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  1. Trump is a High-Level Russian Covert Operative successfully inserted as the US President by Vladimir Putin. Trump is a Traitor and works for Putin; Trump has had business ties to Putin in organized crime endeavors, for decades. See for yourself

  2. I think congress should put the nation first. Instead of looking for every bit of evidence. Use what you have and get rid of him now. Shame on congress. The president is making poor and dangerous decisions. If the house truly cared about the country instead of ammunition for the benefit of the Democratic Party impeachment would already be accomplished. There have been decisions made in the past for the health of the nation to not waste time looking for every crime. Get it over with. Ford pardoned Nixon for just this reason. DO NOT PUT THE DEMECRATICS WANTS FIRST. PUT THE HEALTH OF THE NATION FIRST. THE FOURTH ESTATE NEEDS TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR CALLING FOR IMPEACHMENT INSTEAD OF JUST USING NEWS FOR SENSATIONAL MONEY MAKING HEADLINES.

  3. Allow me to translate: "We thought Bolton was a bad guy." Turns out Bolton is our guy. Lmaooooo. You people are morons. Bolton is a war criminal

  4. Another hoax being foisted upon the American people. The democrats will be slaughtered in the 2020 elections. Good job MSDNC

  5. you say that the Whistleblower is a traitor? He is going to be the next president (after you, trump, are removed from office). Yep, that guy who gets a promotion if you go down.

  6. I wondered how long it would take for the old Russia Hawks to emerge from the 80's cave they've been hiding in. I remember when Russian ties would have cooked any politician. It's like bizzaro world to me to see the REPUBLICANS doing Putin's bidding through this joke of an administration.

  7. Trump will continue to play the victim as he only has to convince those who believe he is their saviour, their chosen one. A scapegoat will be sacrificed "for the good of the country (presidency more likely)".

  8. Trump's illiterate base cannot read the phone transcript so he has nothing to fear from them. I wonder if Donald actually read the transcript.

  9. The facts contradict her testimony. The Biden Ukraine investigation was opened up in February of 2018 way before Biden decided to throw his hat in the race.

  10. The three stooges are blabbering on this show. Democrats are distancing themselves from corrupt Joe Biden.
    MSNBC is fake news.

  11. Is the democrat impeachment inquiry starting to look like the boy who cried wolf with the democrats trying to convince the American Citizens that President Trump did something wrong? Are the Inspector General’s FISA Court abuse report, William Barr’s and John Durham’s Russia Collusion origin reports the real wolves that democrats fear once they are released?

  12. MSNBC has been covering up for years for sexual pervert and rapists Matt lauer and Harvey ! How can anyone believe what MSNBC says anymore ! ?

  13. America you're FKKD
    As this trump saga continues I've been thinking this is just what America needed. His extremism along with McConnell, the Corporate greed. Amazon exposed for avarice and how we've learned that long seated Dems & Reps are bought & paid by the lobbyists of Greedy America.  Everything that has unfolded has been an eye opener. A catalyst for change. Such a rich country needs to be able to provide dreams & aspirations for All The People.


  15. With this video, I can certainly see why Democrats are losing, and CNN is dropping out of sight, . . . and, Rachel Maddow and, The Young Turks and, Don Lemon and, Cuomo what's his name; surely, MSNBC can't be far behind, . . .

  16. Of course the whistle blower had plenty of company in his concern over Trump asking Ukraine to investigate the previous corruption, he and everyone else concerned about it were involved in the corrupt dealings … your supposed to be investigative reporters but you aren't telling the people this FACT now are you … LAME STREAM MEDIA LIARS !

  17. The WhiteOuthouse lacks integrity, patriotism and conscience towards the nation and its people. What is the moral reason to protect a TRAITOR like Orange Pornsident and allow him to use any of the country's policy let alone Foreign Policy for his own political interests…..Oh Yeah, this Orange Lard useless is not political he is a narcissist at the expense of the country. GET HIM OUT!

  18. The whistle blower is based on hear say . The whistle blower has ties to Biden. The whistle blower worked on the Democrats campaign. It's time to sue Nancy Pelosi for overpowering the President elect. It's time to stop her retirement. Stop her medical care. She is the enemy of the people.

  19. I see desperation and about 30 more million for tax payer investigation. Trump will win the 2020 election and the most they will get out of it is Pence for president.

  20. The optics to the everyday person is that we Dems are desperate and throwing hail mary's in hopes to damage Trump just to have any kind of chance in 2020. Today's Moody's report says that Trump will win by a landslide. Not good news for Dems.

  21. Hey MSNBC, fyi, the Crimea conflict occurred during the Obama administration.

    And btw, the Obama administration overthrew the Egyptian leader and Egypt was threw into chaos.

    The Obama administration overthrew the Libyan leader and Libya was threw into chaos (Ghaddafi was murdered gruesomely).

    the Obama administration tried to overthrew the Syrian leader and Syria was threw into chaos.

