The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Baton Rouge: Community Partner – 2018 Hall of Distinction

*music* St. Vincent de Paul is awesome, basically
because I feel like I grew there as a person, as a social worker, as someone
that’s gonna be in this profession probably my whole life. Working with the
women there it was definitely like challenging but challenging in a good
way. You know? You’re working with a different population you don’t work with,
or see, or walk with every day. I worked at the day center and so that’s
where the women came when they left the shelter they came there to work on
resources or work on getting jobs they were fed it was just like a Resource
Center for them to get back on their feet. A lot of women obviously want housing no one wants to be at St. Vincent de Paul for
long, of course, that’s not something anyone really aspires to do. So we would try to
get make sure that they have all the needed required documents to have it. I
mean obviously they’re they don’t have home so they don’t have somewhere to go
and so they can come there and be safe and while they’re there we’re able to
help them find resources and just kind of give them a day shelter. What helped
me be able to work with these women and children was my relationship with the
staff and of course like our supervisor Joe. He was amazing. Supervision with Joe is like the best supervision you will ever get probably.
Because he just lets you talk and be yourself and be open and I took
advantage of it because Joe is awesome and so to learn from him is like… It’s a
treat. He puts you out there because he thinks is better for you to experience
and learn that way and I definitely appreciate that because that’s how I
learned I’m a do-er I’m a action person. It’s a great place because women are
able to come there and maybe just take a breath and even
when they get to take a breath… they may feel like, “When is this going to end or
give better,” but for a second I tried my best to make the women feel okay. If
you’re coming in to St. Vincent de Paul and you’re a new intern and you may be a
little scared, what I have to tell you is to not be afraid and I say that because
as soon as you walk in you will see the challenges. You will see the women who
have gone through A, B, C, D and you’re the one that they’re looking to you to
help them. So don’t be afraid to step out there. Don’t be afraid to build
relationships with these women because you’ll see they have feelings and
emotions and they care and their children are lovely and so just make
sure that you put yourself out there for them to trust you because trust is
something that they’re lacking in people and when you build that with them you’ll
see that you’ll be able to make an impact on their life just as much as
they’ll make an impact on yours. *music_

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