The ULTIMATE guide to boys & relationships

those feelings welcome back to today's video I am here with my boyfriend Alan once again not surprised and today I thought it would be really fun to do a boy advice but with my boyfriend he actually probably won't be any help but we'll see I'm just gonna try to give you good advice if you take our advice if something goes wrong it's not our fault subscribe if you knew my social moves down below and I have a really big surprise and that I've been working on all summer coming out and August so stay tuned so you can see what is happening I also have a giveaway coming soon at the end of this week on my Instagram as well as here on YouTube so keep watching and turn those notifications on let's go to get started would you guys ask me questions I crapped your names out of these so I wouldn't be exposing you but here we go I've been a boy that wants to be with you and be a best friend so in my opinion one of the ways that you're gonna know that he is the one is if he really is your best friend because if he's not your best friend you're gonna have a really boring relationship and you're gonna have a really boring life if you guys end up getting married so it's kind of all about finding someone that you can be really good best friends with first and then you start dating alright disclaimer on this for a while you might be in the friend zone and the person might not be ready to move on I agree with that because if you just like really like someone and then start dating polar opposites but it's like if you guys really good friends then you know you're close yeah so be friends and then start dating and you're good so this question kind of goes along with it but I had a lot of long-distance questions this one says is it worth being long-distance friends first I'd say yes if you want to start dating you should always start by being friends it's better to be long-distance friends because long-distance relationships are very strength strenuous because it's like you don't you want to know every move the person is making so it's like are you are you talking to some guy but yeah just being friends makes it so much easier this is a big one how to know if a guy is just playing you slicing using for your body let me tell ya 90% of those boys that you meet that are flirting with you I'm probably just using you so how do you tell the difference between someone who actually cares and someone who just wants you someone who actually cares is definitely willing to put in a lot more work so you could kind of maybe like test it tell them oh I can't see you for like a week and if they last a whole week then they probably actually like you don't ever fall into their like traps who don't ever go over if they're home alone don't invite them over if you're home alone don't ever like put them in the position to be able to use you and if they stick through all of that then they're not trying to I mean that's that's pretty good how to know yeah I like said said just punish them yes really that's what it comes down to that's the easiest way to figure it out and ladies nice nice guys always finish last so stop forgetting about them nice guys are boots it down is a Jewish guy measure and look at us we're thriving don't go out there all of those playboys go out to the nice guy this is one that I actually used to struggle with all the time it's how to not be insecure when you're around them a lot of girls struggled to be confident around boys and I totally get that because that was definitely me like they getting a high school and my best advice is to literally not go for dating because you don't really need to date while you're in high school and stuff just get comfortable with them become friends with boys try to just talk to them like you would with any of your other friends just don't like just pretend like they're your sister or brother or something like just whenever you're around friends and stuff I don't know don't think of anyone over anyone else like with popularity I'll be like oh I can't talk to him he's really cool yeah I'm like I always kind of struggle if I wanted to hang out with a really hot boy whether I wanted to date them or just be friends with them I struggle to be confident around them because they're so attractive no one is above anyone we're all humans and we're all equal so the more you think of yourself as the same then the less insecure you're gonna be this one I thought was really good to add and it's how do I know if I'm in love with my boyfriend he tells me he loves me but I don't know how I feel about him yet well I've noticed is if I like means that I've had breaks and stuff and whatnot and in those breaks is when I realize I neither biker don't obviously I fell on I like her but it's like I love her sorry but in those moments you really realize if your life is better with them or without that yeah and it doesn't have to be like a break or a breakup you can like literally go on vacation for a week and be like do I really benefit from them being in my life are they good for me when you love someone it's a feeling but it's also in action are they going the extra mile to make me feel loved are they doing everything that I want but those actions are really what makes a big difference between like this guy and that guy like which one really puts in the effort and makes you feel special you always want to be with someone who makes you feel like so special and loved and different from every other girl this one is I need advice for my first kiss with my first boyfriend my advice is to just relax it's not as scary as you think to kiss a boy it's so much more chill than you would think like it's over your first kiss is gonna be over in like one second so just be excited about it wait for the right moment this one I thought was good so how do you ask them to a movie sometime or on a date in general because ladies you are allowed to ask a guy on a date you don't have to wait for them like if you want to hang out with a guy you fight them over my advice is to be confident be willing to accept that it might be a no you might not want to go on a date with you and that's okay I'd say come up with that plan before you can ask him and then just shoot him a text to ask him in person whatever it is just be confident and everything's good to go go for it no can definitely be an answer but it's like you will never know what he would have said I know everyone says this but once you're out of high school you realize how much those like little relationships or anything like they we make them a big deal but they didn't have to be a big deal you totally could have just gone up to that that guy or girl and just been like hey you wanna go do something later I don't know if he's just being nice because of the atmosphere you're both in or if it's something more my advice is to well one if it's the atmosphere take him out of the atmosphere if you can like ask him on a date or just ask him out as a friend bring him somewhere with a group of friends and she feels different or if you're feeling extra confident I'd say try to flirt with him and see what happens I think the worst that happens is just like oh I'm not interested and then you just stay friends or the best that's happened is like I'm interested and then you're more than friends so there's really like no-lose situation like you can stay friends forever or you can see if there's something more but start a conversation over text with your crush I haven't texting a boy and so long because we've been dating for a long time and we like never text each other but my advice would be is to figure out what they're interested in and ask some questions about that it's like if they play sport ask them like when the game is there like who their favorite player is but don't pretend like you know what they're talking about if you don't definitely still be yourself but talk about what they're interested in so they actually reply but your way in with little things like that like when's the football game what was the homework assignment tonight if you're in the same class but yeah just asking little things just to you know get the conversation going everything is way easier than you think everyone just stresses a little bit about it because it's relationships and it's scary and you want it to work out and the truth is that it doesn't always work out so there's no point in being insecure or hiding just just tell them how you feel just ask them on that day just text them first like whatever it is what's the worst that could happen they'd say no okay and then you're still just in the friend zone how to tell if a boy likes you back I think there's a bunch of different ways like boys are always gonna be expressing it different but from my experience they're flirting that are asking you on dates they treat you different than they treat their other friends for their girls they are always inviting you to things and if you're not sure the best thing you could do is either ask or flirt with them and see what happens if you take a step back and look at the situation I feel like it's not pretty obvious but you'll be able to tell if he's treating you different not also if you can ask his friends or ask your friends to maybe watch and see what they think ultimately communication like I said is key even though it's really scary just ask him lastly I got this one who lost there's no screenshot but it's also very important talking about boys how to get over a crash how to get a breakup all of that and my answer is stay busy stay busy focus on yourself and prove yourself pick up something new find your passions like you need to make your life all about like you and your best friends stop stalking in instead of like blocking or and falling you could just go to the settings and do any kind alerts yeah because you do it that way you don't one follow them and they don't see that it's just like you don't ever want to burn bridges with someone because you never know what's gonna happen if you're trying to get over someone stop putting yourself in that position to get hurt get over them as fast as possible take a few days or whatever to grieve be sad obviously your feelings are hurt but then you have to move on moving on is so many different ways whether it's reading books writing drawing making videos going to work surrounding yourself with friends and family there are so many different things that you can do is to just find something that can distract you and distract yourself until you're finally over it minecraft that is pretty much all the questions that we are going to be answering if you guys have more boy advice or you have advice that you want to give all the people watching this comment down below and read through those comments and I'll be replying so I'm excited to see if this helped some of you guys if you're in updating someone because of this or getting over a breakup and let me know because that would be awesome hopefully this was actually informing and not destructive and comment down below if you like my haircut oh I like it it looks so good thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed if you did please hit that subscribe button it would mean a lot to me and I will see you guys in the next one bye best boy boys just get a cat