  22. Sondland donated 1 million, or was it a billion, dollars to trump's campaign in 2016 is how he got the eu job…..none of these people are qualified for the jobs they have mulvaney has three or four titles and looks like he drinks to deal with it all, trump is nothing but an undisciplined blowhard hellbent on destroying our country. giuliani is trying to seem relevant, as they say "You get what you pay for" giuliani and manafort both "working" for trump for free, why? Seems they had their own agenda at the expense of America and at trump's bidding. trump's arrogance is going to be his downfall as well as the rest of these losers…..Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY!….great reporting and panel Nicolle.

  23. So if the president is doing his job investigating corruption and the person he's having investigated throws his hat into the ring to run for president, the investigation has to stop in spite of the mounting evidence against him? I don't think that's going to work out too well.

  24. Trump received 80% of the Evangelical vote. This makes sense because they tend to believe things they're told, even when no proof has been provided…as long as it makes them feel better about their situation.

  25. MELANIA IS THE WHISTLE BLOWER……………..she can blow my whistle ant time………, I take that back, I wouldn't want trump as an "Eskimo buddy"….don't know what that is?…..look up Kavanaughs vetting

  26. 100% distorted information by the corrupt media, reporters and the criminal involved in Ukraine. the corrupt media and corrupt "DEMON c RATs" want to stop Ukraine investigation.

  27. Donald Trump is a Russian Operative working on behalf of Vladimir Putin ; and other foreign heads of state that are intent upon
    sabotaging our Democracy and undermining our National Security. If they thoroughly follow the paper trail – wire transfers , bank accounts, campaign donations, Corporate contributions ; I’m sure they will lead to other governments , heads of states , organize crime , and shell corporations back to Donald Trump ( THE TRAITOR) .
    If we the people and elected officials do not remove this cancerous plague from office;
    We will regret it beyond words .
    Possibly the commencement of
    ( WWIII )

  28. I believe that every government worker has a duty to report wrongdoing because they work for the American people and are paid by the American people. So why did it take so long for this phone call to come out? Why did all the people around Trump who listened to the call not report the illegal parts of the call immediately? Can you say cover up? They're all a bunch of criminals and all participated in a cover up.

  29. The Bidens have damaged themselves, we would all know about it if Biden didnt hold money back till the investigating Biden son was fired. 🧐 seriously are you guys journalist. You mean reopen the investigation shut down by Biden, that he laughed about and not one journalist cared about. Bolton is BUTT hurt.

  30. Right because if Trump was colluding with Russia he would want to open any investigation in Russia SMH he would just want all to go away. Biden is not cable of putting two words together, Trump knows Biden was never a threat.

  31. Tell me more about how "Good people don't smoke marijuana,"
    but there is nothing wrong with the President conducting a "drug deal" with Ukrainians?

  32. Mia Love, one of very few Republicans prepared to openly oppose Trump post 2016, did an interview on Australian TV this morning where she claimed that the Democrats have approached the impeachment in a way that will actually help Trump get re-elected. I guess its no surprise that she wants to see more Republicans consulted as part of the process but her contention was that as long as the US economy remains strong (contrary to some of the current figures for retail spending and GDP) Trump can continue to play the victim card and that's dangerous if the Democrats cant prove their case against him. She's not the first to suggest that the Dems might have been better simply letting Trump continue to shoot his mouth (and fingers…) off, but I guess we'll find out in a little over 12 months how accurate that is. Bring it on.

  33. Why don't you have any progressives like the TYT folk or David Doel? You don't speak for most folk, Democratic or Republican, who identify with the same things the TYT identify with. The majority opposition is absent in your reporting? Why is that? I know that you're owned by a big corporation, but I hope that you can still have some independence and do some actual real journalism. If not, sadly, I can only say get another job. Leave last century's news corps behind. They don't matter. They're just some real time entertainment network. There's nothing real there. (((hugs))) I expect a lot from you. In particular having Claire on makes you look like either you are fools or you are spokes people for the administration. Certainly she has nothing to do with journalism. She was corrupt as. Actually, more than corrupt as. Sadly, 3:34 I abandoned your little channel. If you have her on you are as corrupt as the Trump administration. I'm not wasting my time. You don't matter.

  34. Guiliani is clearly a traitor along with barr, pence, trump & pompeo, they need to re-open Alcatraz for these traitors, lests get a campaign going…talk about selling your country for profit..SDNY Hurry

  35. The only person who benefits from conspiracy theories is Putin? Ya don’t say… keep following the money. Trump’s Putin mouthpiece, but he’s not alone; trump supporters have played their part willingly, giving rein to the “Illuminati” and global pedophiles they claim to hate so much. DC is the toilet of putin and trump, and it only took a despot elected by deplorables to bring America down to Alex Jones levels. Wheeeeeeee 🙃

  36. Thank God for strong women, just the kind of people Donald Trump hates are the people that have not buckled and have the courage and character to stand against his criminality.
    Furthermore Bolton the hawk which most reasonable people feared where he would take things could not stand anymore and acted against the President. This says everything.

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