The idea that Mark Zuckerberg who runs Facebook is a joke I mean, have you seen those staring eyes in absolute terror and that bewildered face when he’s being questioned on Capitol Hill I mean the idea he’s running a company like Facebook is ridiculous Obviously there are other forces involved here and that’s where you get your coordination from That’s why Amazon Facebook Google Twitter and Apple are all Censoring in unison because it’s coordinating towards this goal of complete control of information This whole conspiracy to enslave humanity is a psychological game Where does human behavior come from it comes from human perception where does perception come from comes from information received? Whether it’s personal experience, which is a form of information whether it’s newspaper Facebook post or whatever it’s information received Now if you go deep in the shadows beyond the politicians you reach that level of this web where they Understand a how reality works they don’t want us to know and be how the mind works how psychology works and what we’re looking at because It’s a few manipulating so many the only way that you can achieve that is by Controlling the perceptions of the many and by dividing and ruling the many as well But you’ve got to control the perceptions of the many and to do that you control information How long could you live without your smartphone You can’t put your phone down and if you do within a few minutes you pick it up again because you’re addicted to it So are you controlling that bit of Technology in your hand or is that controlling you that’s controlling? You people became addicted to Facebook and Google Became by far the biggest search engine then came the point where yes The Internet is the central pillar of human society and it’s now irreversible who you’re going to go to If not, then who you’re going to go to to get any numbers watching your videos? If not YouTube owned by Google, of course, so now we’re in a position of power and strength Now the Internet’s going to become what it was always planned to be now Facebook and Google and Twitter and Amazon are now all gonna be what they’re always planned to be which wire gate gatekeepers on the information that people can see in here and because of that human perception is increasingly being given a narrow and narrower band of Information from which to form those perceptions so perceptions are being manipulated They had to get the Internet to a point where it was the central pillar of human society the central pillar of where all our information came from the central pillar of control This is why we now have the Internet of Things where? Billions of pieces of technology everything from your fridge to your car to your telly are connected to the Internet we’ve been through a process of preparation of Getting people first of all stage one Addicted to technology that they hold whole doubles smartphones tablets that I mean that’s basically achieved I mean, you’ve got to walk through a city and you see the addiction and they’re targeting specifically the young why Because the young of today and the children of today are going to be the adults when they want to bring this AI connection in full-blown for that to happen They have to get people addicted to technology to the point where they’ll accept it and where it’s the most Natural thing in the world. I’m coming up 67. I was born in 1952. So I have a compass I know what the world was like before People being born into the world. Now. This is the world only world have ever known and So they don’t have that compass of what the world was like before but this is the world in Technology, and this is how it works. So the first stage is to get people addicted to technology to the point Where at the most extreme they’ll get up in the dead of night and they’ll will they’ll queue standing line outside an Apple store to get the first of the new technology and what they want eventually and Not-too-distant into the future is people basically lie To be connected to AI in the same way that people in Sweden now are having parties to celebrate Someone being microchipped, right? So the next stage because the idea is to get in the body. The next stage is to Get on the body so we went from just hold herbals. We went to wearables We went to Bluetooth and Google glass and Apple watches and all these other gadgets that go on the body now Even what they call electronic tattoos that are basically microchips on the skin and the next stage is to go in the body which is already starting in places like sweet and the idea is to take this on and People like Ray Kurzweil who is a Google executive I mean Google and Facebook are really at the cutting edge of this stuff people think it’s a social media Operation over the Orang a search engine, you know, no no this whole Google group now which has given the name alphabet Oh, absolutely at the cutting edge of this whole AI technology So he’s Amazon Amazon got contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars with the CIA and the Pentagon For cloud services. Yeah, they have massive data services massive Yeah, humorously so the idea is to is to take this on and what Kurzweil is saying and he claims that 80% success rate in in his predictions of Incoming technology, the sales pitch is when we connect to artificial intelligence Will be superhuman does for the sales pitches. That’s his sales pitch, right? That’s from here. He knows Alexa all these things. Yeah Well, I’ve come to them in a second. They’re very very interesting very important. Ok, so What you’ve got is the idea that connect to AI and you’ll become Superhuman intelligent. No, you’ll become sub Yuman intelligent. You’ll become a vehicle for Artificial intelligence and whoever controls artificial intelligence will control the perceptions of every mind that it’s connected to these Alexa’s and these echoes and these so-called office assistants or personal assistants you start to interact With them as if they’re human and now they’re bringing in Internet-connected toys for kids and little kids and Barbie dolls They can actually have conversations with artificial intelligence they’re now bringing in these synthetic robots that are looking more and more like humans a lot of them coming in from the east and This is a whole psychological process of Familiarizing us with artificial intelligence to getting people to interact with it until it becomes the most natural thing in the world Well, is this a positive thing? What if it makes us live better lives? Could it be well if you want to use Artificial intelligence to make things happen in a more efficient way well There’s an argument for that but that’s not an argument for connecting AI to the human brain and the human perceptual processes so that artificial intelligence Becomes those processes and I’m not just saying that Ray Kurzweil says this by 2030 the connections will be start to be made between Artificial intelligence and the human brain and the human brain will be connected to what he calls the cloud another name for this is the smart grid basically – artificial Intelligence and he says this – because he’s sales pitches. It will be fantastic. It will be superhuman that as time passes artificial intelligence will be More and more of human thinking and human perception until basically it’s the totality of human thinking human perception at which point we Won’t be human anymore. In terms of the consciousness processes. We are using today we will be Artificial intelligence and this is the assimilation I’m talking about and the point is that if you are Connecting the human mind to a grid a global technological grid That grid can be centrally controlled It will take at the center point Very very few people to run it and even fewer to decide how it’s run I I have a kind of very simple rule of thumb when people say to say to me, well, what are the areas that there are of the agenda and I say Look at anything. You cannot have an alternative opinion about Look at any subject where? To say something different from the official narrative. You’re going to get abuse you’re going to get called and not see a nest of some kind and You’re basically going to get shut down they are the key areas of the Agenda or many key areas of the agenda and there’s a see this is the whole point if I want you to believe something or I want the public to believe something and I know that what I’m saying is so utterly flawed in my justification of it That if there was an open debate where all opinions facts and evidence could be freely available And discussed I’m going to lose the debate so what I want to happen is Not going to happen because I’ll lose the debate because I won’t be able to justify it in an open debate What do you do? You don’t have the debate you shut it down

