The Socialist Threat & the Culture War with the Left—Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk [TSAS Special]

Charlie Kirk wonderful the happy unamerican Otley very much I appreciate it thank you so you know a lot of our viewers want to know do you have the thoughtful emoji like permanently in your keyboard it's on my frequently used but I'm always trying to ask the question of how these leftist policies work because they don't so you know joke society I guess you know you're an inspiration to millions of Americans and not just young people which are of course part of turning-point USA but a lot of folks I think are looking to turning-point as a possible future for conservatism and the beacon of light perhaps thank you tell me a little bit about how did this all start I know you've shared a little bit before but tell me tell me more about that yeah I started it in June 2012 to June 5th of 2012 I started with no money no connections and no idea what I was doing and I just had a vision I guess you could say that America's youth could become more conservative and boy over the last 7 years I never could have dreamed that it would become to this size where we're hosting the President of the United States where we have a standing room only you know capacity of high schoolers I mean you see the energy in there it's extraordinary we're hearing it right now actually the background and so our our movement if you will is one that is rooted in timeless principles our approach is one that is entrepreneurial and new-age and you know our foundation is one that is laid that we have to save this greatest country ever to exist in the history of the world so when you when you were starting you'd think there were fewer conservative youth is this it's it's hard to say and I don't want to take credit for any of it because we've just played a piece in all of this and I'll say that the turning point USA has played a part in like a broader movement of thinkers and writers and authors and pundits to get students more confident and more articulate in there conservative beliefs when the president was speaking yesterday after that incredible montage that you guys you know put together what were you thinking wow I mean here's the President of the United States direct line of leadership from George Washington on down who has voluntarily taken his time to speak to a group of teenage high school kids it's pretty amazing the response was quite quite strong from what I saw was extraordinary yeah it was it was off the charts it was students you know some students weren't even able to get a chance to come into the room let alone you know hear him firsthand so there were students cuz we had a fire room capacity because presidents spoke about the American Dream versus the socialist nightmare that really stood out to me and I know that's something that's an important juxtaposition for you yes yes I mean look we are we're living through prosperous amazing times and if we might be the first generation to voluntarily turned off prosperity and to try to go willingly in a direction of higher unemployment more debt more endless wars and towards kind of a socialist the socialist model that will destroy and decay the fabric of our country you've mentioned before that we're in kind of a culture war can you that's right great of that I believe we are in a culture war I'm a culture war is a time when a you know a civilization or country goes through an identity crisis that's what a culture war is so who are we as Americans are we victims or we Victor's are we do we believe more in Marx or do we believe more in John Locke and that's the question we have to ask ourselves and if you know if you're in politics and you're advocating for Marx and you don't know John Locke then I got I go read don't read it it's what I have to go say and look we've been given a gift you've been given a gift by our predecessors been given a gift by our founding fathers and a failure to recognize that gift and preserve and protect it could result in the destruction of our country where do things stand now as you see them today teetering on the edge Wow the president has brought this back from the brink and I believe we're in a better standing today than we have been since Ronald Reagan both bushes screwed up this country Clinton screwed up this country Obama further the damage Reagan was a short-term revitalization Trump was never supposed to happen ever supposed to happen I mean the the the plan was another Clinton or another Bush to make us continually involved in endless wars overseas continually served the interests of the corporate elites continue to give power to this town in Washington DC and just ignore Michigan Montana Missouri focused more in the Middle East than those places and then also push power to Malibu in Manhattan Donald Trump is a miracle fact that the home Trump exists is a gift from God it really is and the 20-20-20 will be a opportunity to try to further that or we could lose it you know it's interesting you mentioned there's this kind of broad coalition of people for actually quite different walks of life that are that are supporting the president yes how do you describe how do you how do you perceived that group the the media has gotten it so wrong I mean they say that there's only one type of Trump supporter and meanwhile Turning Point USA with the help of the great Candace Owens I mean we actually say alongside Candace Owens and Brandon Tatum and Rob Smith and many others we're gonna host the nation's largest ever young black Leadership Summit this fall we hosted one last year they'll be just double or triple that size we're not stopping we're doing some extraordinary things and media had conveniently ignores those things so you know it was really interesting we brought onto our set here a whole bunch of young people maybe 10 or 15 of them and that interesting pattern emerged a big big concern for them and we were surprised as big tech censorship they're acutely aware of this and and you know deeply deeply concerned is this pinna is this a credit to turning-point ID are you aware I'm not in the credit taking business I appreciate that though but yeah look I talk I try to tell the media that young people care about this and they don't believe me when I sit down with these reporters like how no one really cares about tech censorship and like you don't know what you're talking about and this is a top-three issue for any movement conservative because you know the technology arcs can shut us off at any time I mean they have way too much power they have way too much influence and they're all leftists Silicon Valley is all leftists they don't have a repeal I mean can you find me one Republican that works like Google find me one okay doesn't exist right I think the the one moved away with fire yo James de Moura all right oh right right yeah what are the top three issues number one is who are we as Americans socialism or we about freedom in capitalism that's just the biggest one its identity of America it's number one number two is corruption in government meaning are we gonna continue to further the DC political elite at the expense of middle America and number three I would say kind of the rise of the of the non-governmental oligarchs the oligarchs in Hollywood the oligarchs in Silicon Valley that have way too much power so what do you think what is your perception of 2020 at this stage where right