The Struggle for Survival of the Roma People: Europe’s Most Hated

The results of the recent European election confirmed a distinct shift to the right, with Austria, Denmark, France and the UK all electing parties with anti-immigration policies. “-We have won a national election in this country.” One of the latest waves of migrants taking the heat for right-wing scaremongering across Western Europe are Romanians and Roma gypsies. “-but I would also point out you’re in denial over Romania and Bulgaria.” “Those countries are wracked with corruption and organized crime.” “We in UKIP do not believe it’s right and fair” ” for unlimited numbers of people from those countries to come to Britain to work,” “but also if they want to claim benefits. We don’t want those people coming into our country.” Since the lifting of EU border restrictions on people from Romania earlier this year, The media has been full of scare stories suggesting that Roma are headed for wealthy European countries like the UK, hell-bent on beg-borrowing and stealing their way around Fortress Europe. “The negative image of Roma has been around for centuries.” “We fear the Roma because they’re different, because they threatened to question what our rules are,” “they’re seen as lawless and ruthless.” As the law change loomed, Roma communities all over Britain were suddenly finding themselves under scrutiny. “I’m on my way to an area of Sheffield called Page Hall, which has been at the center of media storm.” “Apparently there are racial tensions in the area and the Roma community there are getting a flat for it.” Originally descended from India, as a people, Roma have never had a country of their own, and to this day injure systematic persecution by European regimes. Page Hall is home to 3,000 Roma originally from Slovakia, who, until recently, had been minding their own business. But when former senior British government minister David Blunkett made some comments about racial tensions in the area, The media reported that if the Roma didn’t change their behavior, there’d be riots. The anti-Roma rhetoric favored by the British tabloids has been feeding off stories such as Colin’s, a local chip shop owner who made a lurid claim about some of his Roma neighbours. His story was picked up by papers and TV across the country. “What do you say, maybe to the media, who would describe your attitude to the Roma as racist?” “Do you know much about where they came from?” “I don’t think we should let them in. We all pay taxes,” “and we pay into the system. These Slovakians and Romanians are already here,” “If they’re taking out of the system and are not putting anything back in -” “when they first came over, they used to knock on the doors and ask if you wanted your gardening done” “and they did do a good job. But the same night,” “they came back and pinched all my shovels and my tools.” “So it feels like what was once a White working-class area,” “then some generations ago became a South Asian working-class area,” “is now just going through another societal change.” “The arrival of the Roma is causing problems stemming from people who aren’t ready for change.” “Calling on Roma to change their culture and change their behavior,” “now we don’t do that in relation to any other ethnic group, that would be completely unacceptable,” “and the Roma are considered fair game because they are the weakest in society,” “and because we have a history depicting the Roma, in a way, as outsiders, as a threat to the community,” “and often as a threat to themselves.” “They’re issues of perception.” “They’re not problems that are caused by the Roma.” “The Roma are not a threat, not to themselves, not to others.” “The threat is the prejudice that exists against Roma.” I was invited into the home of a Slovakian Roma who’d moved to the UK with his family to escape discrimination. Page Hall wasn’t exactly prime real estate, but I’d heard it was a far cry from life in Slovakia. “Can you tell me about why you moved from Slovakia?” “How are you managing to support your family?” “Is there anything that you miss about Slovakia?” How terrible can life be for Roma in Eastern Europe, that some of them have already chosen to come and sleep rough in London, and migrate to the UK’s rundown inner cities? “Roma have a very difficult history in Romania:” “the Romani population was enslaved as late as the second half of the 19th century,” “and the marginalization and discrimination of Roma continues.” We’d heard about a growing trend of forced evictions of long-established Roma communities across Romania. There’d been a new eviction case in the black sea town of Eforie. After a 6-day notice, authorities removed 100 people from homes they’ve been living in for 30 years, demolished them, and left the families to fend for themselves on an open wasteland. Amnesty