Thinking differently about the health and wellbeing of children and young people

we've got a great opportunity to think really differently about how we approach health and well-being for children and young people in this country and we want the best start in life you want healthcare professionals to work in a more integrated way around the health of our children and their families I think it's really clear to me that as pediatricians we need to think and behave differently about the way we work we need to connect with other professionals we work with the GP and the GP practice is a really key locus of that for us there's a great place for us to build relationships and in doing that what we found is it brings in other colleagues so health visitors school nurses colleagues who work in a mental health setting community-based dieticians and indeed colleagues who work in a third sector setting can come together around the GP practice to work together to think together and to learn together for the benefit of children we work in a really vibrant part of West London growing multicultural multi-ethnic brings its challenges but also has so many advantages as well but lots of different communities coming together and supporting each other but actually this particular part of town is the most deprived in London itself which clearly brings its challenges child obesity is a growing problem in Northwest London one in five children are evident we are now working in hubs which brings together professionals from primary care hospitals and in the community and we are looking at all aspects of our children's needs and able to find and create support for all of those needs and that's naturally going to have a really tremendous benefit I've seen patients care transformed by the GP hub children that were coming into A&E once a week who having one appointment in the hub stopped calling if you look at outpatient activity we've taken 80% of hospital pointment out of the hospital about half of those are being seen in the GP practice face-to-face and about half don't need to be seen at all what we see is that families feel much more able to laugh look after conditions themselves and GPS feel much more confident and able to manage patients themselves I used to work a certain local authority social worker and something that I found really frustrating in that role was the lack of information sharing between professionals we're all they're trying to safeguard children and families and it's really great to have a space where people feel comfortable to share information the child health hubs are a really really good place to discuss your concerns about specific pediatric patients that belong to the GP surgery in turn with all the other health professionals are up there you have more integrated care and a better outcome for the child an example is say a child with maybe epilepsy if I see that child with the GP I might then find out that there's another problem maybe their child is living in temporary accommodation or the mother has a mental health issue things that I wouldn't know if I was seeing the child in the hospital and because I have that added insight I can provide advice and guidance about managing the epilepsy that is very tailored to that child's individual needs it's much more personalized and therefore much more effective for that individual child and family for me I feel like I'm the link between the professionals health professionals and my community I became a practitioner and for white City after one of my children became seriously ill ended up in hospital but I didn't tap into the emergency care that he needed when I should of and it hit me I wasn't educated didn't I phone I didn't know much about his ask my own and what hit me hardest was when he was actually taken into hospital that I was actually using the inhaler incorrectly we are now focusing on the whole child looking at prevention and early intervention and helping patients and Families better manage the child's health not just for the medical aspect but also their emotional health and their mental well-being as people who work in the NHS and work in health care we've got to start to behave very very differently about the way we interact with our communities and we need to make sure that our hospitals are very good and that when people are seriously unwell that they get great care in that setting but we have so much more to offer and that really reach out into people's lives in a meaningful way and that's about thinking and working differently our normal starting points in the consultation used to be what's the matter with you and now we can ask what matters most to you this model gives us a really good example of that we need to get on and scale it up this needs to become the way we work you [Applause]

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