They sold it all and busted the cultural norm!

41 thoughts on “They sold it all and busted the cultural norm!

  1. This is awesome but I just don’t understand how they got those mortgages to start with. My wife and I make a similar income to these two and I don’t even think I could get an $900,000 home loan. I guess I might be able to get it but there’s no way we could actually pay the monthly payments.

  2. um… they had 800K in mortgages on 2 properties worth 2 million total. Sounds like they paid off their debt in 20 hours, not 20 months

  3. I love how they think “fords and chevys” are “lower class” vehicles like… lady have you priced out a new Chevy lately? F150? They start at 30k….

  4. Something is missing. They have a strong cash flow to begin with at $175,000. What cash did they have to begin with? If they had $1.2M in debt, they may have had assets to offset that, like equity in that massive house.

  5. Absolutely amazing! So inspiring! This drives me with good tears! So wwll done! God bless this beautiiful family! Away from debt!

  6. Ok first I love Ramsey. These guys had two houses at a $1 million a piece. They were only making 175k a year. She turns around and says they were making 250k but had $7 to eat that night. This sounded a bit hinky and there was a whole lot of brand name dropping. This one just didnt jive with me.

  7. That’s so awesome. It reminds me of losing weight. Anyone can do it if they just think stick to a plan. God bless this family. I can’t wait to say the same. ❤️

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