now I believe Donald Trump will win reelection convincingly so easy easy going no not easy not guaranteed but I've learned not to bet against him his movement is stronger today than ever has been his base will support him wholeheartedly you have to firm up your base and expand it he's making great aims to expand his base he's doing better with women than people even think the Moller report has now been totally discredited make no mistake the Mulla report was a taxpayer-funded hit job to try to prevent Donald Donald Trump from keeping on the house of representatives that's the home that's the only reason they did this thing only reason they did this thing and I believe he'll win reelection and I don't like the argument that is gonna win because how radical the left is becoming you could never count on the other side to get you elected don't do that you just can't it's badass too bad political science it's bad political practice and disaster Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter thought he was gonna win because of how radical right they would describe around the Reagan s I'm Reagan close that gap really quickly in 1980 Jimmy Carter was up in all the polls all the polls despite a bad economy and everything but it was the Iranian hostage crisis last 16 days of his election that got Ronald Reagan elected and a surge total search Jimmy carted and see what happened and so look you know there's an old rule in politics when the Napoleon you say this when your enemies committing suicide don't interrupt them it's true but this country is much more leftist than people think I believe her a center-right country there's a lot more socialists and liberals that have been voting third party they've been voting Green Party Bateman was staying at home I think their support is more than what we even recognize and I I don't want to discount that I don't want to discount that but I think Donald Trump will be the reason that we went in 2020 not because of bad Democrat candidates you have some words of inspiration you'd like to share with some fellow conservatives that many of which would watch this program yeah absolutely I mean look the the future is bright and we're gonna win the future I mean there's a lot to be optimistic about when you're hearing the roars and the cheers in the room over at 1,500 high school kids from all 50 states I traveled on their summer break to come here from the president's tates you know US senators the media is not covering this the media is attacking these kids just like they attacked Covington they're attacking our turningpoint kids and you have to remain optimistic never bet against America ever I have no I have no patience for pessimists when I say that America's become more socialist I'm seeing things as they are but I'm optimistic we can turn it around we're gonna make it happen that's the American spirit and that's the American attitude so aside from this black leadership summit the second one that's coming that's gonna grow what other things do you guys have in the work well we have all sorts of stuff and we do the most ambitious campus tour actually on college campus tour in the country we're doing that this fall it's gonna be extraordinary building semester and semester it gets bigger and bigger we have our chapter leadership summit coming up next week which is really exciting and then we have our student action summit in December where you think this is big you've seen nothing it's gonna be double or triple the size of this I recently did an interview about antifa yes domestic terror organization right why do you call them that well because by every single description on the Federal Bureau of Investigation's website they are a terror organization they have organized purpose they seek to divide terror as it is described in the Webster's dictionary is to invoke fear intimidation for religious or political means that's what terror is their domestic there in the United States and there across state lines too so they interface across state lines so it's not just a state attorney general issue this is a federal issue and the Department of Justice should issue a full criminal investigation every member of an Tifa Andy I mean ending ago I can't say his last name to save my life no totally assaulted him on camera no arrests nothing no arrests what country are we living in I mean I call him bill Barr the Attorney General the United States to open an entire division on left-wing domestic terror they tried to bomb a nice facility in the state of Washington no one talks about this and yet I have to listen to these cable Sunday night stations have these listening sessions on how there's a what rise of white supremacy in America yes when you're talking about this that the media is truly the enemy of the American people as the president says they really are they're not telling the truth and so to go back to ante for their domestic terror organization and we have to investigate them with to prosecute these criminals that's what they are how tell me about how turning-points which is in almost on every college campus or has had to deal with Antipa I mean they've stormed me out of a breakfast place in Philadelphia right I mean an all-white mob stormed out a black conservative from a breakfast restaurant the media dared didn't call it racist that's strange why don't they call leftist racist when they go after black concern Candice oh it Candice owns and I we're having breakfast in Philadelphia just a nice nice breakfast 8:00 a.m. and their squad came in that's right their squad of leftist terrorists came in and they stormed this out they threw stuff at us they you know they they filmed it the whole thing how is that not terrorism it's like at what point is it and we've dealt with them all the time and they show up in their masks by the way that should be another thing if not be able to wear a mask in public it's a public safety hazard you know why there hasn't been arrest important because they're all wearing masks it allows the opportunity for crying right you know there are a number of states that have these anti masking was actually New York New York is one of them but many do not and so I guess you would encourage that totally I mean I would I would push for it so what is your biggest hope for these 1,500 young people from all over America after this conference because taupe is that they'll run for office they'll win eventually you know that these are future senators and the future Congress people and their future governors you know and they're just the future leaders of tomorrow that's my hope and more than anything else I just want to see this generation and these students there fight fight for freedom and understand the threat that the left poses to our country that the left posed to our country and I believe they understand that they grapple with that they're experiencing it every day they're being silenced they're being opposed they're being shut down they're being delisted they're being shadow banned these students are ready to fight and we're not going to take it from the left anymore we're just not and I'm really confident that this generation isn't be the most conservative generation American history charlie Kirk yeah pleasure thank you you

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  1. Hello everyone! Welcome to Jan's interview with TPUSA's Charlie Kirk! Let us know if you have any questions about the interview!

