The sub hunters: guarding against undersea threats

Submarines have the ability to launch missiles that
can threaten critical infrastructures and our nations. Submarines are inherently stealthy. You can’t see them when they’re submerged. So how are you going to find a submarine? One of the primary ways
we do this is with acoustics, and so we are listening for
submarines under water. This is very difficult because submarines
are extremely quiet, and this is a very slow process that requires intense concentration. So when we are looking for a submarine, it’s
like looking for a needle in a haystack. So the first thing to do is use, for example,
a maritime patrol aircraft with its radar, so when a submarine is surfacing, we directly
detect it. The advantage of a maritime patrol aircraft
during anti-submarine warfare is, we have the capability to react very quickly. We can deploy sensors in just a short time
to focus on high-speed subs or on low-speed subs more
proactive than a frigate does it. Strategically, it’s very important for
NATO that we have the ability to neutralise any threats from below the sea.

6 thoughts on “The sub hunters: guarding against undersea threats

  1. And, did they reach their target and found the sub? Or did the sub play cat and mouse with all other vessels and airplanes?

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