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In 2005 this was the safest seat in Britain. A great deal of me didn’t think he was going
to win. You’re taking it all down? Yes. Last time we were here this was the thriving
SNP shop – it’s all been packed away now. School kids popped in to get some souvenirs. At the end of the shop it’s the start of something
bigger. Guys, can I say something before you go? The
only way this country is going to improve is by guys like you getting involved in the
process. SNP! How you doing gents? John, it’s good to see
you again. The new member of parliament for Coatbridge,
Chryston and Bellshill. How you doing? Good to see you, sir. What are you thinking about it then? I mean, we never thought we’d see it. It is amazing, isn’t it? It is amazing. It really is. Biggest thing in my whole life,
my whole generation. Biggest thing. What this particular seat? Aye. Aye, absolutely. This isn’t about nationalism, this isn’t about
the referendum, this isn’t about a yes or no vote or the 45% or anything. This is about
people wanting change. Vote SNP and knock the Tories out of Downing
St. How important a moment does today feel like? It’s quite exciting. It’s about time that
we had a change… made a change. That’s the one phrase we haven’t heard anywhere
in England. Nobody has said time for a change, which you heard in 1997, I’d imagine you heard
it in 1979, you probably heard it in 1964: watershed elections. The first person we speak to on election day
in Scotland says it. Chasing an SNP wagon. It’s just back in, it’s just the next one. Just making sure that our own voters have
actually got out and voted. We use the term “knock up”. I joined in 1967 – we were, in those days, tartan Tories. And now? Oh, my goodness. Socialism. Absolutely. We’re a lot greener, we’re generally pulling
the party to the left. The thing that’s different for me with the
SNP is that they have a voice of the people which no other party has. Do you feel excited? No, because I’m scared. What are you scared of? I’m genuinely scared of antagonism against
the Scottish people, right now. It’s disgusting and if it was the other way
about there would be uproar. You’re going in to vote now. Yes. How important a moment do you think this is? A big moment. Is it? A big moment for the country, yeah. Who are you going to vote for? The SNP of course. Why are you going to vote for the SNP? Because it’s for Scotland, that’s why. Who
else would you vote for? I can’t vote for Labour. Why not? I don’t like what they stand for. What do you think the Labour party stands
for? I don’t know to be honest. We’re playing spot the Labour voter here. We haven’t found one yet and they still must
exist. Who are you going to vote for? Won’t tell me. Possible Labour voter if he
won’t tell me. Have you voted Labour? Erm, my vote’s private, so… Ok. I suspect he voted Labour. In the referendum they talked about shy nos,
people who were voting no but wouldn’t say. Voting Labour, it has to be said, is very
unfashionable here. Do you know anyone who’s voting Labour? No. No chance. I voted Labour. Right, ok. Tell us why. I voted Labour because I’m a Conservative. In voting SNP, in some way, are you voting
for independence, do you think? Not so much this time. I think it’s just time
for a change. Two Labour, one SNP. Yeah. Ha ha. Yeah, I suspect the result will be the other
way around. Ha ha ha! I think Nicola Sturgeon’s the only person that’s
bringing progressive views forward. Food banks, not just in Scotland, over the
full of Britain. We should be taking care of the people, not nuclear weapons that we’re
never going to use. I was going to vote Labour today just to say
that I wanted the Tories out. It was a fifty-fifty. Was it? Yeah. When did you make up your mind finally? Er, today. And what swung it finally? Er, I seen Nicola on the tele and thought:
“Do you know what? I’m going to support you. I’m going to go for it.” That’s it. But like birds gathering on a telegraph wire,
the media pack is assembled here. Woooooooooooo!!! Woooooooo!!! I cannot emphasise enough how we’re in a completely
unprecedented political reality here. The SNP is going to win every last seat in
this city. Woooooooooo!!! There’s the first of the Glasgow seats. Woooooooooo!!! There’s another one gone. Woooooooooo!!! It’s hard to describe how strange it feels
to be in the middle of all this because all these people, with good reason, are jubliant
and optimistic. I’ve got to go back to England tomorrow and
I don’t think I have ever felt so distraught. Probably not since Thatcher’s successively
won elections in the 80s. This is horrible. We dust ourselves off, we move on. That’s
it. We keep fighting. We’ve had bad days before, we’ll have bad days again. That’s politics.
Every dog has their day. Most people I speak to from the Labour party,
they really don’t like the SNP at all. There’s a hell of a tension between the two parties.
Do you think over time you’ll have to start working with them in some way? No. Fundamentally, we disagree with the SNP.
We believe in the union. They don’t. But there’s common ground on social justice,
on equality and a different sort of economy and all that. Well. Well, policies they’ve cut and paste
from our manifesto. You talked throughout the campaign, about
the renewal of progressive hope across the UK. I’ve got to go back to England tomorrow
and I feel really, really distraught. What’s your message to people like me? If there’s another Tory government tomorrow
it’s because Labour has failed to beat the Tories in England. It’s not because of what’s
happened in Scotland. So, the SNP will reach out with a hand of friendship to work with
progressives across the UK to try to challenge the Tories. Woooooooooo!!! This is a very, sort of, distant perspective
even standing in the middle of it. It feels like watching it through a goldfish bowl because
I’ve got to go home tomorrow to a great big crisis for the English left. I have to say though, I’m feeling very pessimistic. I voted SNP, so proud but, you know, woke up
to a Tory majority, so… It’s the morning after a very long night.
We’ve barely been to bed. And how do you feel this morning? Pretty good that, you know, Scotland are going
to have many a voice in Westminster but, I mean, not so good that the Tories are back
in. How much pessimism and how much optimism do
you feel? Tories in London, SNP here. I think I feel more optimistic than pessimistic
at the moment. It’s a massive turnover for Scotland. I’ve never been able to be a Labour
voter, although I think that I’d like to be but they’ve just not been able to offer what
I think we need. Which is? Erm, free education, NHS, end of austerity
as much as possible. What do you make of the Labour party? What
is it? Er… Just…Just mainly lies. I don’t tend
to give it my time. Here come some shocked and stunned SNPers. Sorry about England man, what Labour had,
do you know? I apologise. It’s going to be terrible going home. I’m
not looking forward to it. How are you doing big guy? Give me a hug. Oh, what a night! We’ve got to do the selfie, haven’t we? Magic. Congratulations! I voted for you. My wife voted for you. My
son, we all voted for you and we knew Tom Clarke was going to get beat. You were so unsure of your prospects here
you didn’t tell your boss you were the candidate, did you? No, I didn’t. But he knows now. For me personally, this is a very sort of
bittersweet, mixed up moment that I can’t quite make sense of because when we came to
see you here first, right, part of me worried that this was such an outlier there wasn’t
going to be a story here and Labour was going to hold the seat, right? And we broke the swingometer. Ha ha! I’ve got to go back to England now and we
haven’t got any source of hope there. Labour party’s in a terrible state, minority parties
have dwindled and the Tories are running the show. And it’s… it’s tragic and this is the bittersweet
feeling that we feel here. I mean, we feel let down as well but you can’t blame… don’t
shoot the messenger. You know, we did our bit. They haven’t resonated with the people of
England the way we have resonated with the people in Scotland. What happens next then? We start on Monday. There’s real hope coursing round these streets.
People are thrilled to bits. Now I’ve got to go back to England, find some of my own.

