for lemon Included in the list were items such as scaling a tree and using His paws to create art together the pair fit a lot of experiences into their nearly three months together just after Christmas in 2016 though Rosario had to make the tough decision to put lemon down he was truly an amazing cat she later told me out AFUE and It would take her nearly two years to bring another cat into the fold along with her other pets Rosario had two tabby cats named Deadpool and Raja as well as a pitbull named Letty and a Yorkshire Terrier named Jordan then on March 26 2018 a kitten came into the world that would steal rosaria’s heart and Soon it would join her brood of four-legged fur babies Through a pet fostering Paige Rosario saw a picture that stopped her in her tracks in it a woman was holding a steel Gray kitten that was blind I couldn’t believe it that little nugget the photo looked exactly like lemon she wrote on Instagram The Jacksonville Humane Society in Jacksonville Florida had taken in the days old kitten along with her sister Initially named Rosita the cat’s eyes were completely infected and eaten away this is probably what had happened to lemons eyes as Brianna explained on Facebook in fact the cats were in such bad shape that the shelter staff feared they wouldn’t last two days however they made it and they quickly transformed into normal kittens with heightened senses since they lost their eyesight in Spite of her visual similarities to lemon Rosita had a stronger heart that her predecessor this meant she could undergo an operation to remove the dead tissue from her eyes In the meantime Rosario would become obsessed with following the blind kittens story as shared by her foster mom On June 1st 2018 Rosario decided to make her admiration for the kitten official She packed her dogs into the car and made the five-hour drive to Jacksonville to meet Rosita for the first time Secretly though the pet lover had some trepidation about their first meeting even though I was so excited to meet little Rosita I was nervous Rosario explained in an Instagram story I Felt guilty as I didn’t want to replace lemon and didn’t want to have any expectations about Rosita I felt very guarded However as soon as Rosario met Rosita all that fear slipped away I knew she wasn’t replacing lemon lemon just sent her my way Rosario wrote and in an apparent tribute to lemon Rosario changed the kittens name from Rosita to lime the day after she officially adopted Lyme Rosario took to Facebook to share the news with those who had previously followed lemons bucket list journey There were many emotions yesterday and I’m still very emotional she began No one could ever replace lemon period Rosario stated lime is a different kitten with a different personality but I get a second chance with a little grey blind kitten lemon Was such an epic soul that touched many people and changed my life so much I can’t wait to continue my journey with lime by my side her experiences with lemon, also assured Rosario that line would quickly adjust to her new life after all her first blind cat had proven to be adept and adaptable and just as Rosario imagined line quickly became part of the family according to love meow line came into Rosario home confident brave playful and happy She spent her days following her new mom around the house and she did so by relying on her other senses since she couldn’t see those senses came in handy in other ways too there’s no sneaking around this little one When she hears a can of food open everybody better move out of her way Rosario said Today and she told me out AFUE you can’t leave any food out or lime will find it Rosario did do her best to make life as easy as possible for lime for one thing the pet mom tried to keep her furniture in the same positions all the time this allowed lion to walk around without, bumping into any unexpected obstructions but Lime lived without fear and with few limitations Rosario said that lion tended to sleep at the highest spot of the cat tree plus she couldn’t snare flies in midair which led Rosario to joke that lime had better vision than her tabby cat siblings Rajon and Deadpool and as for a relationship with the two Tandy’s lime reportedly adored spending time with Raja and Deadpool all three cats came from similar backgrounds after all each of them had been rescued and bottle-fed his kittens one of the new friendships that lie made perhaps the most astounding was with Rosario Spit bull Letty Less than two weeks after she brought lime home Rosario logged on to Instagram to provide an update He or she declared that the duo. Had become BFFs very quickly and loved each other so much Five months on Rosario told me out a F that the pair had become totally entwined with one another mime loves her sister Letty Lyme loves to chase Letty’s tail and play with whatever toilette he has she said Before reiterating that they truly are best friends over time Rosario realized that she could use her pet special relationship and her social media account to do good I wanted to show how amazing it is to adopt a special-needs kitty she wrote on Instagram But what’s even more amazing is breaking the stereotypes about dogs and cats being best friends in their short amount of time together Lyme and Letty have had plenty of stories to tell in October 2018 Rosario Heartbreakingly shared that Letty May have had a stroke and the concerned owner explained the dog was unable to use the right side of her body Letty had actually slipped a disc which injured her spinal cord and ultimately caused her to suffer a stroke Fortunately though the dog didn’t need surgery only intense physical therapy the prognosis is good Rosario later wrote on Instagram Unsurprisingly Rosario also revealed that Letty had a very special caretaker of Course Lyme is happy to play nurse she wrote and all of that helped Letty remain in good spirits on her road to recovery as Letty healed line waited patiently to be able to play with her best friend once again and Once the pitbull felt a bit better the pair resumed their favorite activities like sharing treats and bird-watching these special moments only proved to Rosario that her decision to adopt line was the right one Mime is just an amazing loving playful funny confident little fluff she told me I am I love her so much so much that I can’t fit it into words Line makes our whole lives full of course that didn’t mean that Lyme had come in to replace lemon instead Rosario wrote on Facebook I think about my little lemon every day and I miss him always and Sometimes that made watching line grow up feel bittersweet I start to think how lemon would have looked or how he would be at limes age Rosario went on However she couldn’t understate the huge impact lying his head on her family and she could only thank lemon for that without lemon I probably wouldn’t have adopted lime Rosario explained on Facebook now don’t get me wrong Lime is a completely different cat with her own personality and quirks but she was absolutely the best decision I ever made both of her cats have demonstrated to Rosario the capabilities that blind cats have specifically that they can still live lives as fulfilling as they’re seeing counterparts a lot of people feel bad for blind cats and they shouldn’t as she put it on meow AF to that end Rosario reminded pet lovers everywhere not to ignore the possibility of adopting a feline like line blind cats are amazing creatures that should be celebrated she said they need love just like other cats – Rosario appeared to take her own words to heart – just after losing lemon in early 2018 she started a lemonade rescue as she explained on Facebook the organization, was set up to try to keep lemons memory alive the charity strived to focus more on the lemons Rosario explained referring to the animals that had imperfections like lemon had she further noted that her efforts were emotionally tolling but she continued to take on the most critical of cases in order to give the animals better lives By August of 2018 though Rosario had put a pause on her efforts with lemonade when she experienced a loss in her family however she vowed that she would never stop helping animals in need Amazingly Rosario ‘z efforts in just eight months were enough to save more than 70 pets I’ll Continue to do as much as I can maybe in the future I’ll start over again the pet mom of five suggested But it was clear that she had already made a huge impact with all the special pets she’d saved Including her blind kittens lemon in line

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  1. Why are people surprised a cat and dog can be friends. Just about every family that has both animals would say they get along just fine.

  2. God bless Rosario. She is a very special person. Having two special needs cats and three others, I cannot say, "poor little cats" at all. They face their challenges in life bravely and I find it more appropriate to say, WOW! what extra special brave warriors that have a character that other cats know nothing about! VERY SERIOUSLY COURAGE!"

  3. BLESS YOU My DEAR……..there is a very SPECIAL place for you in my HEART that you are taking on the responsibility for these furbabies!  Thank-You sooooo much!

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