This Animal Shelter Adopted Out All Of Its Animals In A Single Day

Shelters around the world are filled with animals just waiting to be adopted, including the North Shore Animal League America in Port Washington, New York. We do over 10,000 adoptions are year going to places where there are no homes for pets and bringing those animals here where there are homes for them. Today their goal is to find as many animals as possible a loving home by the end of the day, an act that would mean so much to so many. When they adopt from a shelter, they’re really saving two lives. They’re saving the life that they adopt, but they’re also opening up that cage so we can go out and rescue a second animal. Adoption fees are waived today, allowing more people to take home a special animal companion. At any given time in the shelter, we have about 200-300 animals. We have about 150 up for adoption today. I’m hoping an event like this will help to showcase those animals and just get them adopted. I love her collar. Her collar’s beautiful. We’re looking to maybe adopt an animal. We’re not really sure what kind of dog yet. If it gets along with us and, you know, fits in our household, we’ll take it. I feel like I’m missing a piece of my life where I really, you know, want something to fill it and I think that a dog would be good for me. This 9-year-old Rottweiler is hopeful match for the Gracia family. He’s just a big mush. He’s a little bit older, he’s a senior guy.=, but he’s been here way too long. As long as he’s friendly and as long as he gets along with us, you know, he might have a chance at coming home with us today. I think people come in thinking that they’re gonna choose the dog, but that’s never the case. The dog always chooses the person. One of those lucky families to happily connect with a special dog is the Egberts. I’m gonna name him Mr. Cuddles. It’s because he’s cuddly. I saw an instant connection with Mr. Cuddles and the Egbert family and I think that’s one of those situations where we definitely made the perfect match. We’ve had rescue dogs in the past and it’s been awhile so we were looking to fill that void that only a dog can fill and we always go with rescue, so perfect timing. It’s a great feeling to be able to love an animal. It’s like a two-way street, they love you, you love them. The puppy and their son will be able to grow up together and they’ll get that lifetime of that bond and that connection and it’s gonna be awesome. I’m so happy we came here today because we found Mr. Cuddles. We set out this morning to empty the shelter out and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do by the end of the day. But the adoptions today would never have happened without the every day heroes who pitched in to help save lives. Many of the people you see here are volunteers and they’re here on a hot Saturday afternoon doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s their passion. They’re advocates for these pets. They’re advocates for adoption. For this inspiring team of volunteers, the adopters are the true heroes. They’re the ones that are taking these animals home and opening their homes to these pets so that we can go out and rescue the next bunch. I love that they need us. It’s pure love. There’s so many dogs waiting to be adopted and, uh, how could you not?

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