international have called it a violation of human Rights. I met up with an English-speaking Roma called Elvis, who agreed to take me to a derelict high school where half of the evicted community have been told to go by the mayor. “How many people are living in here?” “And how many people per family?” “Something fell off the ceiling on the baby?” “Did they say you can come here?” “What’s this?” “How can the Mayor claim that these are fake?” They’ve got a newborn baby in there. When they say ‘we feel that we’re treated like dogs,’ I can see that. “and I’m really sad.” Elvis took us to the address the woman had showed me. One family remained. They couldn’t bear to leave the land they’d inhabited for 30 years. So they built a makeshift shack where their old house used to be. “What’s to stop the mayor tearing this house down?” “What about the inheritance papers they were showing us, and the ID’s that were registered to that address?” The mayor then showed me his dossier that built a broader case against the Roma, which boiled down to illegal rubbish dumping, and unlicensed food selling on the beach. These low-level crimes seem to have no connection to the Roma’s legal right to live on the land, and the mayor’s arguments seem to contradict themselves. One one hand, he says the Roma should go home to the addresses on their ID cards, but then he also says the ID cards are worthless but then he also says the ID cards are worthless. To find out more, he headed to Romani CRISS, an organization dedicated to defending the rights of Roma. “It’s not only the Roma who are in this situation, but it’s always the Roma who get demolished,” “because if this so-called ‘law’ would be applied to to the others,” “probably half the constructions in Romania would have to be demolished.” “The land in Romania is not being probably registered, and that’s the fault of the state,” “so the State said, ‘We’re going to issue ID’s for people who lived there for many years’,” “these people have lived in those localities since before World War II.” “How much time you want to pass before you are considered a resident of that, of that town?” But it’s not all doom and gloom, the mayor has come up with a low-cost alternative to the community’s post eviction housing needs. He’s providing them with four walls and a roof on a spacious plot of land. “And this is for one family to live in?” “All together, the parents and the children?” “Yeah.” “It’s better than what they have before but it’s definitely not great.” “What do you think of this, is this going to be your new home?” What’s worse is this is not an isolated case. Evictions like these are happening to Roma all across Romania. “What have you heard about these containers?” To add insult to injury, plans are afoot at a national level to enshrine Roma marginalization in law. “So I’ve come here, to the corridors of power, to meet a Member of Parliament called Mircea Dolha,” “who is trying to make a questionable amendment to the Constitution,” which will state that ethnic Roma can no longer call themselves Roma,” “because apparently it’s confusing Europe, who are assuming that all Roma are Romanian.” “Why are you proposing this amendment to the Constitution?” From the Parliament to the streets, there was widespread hostility towards the Roma. It turned out Elvis had already been to the UK and hadn’t had the best experience. “So Elvis how long have you lived here?” Elvis was arrested, but with the help of human trafficking NGO, he was able to return to Romania. Faced with eviction and marginalization at home, it’s hardly surprising that, given the opportunity, Roma would want to try living in the UK. For Elvis, the EU law change couldn’t have come any sooner. He can’t wait to pursue an official route to the UK to start a new life with his new wife. “A lot of the people in UK, they worry that Roma don’t want to work,” And they’re just going to come to the uk to take advantage of the welfare state any of that true. [I] will answer very “What have you got in your jacket?” “It’s so cute!” My time with the Eforie Roma was nearly up. Before we left, they wanted to show me how they scrape a living. They pick scrap metal from rubbish dumps to sell for pittance, but this practice is illegal, meaning that one of the few things helping them survive is the same thing reinforcing their bad reputation. “Do you like doing this?” Having spent time with these Roma in Romania, it was clear to me that while moving to the UK would undoubtedly provide anyone the opportunity to live beyond a life of poverty, unfortunately for the people I met, who have no access to basic health care, education, employment, or even food, whilst they may dream of a better life in the UK and many Brits might fear their arrival, it seems highly unlikely they have much chance of getting there.