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  2. I just want to laugh. I grew up in the 90's and i'm well aware of survival without facebook. haha I dont do twitter or instagram because i hate the idea and concept of "following" people, and i hate people that love and beg for attention. I just look at memes and play a few games. this has to be directed at people born after 1999.

  3. "I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." Albert Einstein

  4. Gotta look at the upside to technological advancement as well. I like David Icke he is extremely intelligent but a bit of a downer in my opinion. AI could mean freedom from crappy low wage jobs for most people, universal basic income for everyone. No one wants to work 40 hours a week for 30-50 years in a factory.

    sorry, its all a joke i forgive you i love you and i kiss you deep ,deep in to your HEART

  6. Wasn’t Facebook going to be life book created by the ( CIA) and it was revoked by the Senate or the house
    It was to collect information on those who put everything into the public without thinking
    Just a thought

  7. how do we change this? i’ve been thinking about these things for so long now. think of an idea and make it happen? make a machine of some sort somehow? what does it take for EVERYONE to wake up and realize. just realize that everything that’s going on in our head being manipulated making things worse everyday without even realizing it.. what do we do.. there’s gotta be something.

  8. i like to read i don't do social media knowledge is power. you notice they try to get u to use go online buy sell or paying bills you just gave away your personel shit

  9. Eighty Five hundred comments
    I guess he's right , most people
    can't believe that I don't have
    cellphone …. That's is fkin funny !

  10. They are not after our minds… they are after the minds of the people not yet born…. or are being born now… all of us on this video are too old and not willing to accept connecting our freaking brains to the Internet . .. but the people being born now will eat it up hook line and sinker… So whatever WE do as in the people now… whatever we do is useless

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  12. Yes I grew up without Internet. It was a great time, Gina is right. Everything started going downhill around 1992.

  13. Too pessimistic views. Human intelligence is different from human knowledge! Infinite knowledge can assist the humans. The basic intelligence is constant. The interaction between the two can be good as well as good.

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  15. So this is why David icke is popular, and being pushed. He's convincing people to get off the internet. They want us to go back to being uninformed and only getting our news through corporate controlled and approved TV or radio or newspapers.

