The Young Ones: Wild Youth, Zack

I used to get into a lot of fights
on the East coast I lived in an all-black neighborhood So it wasn’t very easy Me and my older brothers were
the only white kids in the entire neighborhood, so They were finalizing their divorce I guess and in the divorce, they left us
in Rhode Island with our mother and like just dipped out My older brother actually hates
my father for that and I guess, I still just don’t give
a fuck, I don’t care You take that example
that your parents give to you and you do the exact opposite
of what they did to myself and that is the first step going
in the right way to be a parent, you know I took a Greyhound bus
from Providence, Rhode Island to El Centro After that, I guess
I’ve just been kind of kicking it It’s been a while – six years My name is Zack Wild I am 18-years old I would like to travel around the world It’s what I would like to do with myself
in the future

5 thoughts on “The Young Ones: Wild Youth, Zack

  1. Thank you for this wildly compassionate portrait of these young "throw-aways with dreams" produced by inadequate parenting.

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