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  1. Open
    Write by copy/paste : criminali tigani
    And select images.
    You show CRIMINAL Gyspsies. And is a lot!

  2. At the work of the Gypsies! He did not take it! No one is obliged to give you houses. Are you marginalized? Yes? You have places reserved at Universities, you have social help but you prefer to steal!

  3. No one is trying to make their country to be a better place.. They just running from one country to another 4 better life..& relying on others…

  4. "How can i be raciest, my wife is from Sri Lanka", Those kind of quotes come from the exact kind of people that are raciest. The mentality of believing you are superior over another race has nothing to do with who your married to or who you are friends with.

  5. I have to admit, I thought Roma were from Romania. I guess they are a minority in Romania only consisting of 3% of the population.

  6. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma, (Russian Parliament), and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia:

    "In Russia live Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that's the state law. Russia does not need minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, nor try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell 'discrimination'. We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of most minorities. When this honourable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the national interest first, observing that the minorities are not Russians."

  7. 11:00 this guy is talking so much crap it's unbelievable how mentally retarded he is, while 90% of romas build illegally and every romanian that has built illegally had his house tear apart or sold to auction. So much crap from this man, supporting the romas filthy lifestyle.

  8. Yes, they are most hated, allways. No wonder! BUT…Survival??? No! They multiplying, not selten is not sure who is the father! Her Father? Brother? First Cousin? Average IQ arround 60 max. 🤮🤮🤮💩💩💩

  9. 6:49 this area is called ferentari its in bucharest. I was there last year and a friend explained to me how the gipsys there live. Before 15 years those houses werevrenovated but this people make everything dirty and broke. They have no respect from nothing. They sell the electric cables from the houses… the children dont go to school and they never work. Just stealing and prostitution. There are also the 2 villas of the bosses in this area by the way

  10. Everyone comment wisecracking here should live in a house where suddenly thanks to Merckel lots of Roma move in!!! They said it into the camera that they want welfare a car a house etc. "Like to integrate/work "🤣
    Its sad. But a fact! For them every Non- roma is no human. They even have a Word for us meaning that.
    Nothing to eat but 14 kids. Which they have no qualms of selling.
    I know it sounds harsh but is sadly so true 🙁

  11. here in bulgaria they sell their kids as prostitutes, who the hell would not hate scum like that. I don't even see them as human in my eyes .

  12. Every nation on Earth has its own family members who are bent to be lawless, to rebellion. Some grow up rich, working class, and poor. The ones who became rich has the tendencies to manipulate the working class and the working class takes it out on the poor. The poor then riots to demonstrate to everyone you all suck for picking on us. The decent members of the population meanwhile mediates for everyone.

  13. My heart broke when that little boy, Dennis, spoke. I wish I could do something to help his family and him.

  14. They’re not all bad people, my coworker is a gypsy and he’s actually a really hardworking man working to put food on the table for his family and a roof above their head

  15. Wow this video tries to be sympathetic but instead really highlights all the problems with the Roma and the need to significantly restrict their immigration. Good job Vice.

  16. So, communism was not that bad about human rights if the Roma were able to survive as as a people. Just a thought.

  17. Please make a video about the survival of the non romas while the romas are close to them 🙂 Ask any Romanian, Hungarian, Polish…etc

  18. My grandfather is roma his family is from eastern europe who came to the uk in ww2, his mother my great grand mother was supposedly the cleanist most hard working lady who im told earnt her living by scrubbing on washing boards all day long, im also told she would scrub her house every day! My grandfather is now an 85 year old successfull buisness man who still to this day is up at 5 to go to work!!! But as much as there is good in my grandfathers people unfortanitly i also see a lot of bad now in this country

  19. Will people stop with the "racism" crap? If what these people are saying is true, IT'S BECOMES A FACT. If you don't like what you hear, blame the people who are doing wrong. In this case, it's the gypsies who steal and cheat. Take your anger out on them. PROBLEM SOLVED. You can't blame people for being pissed because they are ripped off. It's almost like you fucking liberal idiots don't want anyone even bringing up theft if it's a minority doing the stealing. THAT'S BULLSHIT. POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS A THING OF THE PAST. STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN AND DON'T BE AFRAID TO POINT OUT ANYONE WHO DOES YOU WRONG, REGARDLESS OF WHO THEY ARE. Don't let the liberals and their media fool you. They are morons…

  20. Don't limit your challenges,
    Challenge your Limits!
    Sending Peace, Love & Good Vibes,
    Kayla ✌

  21. The mayor of the town blames the discrimination against the Roma on the victims! This is horrible, their government don't even care about the children that are homeless.

  22. We had quite a few Roma moved in to the local area where I live in London, using rented housing paid for by social services. The local council was unaware until a few complaints started to trickle their way. Surprisingly, they were moved out fairly quickly after that.

  23. gypsies are thieving scum. If they’re such nice people, why don’t you guys import them into your neighborhoods so they can smash your windows instead?

  24. Very sad to see as I am a gypsy myself. Fortunately I am from America and I am completely different.they could have change their lifestyle hundreds of years ago but chose to live the way they do they could have gotten jobs and become something but stealing and robbing seem like the best thing to do and easiest they’re very lazy and always seem to take the easy way out it’s really sad that Roma never changed and never will.

  25. pourquoi avoir 8/8 children for zero money is hard life no ? is difficult life style /1/2 children is easy life style for romspeapole ?

  26. Roma are dirty, uneducated, Analphabets, and a curse for every community, sry thats the truth they are Parasites!!!!

  27. Nobody hates them for their identity. Rather it is for their actions. So no racism here. If they stop thieving, begging, being generally anti social, shouting all the time, actually getting educated and working. we would all like them

  28. Those filthy rich people should build a place for them to live and a factory to work.
    There is a huge problem in EU with rubbish recycling (and the rest of the world).
    Let them sort out the rubbish and earn a small living.

  29. The Roma are not a threat? They lie, cheat and have allegiance only to themselves, the Roma community. They do not give or work. They take and milk the system.

  30. aku kira di eropa kehidupan sangat sejahtera..ternyata tidak semua..banyak yang tidak mempunyai rumah,dan pekerjaan. Itulah mengapa kita harus tolong menolong..