  2. Traditional democrats, like Blacks & Hispanics, see their party abandoning them for insane socialist policies, dishonesty, open boarders and their obsession over the 2 year fraudulent Mueller investigation. It’s time to Walk Away and look at how they are more in-line with the direction America is going under republican leadership. 2020 – DEFEAT SOCIALISM — Register & Vote The Dishonest Democrat Party Out!

  3. There's no Socialist threat. Insurance is socialist, Education is socialist, Public transit, clean water, sewage treatment, all socialist. Do you even know what socialism is?

  4. Ok you can think about the current difference between left and right, the one fly in the ointment is the fact that large chunks of our rank and file voters, LARGE !!!!, has been brainwashed in our educational system for decades, and they are fundamentally incapable of seeing things any other way.

  5. PROSPEROUS amazing times??? (dude, our ship is sinking) today is not yesterday today…it's a brand new time in humanology, never been here before…listen to earth…grab buckets, we're sinking………………

  6. more REPUKE by the confederate right aka KKK to flush down the toilet of hatred of others…MOST people live in the middle…you're FUCKING OFF THE EDGE OF MENTAL DISORDER


  8. Hope springs eternal with inspiring young people like TP bringing the truth to the future voting youth.

  9. You guys have always done great work and I’m happy that I subbed. But Kirk’s unambitious, anti-nationalist conservatism is somewhere between ketchup and mild spicy.

  10. James Damore was not a republican. If anything he was more to the left. Which is what made the story more interesting.

  11. Mr. Kirk, you have the support of everyone who has hope for thier children in the future, good on ya man, UK is a wicked success, and Canada is next brother,

  12. I have no Doubt Trump will win 2020,and as the world war two vets would say," You Bet Your Life " and We are Betting Americas Life !!!! My PRESIDENT !!

  13. Back in the early '80's when Rap became mainstream and white thugs were embracing it, I knew things were going in the wrong direction. Sympathy for the people in the the ghetto is admirable, but we were supposed to bring them out of it, not join them. Here it is!

  14. Socialism is terrible, but it is not as bad as the corporatist crony crapitalism that is taking over the financial sectors of the West.

  15. Q: If the free West is so obnoxious, our culture so vile and the people (especially white people) so evil, why are millions of undocumented migrants flooding into our countries?
    A: Because it is orchestrated and funded by the far left who want to destabilise free countries, ultimately to bring in greater degrees of control.
    Q: If communism is so fantastic why have millions died to rid themselves of communist governments?
    A: Because people want to be free and not told what to think, do, wear or how to worship.

    YES, Antifa IS a domestic terror organisation. They've attacked many centre right peaceful political rallies in the UK. Again no arrest for their violence. Why not? Again part of the globalist plan to destroy right wing politics and people who don't be brainwashed.

    We also have hundreds of students shunned/threatened by the left, their study plans interrupted etc as they don't buy into the Marxist agenda.

  16. SJ Identity Politics is
    "The extension of Marxism Beyond The Class Struggle Paradigm To Various Oppressor vs Oppressed Groups in Western Society"

    That's a quote from the scholarship of Marxist Critical Theory circa 1990.
    Cultural Marxism isn't just a right wing conspiracy theory.
    The invidious philosophy of Marxism has been reborn in this twisted Social Justice Ideology

  17. Big Tech Censorship is the Biggest Threat to #Trump2020! Republicans Must Break Up this MSM/Demonrat/Communist Propaganda Machine!

  18. Eh, “a gift from god” is pushing it, though I find it as understandable as it is dismal that people who do obsess on the secular religion of politics might think that way – that trump is a devil or a god – and I see it as no more than a sign of the misery and spiritlessness of our times.

  19. Also the press and silicone valley are regarded as ‘useful idiots’ by the Socialist elete ideologues. Hahahaha! Hillarious actually. State ownership = evryone working for the state without benefits! Hilarious! The mice don’t know why the cheese is free until its too late! SNAP!⚰️

  20. You can't miss the richness and depth of Charlie Kirk's thinking.
    No leftist "higher education" produced that clarity…well done Charlie.

  21. Is America really on the brink of crushing its leftist plague? Locking them in cages,killing them and leaving them for the buzzards? Probably so.

  22. "Liberals" don't exist anymore Charlie, you need to come to terms with this and stop calling anyone on the LEFT "liberal"… it's like calling a serial murder just a bully.
    And I can prove it with one question.
    Name me the LEFTEST organization that opposes a single socialist agenda put forth by the democrats… not one person claiming they don't agree but a group taking a public stand…
    And while your'e at it, tell me the line the LEFT won't cross…

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