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nobody puts the fun in funeral like black people let's watch the Lord work in fabulous ways in this week's breakdown I've said it a hundred times the most respectful way to honor the deceased is with an interpretive dance eulogy there are even rhythmic when they mourn what do you mean they why is it always so insanely hot in southern black churches how about one more lap with a collection plate for some AC yeah though I cartwheel through the valley of the shadow of death thank god there's no casket he'd probably use it like a pummel horse time to put the nail in the coffin can I get an oath is it too late to cut him out of the will he never got to kick her in the face while she was alive is this a tribute or reenactment of her accident forget about the picture nobodies who remember her ass after this magnificent performance unlike her life the show must go on ashy to ashy klutz to klutz and for that we thank you time to out some guy in Mississippi you do not have to frame every single picture you take must have had a sale over there Aaron brothers who hangs pictures on their door there's a framed photo of everyone in his life he's embarrassing right now did you see that not one fat joke about that fat ass you know why because that guy kept dancing lost over 200 pounds moved to Hollywood to host his own TV show that's right that was me [Applause] if anybody out there's a 9xl send me a self-addressed stamped envelope and I'll mail you my song it has not been washed now sit down funk gonna give it to you don't believe me just watch all right is the last time we let mom or the Jack Daniels play swings it's okay to laugh at her the Fraggles don't watch this show do I give him my number or put my wallet in her mouth she doesn't bite her tongue off fingers crossed she brings that same jerky rhythm to the bedroom haircuts starting to make sense okay stop spazzing out Sharon you're gonna end up with a bad Bob so sad that her sister's husband cheated on her you didn't hear it from me I joke smokes let's just watch this hitless freak dance for the rest of the show hello Bert awkward darkbird skinny Berthe dick burn fat burn it could be 15 could be 49 the only I know for sure is that he's at least eight feet tall some legs of Giselle the hairline of Nicolas Cage oh that's a deadly combo oh yeah what about chopping I think you can dance I'm shocked that you're self-taught it's a yes for me you're going straight to Vegas [Applause] it's like watching Taylor Swift try to be sexy there's more confusing than anything some of us can fill out an elephant g-string better than others I go through a lot of baby powder hashtag big dick problems oh it's almost time 30 seconds of contemporary danced against now you smile you make it 30 seconds of contemporary dance is mandatory every hour on the hour at tosh point-o and yet no one of my staff is getting any better it's almost like they don't want to do it all summer I've been enthralled with Derek Hough show world of Dance gives me the goose YZ I love this kid they had some issues with his own skin color he's adopted by white people but he was amazing and he really started to flourish toward the end of the season this was a first juniors couple to ever get a perfect score all right last one might just be a school shooting drill my favorite dancers this season were eliminated for dare I say being too groundbreaking and know this isn't gay I mean they are but this isn't it's art and no amount of conversion therapy will convince me otherwise nothing like a good deep kiss when you're winded we all know what made tosh point-o the number one show in the first place contemporary dance that's why I hired these guys to be our official contemporary dance crew you're welcome so every episode this season you are in for a treat take it away Tosh point flow boys we'll be right back with more tunafish mill [Applause] you

28 thoughts on “These Weird Viral Dancing Videos Are as Beautiful as Ballet – Tosh.0

  1. The most unfunny thing in this unfunny video is the absolute unfunny host.
    And the fake laughter makes it even worse.

  2. How many time did I see daniel’s ugly ass??!i lost count. Somebody please get him to the gym, at least we can enjoy it.

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