    I'm sorry i can't speak english

  31. Lol 😂 see the look on his wife's face.
    Gypsys been stealing eating an selling children for hundreds of years . Stop acting like you're above it you adopt, pay for and donate baby's all the time. You people the biggest hypocrites out there.

  32. What a disgrace these countries of eastern Europe are for the world. Shameful crime that they are doing but we are worried about terrorist

  33. Who is he to tell us how to spend our money .If I want to buy food from someone trying to make a dollar on the beach then I will.

  34. I am heart broken. So many problems, frustrations, unhappiness and needless sufferings. Jesus help us!

    World Bible School

  35. A poor modern illiterate indian immigrant to a prosperous country with equal rights produces lawyers and doctors within one generation. This example sadly did not apply to the Indians who migrated around 500 AD to Europe . The Roma were tortured, hunted down for kills with some countries ordering death squads to get rid of them, sold as slaves even in the nineteenth century , and worse . Then there was the Hitler genocides . After enough time of being the reviled outsiders without access to education jobs etc they lived lives at the bottom and made money how they could. U can c how their illegal acts would be enlarged by the locals how they would be named and all judged the same all the while never getting opportunities. Eventually their whole sense of self , their lifestyle would represent what it was called and made. Their music is the saddest most haunting I have heard like their history.

  36. Meanwhile all southern slavic ppl KNOW they sell and kidnap children! They use them as a type of slave in begging organizations and YES THERE IS SOME SEXUAL THINGS INVOLVED! i grew up with the saying, if you dont behave well sell you to the gypsies. Or watch out or the gypsies will steal you.
    It is not all of them but it is a dark part of these ppl. Great music tho. You could say they are the r.kelly or michael jackson of ethnic groups.

  37. Well said Nigel we definitely don’t want these thieves here , they’re a walking crime wave that do not contribute at all .

  38. ‘Tuva-n gura de jeguri si muisti, ca cica numai bulgari si romanii vin in Anglia, ati uitat in pula mea si de somalezi, sau de aia din Cehia, noi venim sa lucram, daca altii sunt prosti si ne strica imaginea nu inseamna ca toti suntem la fel.

  39. Roma ia not coming from Romania, also we are not all the same, we came across those lands to work, not to make crimes, if others do that, that doesn’t mean we are all the same, also in England are not just people from Romania and Bulgaria, did you just forget that you also have people from Czech and Somalia?.
    We are not going just in your country, also we go in Spain, Italy, Germany, neetherlands. And i think this is all, but we are not going to every single country in Europe, and we both are not the only one that migrates did you jusr forget about: Syria, Iraq, Arabia, Afghanistan, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Pakistan, India, TURKEY, Czech, and many others, why you discriminate me as a romanian and my neighbour Bulgaria ?. There are so many people out there, not just from Bulgaria and Romania, so please, think about it after opening your shitty mouth.

  40. Hahaha leave it to Vice to glaze over the part where some piece of shit tried to sell the guy a baby. Dumb shits, people don’t like other people who steal, rob and generally make a nuisance of them selves every minute of every day, it doesn’t matter what colour they are!!! Good job feeding your agenda rather than telling the story. What a joke, some people are trash by choice Vice, that’s not racist that’s reality.

  41. What the hell is this left wing propaganda. Make a doco about the crime, scams, theft and everything else the Roma people are responsible in Europe. Anyone reading this comment type “Europe scams” into YouTube and 90% of the videos that come up will be of Romani people.

  42. yeah I don't want to be rude but these are low caste people from India. They have historically been treated as untouchables and lived on the fringes of society and continue to do so….

    I wish these people improve and contribute to society in a meaningful way. If not, least they can do is stop the thieving, begging etc. Horrible piece btw….unbelievably biased….

  43. the last time roma came it was a bunch of proto-italians with culture now its just a shitload of inmigrants boy has the world changed in 20 centuries

  44. First thing what they need to do is so start cleaning up around them How hard is to pick up some trash.
    Gypsies in my country are associated with garbage, poor living and narcotics.
    If they clean up some trash around them they will be more welcome there they go.

  45. If being a racist is the only way to hold on to your culture through the great welfare migration then so be it
    Gypsies have taken bulgaria and turned it to ruins, i cant blame the brits for not wanting them mingling with their wives and children

  46. Vice frames them as racists,
    veiwers start to question the negative connotation connected to racism
    Good job vice
    Read your comments xD

  47. to all you judge frollo's in the comments: ever since the roma came from India to europe, they have been shunned from land ownership and work based on their skin tone. Their survival depended on doing what had to be done and traveling. It's literally been about a thousand years of that, of course their culture is centered the way it is. It has to be a team effort to assimilate them into modern law and practice.

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