Things You Didn’t Know About Kacy Catanzaro

Kacy Catanzaro is a superstar competitor who
inspired generations of future female athletes when she became the first woman to finish
the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course and qualify for the final. But there’s a lot more to her than her jaw-dropping
strength and athleticism on the course. Here’s what Catanzaro’s life is like when
she’s not competing on TV. Gymnastics star Catanzaro had great training to prepare her
to become a Warrior. She told Esquire magazine that she started
gymnastics when she was just four or five years old and dropped everything else to pursue
the sport. In her college years, Catanzaro went on to
join the Division One gymnastics team at Towson University. After college, she set her sights on Ninja
Warrior, and she believes that her training as a gymnast helped her succeed. She told ESPN, “When you get to the competition, most people
don’t know how their body will react to the pressure. But I do. I’ve competed literally hundreds of times
in gymnastics and trained how to do what I need to do at just the right time.” It’s the climb We all have songs that motivate us, and it
turns out that Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” is on Catanzaro’s playlist. During a 2014 interview with Esquire, she
confessed to being a fan of the Cyrus tune, and not just because it’s a song about kicking
butt. She explained, “It’s like, ‘Endure the journey that you take
to reach your top moment. You might not get there right now but when
you do, remember what you did to get there.” Warrior’s best friend Catanzaro has a major love for animals, but
there was one in particular who really stole her heart — her beloved dog, Mr. Mogley. However, in 2017, when she revealed that he
had passed away, she chose to honor his memory by helping other animals, and joined forces
with the national animal welfare organization Best Friends Animal Society. Together, Catanzaro and the organization created
t-shirts with Mr. Mogley’s likeness, and 100 percent of all the proceeds from this shirt
went towards helping the organization and its projects. Thanks to the ex Catanzaro credits a lot of her success to
her now ex-boyfriend and former coach, Brent Steffensen. When the two were still just exchanging training
and diet tips, Steffensen was offered a job in San Antonio to test out Alpha Warrior’s
obstacle course, and he recommended Catanzaro as well. The pair began working together — and that’s
how their romance first started. In 2014, she told Esquire magazine, “He moved from L.A. and I moved from New Jersey. We met in Texas and then about two months
later we started dating. That was almost a year and a half ago, February
2013.” An additional obstacle At five feet tall, Catanzaro often speaks
about her height and how it’s been a disadvantage to her. She told Esquire that her size made it harder
to compete on American Ninja Warrior, saying, “Being so short is definitely a disadvantage. In Dallas, there was part of the course where
the guys could swing and with one arm reach the next obstacle. I had to wind up, swing, and actually let
go and catch the next one with both hands. My body was like mush at the end.” “I’ve been small my whole life and I’ve never
let that hold me back before and I’m definitely not gonna start now.” On the bright side Perhaps one of the greatest things about Catanzaro
is that she always looks on the bright side of things, and her social media is a treasure
trove of motivational messages. Not long after conquering the American Ninja
Warrior course in 2014, Catanzaro revealed to Vulture that while she wanted to push her
own boundaries, she also wanted to inspire other women to do the same. She said, “I want to do these things to prove to myself,
but like I’ve said before, I also wanted to make these big steps for everyone, for all
the women out there and for everybody else that thinks that they can’t do something or
that they have an excuse.” “Kacy is the reason why I started American
Ninja Warrior.” “That’s right, ladies, woo!” American pride Catanzaro has a lot of love and respect for
those who serve in the United States military — her current boyfriend, Dave Reid, is one
of them — and she has taken to Instagram to praise veterans. In a Memorial Day post, she wrote about how
we should be grateful “for the men and women who gave it all and have died while serving
in this country’s armed forces.” She also thanked those currently serving,
saying that “the words never seem like enough” and that they “deserve the greatest of thanks.” Catanzaro also praised Reid, who seven years
ago was injured in Afghanistan by stepping through a doorway that was rigged with an
I.E.D. From warrior to wrestler Unfortunately, in 2017, Catanzaro retired
from Ninja Warrior — but this also spurred her transition into wrestling. “No one has been a more inspirational figure
to women, men, and the entire Ninja community. Mighty Kacy will be missed.” World Wrestling Entertainment announced that
Catanzaro was joining the company during a taping for the Mae Young Classic. Catanzaro spoke to USA Today in August 2017
about how she used to watch wrestling as a kid, and how she was excited to take on the
new challenge. After multiple offers to join WWE, she was
finally ready to accept. She said, “For a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be
brought to me a handful of times — I knew that it was rare, and I was getting older. I want to be somewhere where I can make the
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  1. Kacy's amazing. <3 It's sad that she retired from American Ninja Warrior! I didn't know about that. 🙁 I hope she'll continue to be happy, though. <3

  2. i will vote for Jessie graft she is a great Competitor in American Ninja warrior i really want to be her really badly but good thing i have been training for half year it was pretty hard to do but then i decided to be on the American ninja warrior it is really hard to do those obstacles they can get tough out there even me i am really strong because will train today at the fitness center and even though Jessie graph is still stronger than me doesn't mean that i can not do it . and i will so will to be tougher than her . you know was often . and also i have been eating healthy foods to help me going it is still hard but i will keep training Fridays are so lucky at 5:45 i have ninja we do stretching in classes these instructors named Mr. Billy and Mr. Rich have teaching these things and i am finally going to get older this is always been advantage to be on tv and it is hard to going it i have been teaching classes abut 2014 until i was 10 has a 3 year old i always wanted to be a Gymnastics star know have a sensitive neck it is kind off getting paid has to be a Ninja style warrior .

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