The Trudeau Failures of Foreign Policy and Democracy Abroad

in 2015 Justin Trudeau promised to lead
Canada into a new era of international engagement.
He said his foreign policies would focus on improving Canada’s commitment to
multilateralism, human rights, the rule of law, and effective diplomacy.
Unfortunately after four years of failed Liberal policies, clearly Mr. Trudeau has
failed Canadians on the foreign stage. When it comes to foreign policy, the
Liberal government has fumbled every step of the way. They have conducted
foreign affairs with a focus on “style over substance”. the Prime Minister’s
disastrous trip to India, the concessions made in the new NAFTA, and his
government’s inability to bring home to Canadians arbitrarily detained in China
have all damaged Canada’s reputation on the world stage – and our relationship
with trade partners. Canada used to be a global leader and champion of democracy
but the Trudeau Liberals halted almost all funding for election observation
missions in 2016. As a result, Canada was absent for several elections around the
world, which were later deemed undemocratic. Rather than following
proven approaches to diplomacy, Justin Trudeau has chosen to rely on social
media – and that has hurt Canada. When Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia
Freeland and other Canadian officials irresponsibly tweeted about civil
society and the imprisonment of women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia, the
country responded by freezing all of its investment in Canada, and expelling our
ambassador. As a result, Canada was left with zero ability to influence Saudi
Arabia on human rights following the arrest of one of Huawei’s top
executives on charges of fraud involving the violation of sanctions with Iran, the
Liberals have allowed for Canada’s relationship with China to reach an
all-time low. In retaliation, China has arbitrarily and illegally detained
Canadian diplomats Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor. For months, these Canadians
have been denied access to legal counsel and communication with their families,
and have been subjected to round-the-clock surveillance in the many
months since Kovrig and Spavor were detained we have seen little
no action by the Trudeau government to bring them home. As well, our trading
relationship with China has collapsed. The Chinese government has shut down the imports of Canadian meat, canola seed, and soy products, resulting in billions of
dollars of lost revenue. If the Chinese government – if any government – is willing to hold our citizens and our exports hostage, we must be prepared to take a
courageous stand. Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have failed to do so.
Justin Trudeau has failed to deliver the new era in Canadian international
engagement that he promised. Canada’s inaction and lack of strategy
when it comes to major players such as China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia has
allowed these countries to expand their spheres of influence around the globe,
leaving Canada in the dust. And make no mistake: others are watching. After four
years of empty sound bites and selfies, we need a government who will take
Canada’s foreign policy seriously. The fact is, being a good ally and
contributor on the world stage requires more than just talk – and strength and
confidence are respected. Unlike the Liberals my Conservative
colleagues and I know how important it is to stand up not only for democracy
and human rights abroad, but for our country itself. It is time to renew
Canada’s reputation globally, promote the values for which we stand, and assert our
sovereignty as a nation once more.

17 thoughts on “The Trudeau Failures of Foreign Policy and Democracy Abroad

  1. He has also wasted billions of our tax dollars on useless projects outside of Canada. The liberals cannot account for positive results from this spending because there are none. Ms. Freland singlehandedly destroyed our relationship with our closest ally, the USA

  2. Will Canadians vote again for a pair of socks ?
    He sucks canadian identity. diplomacy, integrity, free speech and money !!!

  3. Trudeau and the Liberals think that running a country is child's play. It is not. His strategies might go over well in a kindergarten class but not in the real world.

  4. Trudeau must go . He is in no way qualified to run a country . Vote out the criminal liberal party .Trudeau granted this to China : 42 billion in construction projects to China. Surf that and think

  5. Thank you Stephanie, you are my MP and I will be saving this video. When you are elected next month I for one will be expecting all the points you mentioned here to be delivered on. As a Canadian and as a voter, I am sick of the lip service that we have been given, the downright lies that have been told to us. The window of opportunity for Canada to get back on an even keel is small and closing. The people of Canada better start asking the difficult questions and get prepared to do some heavy lifting if we want to put this train back on the tracks.


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