42 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE guide to boys & relationships

  1. Thanks for watching!! few thinks to add based on comments: 1. Group dates!! ask your crush on a group date or just hangout with friends in a fun setting it’s way less stressfull!
    2. you don’t HAVE to be friends before dating if you know you know but if you are not sure then try out being friends (:

  2. When your bf comes out of the closet will you please do a reaction video. That would be cool, thanks!

  3. I know it is something you dont wanna do, but didnt you want your natural hair back? (If i remember correctly lol) but cut your hair like to under your chest and itll grow, and keep doing that each time it grows out, ive done it a few times and its worked then after take hair vitamins and itll help it grow even faster!❤ LOVE YOUUUU

  4. Bro this guy and I just started being a thing after like four years off and on crush. But we're best friends and this really putted me at ease. Thanks y'all.

  5. Love the hair cut also my question is that I went on a date with a guy and he said he’s trying to make sure of his feeling for me but doesn’t really know how he feels but we only talk a little now and when we do he’s a little flirty

  6. Lmao. I started talking to someone and we did some stuff.😂I kind of regret it but I also don’t. Idk why I kept talking to him after he was an asshole the first time but I did. How do I get over him because I’ve actually never felt this way towards a boy EVER. Like I’ve liked a guy but never as much as I like CT(his initials)

  7. STOP LISTENING TO SAD MUSIC IF YOU ARE TRYNA GET OVER PEOPLE. I did this for WAY to long. But then you just gotta get out of your feels and listen to some GOOD hype music and TRUST ME it helps a lot.

  8. i’m not completely over my crush/ bestfriend/ boyfriend from 7 months ago. what should i do???💖💖

  9. thanks so much for this vid syd it couldnt have come at a better time i have a huge crush on a girl and now ive watched this i think i know how to ask her out 😁😁😁
    its great how the advice in this video applies to boys keep up the good work syd ❤️❤️

  10. I’m having a difficult time with this one boy. He’s really shy but he’s a good guy. He’s nice and everything but some of his friends are obnoxious and are around him all the time basically. I need advice on how I should get him out of his shell around me and be able to talk to me. (Also pleaseeeeeeee make a part 2 to this video!)

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