  16. You missed that mark. The darkest secret is that this is all controlled by Satan and that Jesus Christ truly the only way to the Father 🙇🏼‍♂️

  17. awesome stuff ,use camera only to make phonecalls ,read more books, diss Facecrap i mean Book ,quit supporting Slavemasters like Zuckerberg, Alexa ,think more, peer into your devices less ,think more ,open your mind,look inside, dont be a sheeple….think more…

  18. I don’t do FB or any other social media. YT only and God only knows when that is going to be done. It’s gotten so sick and censored 🤬. It’s sad and disappointing to say the least. Nuff said for now.

  19. I got a bike for my 16th anniversary. Now they get the latest smartphone. Humanity is lost. It's clear that it will end with it's self destruction.

  20. I invented the world's first heavier than air on propelled aircraft to carry its power supply, you can see 6 prototypes in flight if you click on the channel icon to the left! However, a team of students MIT mistakenly thought they were first and are getting many millions of views on YouTube, whereas I am only getting a few thousand. Completely stupid and boring videos get more views than my important video!!

  21. People we need to wake up. If not google will take over the whole world. I dont own alexa or anything like that. If you think alexa isnt listening to you your wrong

  22. Take vaccines for example. Dare to question them and your shut down. Hmm couldn't be the control of information could it?

  23. Its called the mark of Satan if u have Jesus u wont or need to worry about anything the prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes repent while u still can time is running out and they know it this world is still slaves give them technology and they think they free😂😂😂 repent while u can what he should have just said

  24. The real thing u need to understand about that even if u can't relate or agree or not the truth will always be the truth! This is a spiritual battle between everything they didn't teach at school. There is a war between Ligth and dark… Our enemy doesn't care about nun of us what he want is your soul the breath of god living inside you! If u know the bible you will understand your entire life that the human body doesn't need Artificial intelligence we are magical being with a physical body the fact that we have a lot of atheists in our century tell a lot about the world today! The enemy want to erase the humanity in us by artificially changing our DNA (disrespecting the creation of god by changing the humanity original form) So they feed us with Technology and entertainment to first distract us to disconnect with the divine, everything as been made purposefully for you to never really know or understand what god is! U can't fully know/understand/feel/worship him when your energy "spiritually" too low. So if your not a believer it's because nobody teaches u the meaning of it & it's actually what they wanted. Ai is made for disconnecting people with the higher source. Everything else is just distraction for you to understand the meaning of life.. once u understand the meaning you understand the corruption behind the system and that's hard to handle but u will know what freedom really feels like. God bless all 💕

  25. i saw the future and it was like 20-50 yrs from now and people dont use cellphones or technology….. people are notwhere to bbe found, they are all gone it is empty and the places where they are are like abandoned houses, buildings….. white people, no offense, they are living in sewers its not just them in sewers they have their worshippers in there…. but they are living in sewers drinking dirty water and showering in it…. they dont want to leave it… when you try to get them too, they get panicked and wnat you out of where they are…..

    technology evolved, but no one uses it… a dark age….

  26. Pimp the System!! Its broken anyway!
    start with our own AI the "Terminal" i mean the terminator

    make all the Russian to South Korean,Japan,United Sh*t Queen Elizabeth Europe Kingdom,
    United States of A Euro,Dollar and Pound Oil,Gold,Diamonds,Platinum,Food supply back to
    United of Africa.United Kingdoms of Africa and Chinese,Cubans and Mexican
    must adopt each other,lets Heal our Woman our Goddess our Mother Earth,our Spiritual
    Take good care all the prostitutes,pimps,homeless,junkies,criminals and non criminals
    behind bars.All over the world lets Unite
    If you do Good things you close to God if you do Evil things you close to Devil

  27. My darkest depression has only come since the internet. I miss the REAL WORLD mother earth and real energy emotions. I can tell when emotions are manipulated. It's not the world I came for.

  28. I could care less if my phone is home. Most of the time it's off. Facebook is a time sponge. Cant be bothered with twitter. Wake up people, put it down, get off line. Go outside and walk in the park, undo this. Go shopping, get off the computers, they want us all separate and in our homes controlled. Your grandkids are counting on you not being a whimp and folding to this.

