The Society Cast Tries Snacks from Australia & the US | Netflix

– Gonna put them in our mouths, we’re gonna see how we feel about them. – This is genuinely disgusting. – [Alex] Hello. – [Natasha] Is it action? – Is it going? Hey, guys.
– This is the cast of Society. – Hi! – It’s Australia, verse America. Round one, Vegemite in a tube? This is rigged! – I don’t even wanna know what that is. – Vegemite versus Fluff. – Fabulous Fluff. What’s in this? – It’s yeast, it’s very good. – Don’t, don’t look at the ingredients. – It stinks. – Vitamin B12. Hold it. (chuckling) This is genuinely disgusting. – That’s a taste of Australia for you. – Now we do. – No, no, no, no, use a different. Oh! Dude, why? – I’m gonna go with Vegemite. – Are you kidding me? – Vegemite wins! – Sorry, guys. – Round two, Tiny– – Tiny Teddies! – Yo, yo, yo.
– They’re tiny teddy bears. – They’re the cutest things! – Yo, pause. Normally, these are
going on camping trips, because you’re mixing
them with marshmallows and Hershey’s chocolate. (laughing) These are what you put on them! – OK, c’mon, bring it on. – Oh, yeah. – This is a tragedy
right here, look at that. Doesn’t that look edible, no. – What do you vote for? – OK, the Teddies, yeah the Teddies. – There we go. – [Alex] Shapes verse Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. – Shapes versus Cheetos. These are just part of your lunchbox, growing up, going to school. – Oh, there’s the bacon one
as well, the cheese and bacon. – Oh, yeah. – That was wild.
– Yeah, it’s pretty good. – They taste like a… – It’s just a biscuit, really, right? – Like a Ritz green onion cracker. Ya know what I’m talkin’ about? – No.
– No. – American thing. – Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Yeah, these are great. I think these win. – I love Hot Cheetos so much. – I like the Shapes
better, ’cause I don’t like anything spicy, so sorry! – Well, you lose, because two against one! – Oh, why do you want him to win? – It’s not about that. – [Natasha] Snickers versus Freddos. – The Freddos, for the uneducated, are just a chocolate frog. Go on, then. You just ate the head. It’s just chocolate, in
the shape of something. – I don’t feel very strong
about defending this. – I think the Snickers are gonna win. – Shit! – I’m gonna try for America, though. – Actually, we have Snickers. – For those of you
watching in Australia… – We have Snickers! – Snickers are– – We’re not that far away! – They’re amazing. – Fantastic, Snickers. – Oh! – We’re onto the next round. – Cool ranch Doritos or
Shapes original barbecue? – Oh, `man. The barbecue now. – [Alex] That brings back memories. – [Natasha] Now we’re talking. – Oh, that’s good. – Yeah, this is the shit! – Can we say that, yeah this is the shit! All right, that wins, done. Next up we’re going to
do a lightning round, we’re gonna put them in
our mouths, we’re gonna see how we feel about them, then we’re gonna rate them one to four. Fritos. – Three. – Two. – Two, yeah. – Next.
– Tim Tams. – Can’t get the taste of
Vegemite out of my mouth. – Tim Tams are God’s gift to us. – Oh, four. – [Natasha] It’s a four. – Four, easy.
– Definitely a four. Oh, my God! Beef Jerky is after Tim Tams. Cheers.
– Cheers. – I’m gonna go with a two, honestly. – I’m gonna give it a… We’ve got flakes after Jerky. – I’ve honestly never heard of flakes. – I don’t know how. – That’s really good! I’m gonna give it a three. – I’m gonna give it a four. – I’m gonna give it a three. – Hershey bar, all right. – Delicious, cheers, cheers, co-hosts. All right. – It’s actually a lot
blander than the flake. – Dude, staple milk chocolate,
I’m gonna give it a four. – Bias much. – This chocolate needs to win. – Someone’s childhood is weighing in here. – Yeah. – I don’t want to be harsh. – I’d give it probably a two. – 1.7. Netflix, were you keeping count? I think Australia wins. – That’s just cause there’s
two of you and one of me. Come on now. (singing national anthems over each other) – What are you doing? – That’s our anthem! ♪ Australians all let us rejoice ♪ ♪ For we are young and free ♪

100 thoughts on “The Society Cast Tries Snacks from Australia & the US | Netflix

  1. First of all!!!! You guys added WAY WAY WAY too much veggimite and what did you put it on???!!! Either put it on bread or something like vitawheets.

    Second you have to do the OG shapes, like the bbq or the pizza shapes

    THIRD cmon, do a Caramello koala they are way better

    FOURTH, you should of done a shoey

  2. Is this show actually good? I watched the first episode and it was kinda boring and uninteresting.

  3. omggg those australian snacks are my childhood, I'm from new zealand and literally got the same stuff here.

  4. We’ve golden soil and wealth for, our home is hurt by sea our lands abound in nature’s gift our beauty rich and rare in history’s page let every stage Advance Australian Fair

  5. Americans are missing out living without that good Cadbury’s chocolate. That’s it. That’s all I have to say.

  6. Why does Australia produce such beautiful people ?I mean have they worked out genetic engineering and made people sign a contract to not tell none Australians/citizens about it until like 2050-2080 when they officially release nationwide to make massive profit or is there a secret “society “😉😉 hidden deep within the Outback that does some weird magic voodoo that makes them that way? Just wondering because Alex and Natasha are very fine people if I do say myself.

  7. ah shit im loving too much the vibes between alex and natasha. It seems they really good buddy. And they keep passing/sharing the food to each other. Crap, have to ship them now lol

  8. i was going to say it’s so weird how similar australia and britain are but then i remembered we (brits) colonised them 🤠

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