  29. I watched the entire video carefully before I began to scroll down. Particular I watched his body language and the expression through his eyes as he spoke. He comes across as someone of sound mind even though some of his claims may seem to be beyond the realm of acceptable. I will take a faith leap and say that what he talks about and what he may allow for is not what is so important. The punchline in this as it seems to me, is that discussion with critical thinking is something we shouldn't ever lose touch with. The other thing that I pull away from this is that there is a very real possibility that as we develop as a human race we will learn to bridge the gap between our innate nature and our minds, which such a connection should it happen can only be nurtured through for lack of a better term I would call freethinking. Very interesting video. While oversimplified the essential point seems to be our relationship with technology as it develops can be many things. It can be an addiction or it can be a tool. It will one day maybe become unnecessary, like a set of training wheels on a bicycle. If we continue to exercise our ability to think freely and critically there will be a great deal of dissonance between us for some time to come. It won't be easy and it's human nature to strive for a state of grace, or stasis. It will come one day but it will probably be the norm for a generation to come and certainly not for any of us living now. It will be a day when we can live as one while celebrating disagreement. I'd imagine ray kurzweil might have some crazy interesting thoughts on that. still, a sales pitch is a sales pitch. Boy do we live in interesting times.

  30. Bullsh**ts, if someone believes as 2 dollars bill peoples each of them are the leaders of the whole world creation whose manipulate, this is the most highest smiling face of a man who see this manipulation of the stupidity masses.
    Bullsh**ts in the rightful words…..

  31. Terry wogan said , there laughing at you when he interview him on british TV show , i see why , there was no point to this verbal fear based sub conscience nonsense that he is still polishing but crap is crap but still not funny funny as in really funny , you need to show motive , even if its just to say these people are earning good money but greedy ? I am jealous here is how i am trying to make money gain recognition etc and then explain end game is erm what ?????? you would be a really good comedian, i would if i were you get on comedy circuit good luck vagas awaits life is to short mate

  32. We are living in a country or in a world that is being run by unbelievably sick people, the chasm between what is really going on and what we are told is going on is absolutely ENORMOUS!

  33. I gotta agree the technology is taking over. It's the biggest virus ever invented. The people are blinded and don't have legitimate conversations anymore. The distraction is so visible it makes you cry.

  34. Jesus Christ is the King of kings and Lord of lords.

    Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess to God that Jesus Christ is Lord.

    19 Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.

    James 2:19

  35. on youtube. owned by google. lollike a dog chaseing its own tail. you are not takeing the thorn out of your own eye before you take it out of someone else's.

  36. So the evidence given that Mark Zuckerberg "obviously" does not run Facebook is the way he looked when he was in front of the senate!? Bad start!

  37. Bullshit, we have more information than ever before. You think that when people read from newspapers/books only and had word of mouth had more access to information then you are wrong. Those books and papers still exist, on the internet. This is straight up fear mongering so he can make money and fame spreading lies. If the internet is so controlled and censored then how does he operate so openly. Seems like another fake intellectual who spends his time drinking tea and thumbing his nose at the rest of society. I also wouldnt doubt that this video is loaded with subliminal messages so dont watch the video and just actually listen to the words coming out of his mouth. Yes people are addicted to their phone, because its by far the easiest way to communicate and gather information while you are out and about.

  38. We are living with the ENEMY, They co exist with us and amongst us, Infiltrating anything we do and say.
    Lets bring the people together again.
    because HUMANITY is looking ery bleak, we need to act NOW,
    Or they will slaughter us.

  39. Your thinking too much virgin mobile guy and as far for this Mark Zuckerberg goes he should take his entire operation and move to the Philippines and outsource all of his work so that everyone gets off his case. There problem solved this way you can continue to sell data world wide and deal with getting hacked privately.

  40. Most of the people addicted to platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram etc etc are usually supremely ignorant and in need of some sort of activity that stimulates brain function OR has nothing else going on in their lives. Relax Virgin Mobile guy. We're talking about a bunch of addicts that cant stop re-watching soap oprahs and get a thrill from having their messages on FB read. Take a nap.

  41. People who get addicted to smartphones and facebook are stupid to begin with. Scary to think how easily they can be manipulated. NSA goal. That's why Amazon pays $0 Tax.

  42. I have that feeling but i never get support 😷😭 even my job got me kicked for being nice to old woman in sf bay

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