68 thoughts on “The SNP’s political earthquake in Scotland – General Election 2015 | Anywhere but Westminster

  1. I liked the video, however towards the end I was sick of the anti conservative rhetoric. I understand that the left have been left in bad state in England but to be honest most of England, especially the south of England are conservatives, and without Scotland labour will have a tough time winning a majority.

  2. As much as it crushed Labour to lose the Scotland to the SNP, we still lost in England to the Tories. We failed to inspire in England, and even with 50 extra seats in Scotland we wouldn't have come close to challenging Tory rule

  3. The people has the right to choose ,the Scottish referendum the right to choose  in or  out the U.E which the Labour leaders did not help and were somewhat against as far as I can see.

  4. Yet again Scotland gets another Tory government, despite having consistently rejected them at the ballot box for decades now. The 'Scottish' Labour party are a shambles. Independence is now the only way forward. There is no other option.

    Bring on ScotsIndyRef2

  5. I'm so happy the two Alexandr's gone, Curran and Murhpy gone, my cup doth overflow with happinnes.Now get right into them Scotland.

  6. Thanks to the SNP voters for voting conservative at the election your crushing of labour put people off voting labour in England and Wales so you can only blame yor selves for electing the conservatives, stop blaming the English for your short sightedness, The scotts have gone insane and now have a one party state. the whole country is a political basketcase. new politics my arse they are no better than westminster, when your parlament was formed the first order of business was to give them selves a payrise, the nasty little dwarf earns more than Cameron ROFL, same old shit money grabing politicians.

  7. Quite ironic, they all basically voted torie. As they lowered the labour seat count and blocked them

  8. Milliband could have been PM, SNP were too left wing for him, so he he let Cameron have the premiership.

    Labour had a kicking coming to it, next time maybe they will listen to their supporters.

    Good luck Scotland, you did the right thing.

  9. Whilst this is great for Scotland.. its awful over all for the UK. You see the Sun supports SNP in Scotland, but Tories in England (Hmm I wonder why that is).. then many more turn and vote SNP, snapping the Labour votes down allot. Now the UK is divided and the guy who said that there will be allot more division and hatred between Scottish and English people is correct. Therefore getting allot of English people to think the SNP are bad and Torries fight the good fight. Who's agenda does that serve? Not the common man, that is for sure :/

  10. Meaningless result north of the border. With a Conservative Party majority at Westminster the SNP will have as much influence as UKIP and The Green Party. None.

  11. Scotland is optimistic after the election, England is absolutely miserable. We know exactly what we're getting the next five years, at least Scotland can be hopeful.

    I cannot believe how many turkeys voted for Christmas this election.

  12. Aaaaah! I wish Labour won ): I want SNP to be stronger but I just want Cameron out of Downing street even if that meant Labour winning.

  13. Ladies and Gentleman…. look at that badass at 7:49 in the blue jacket.
    Steady on. He's off the rails. He's a bit too mental.

  14. What a great series. Hope to see more of it, be it next month or next year, I, and I'm sure many others, have been connected to politics far more with this. Thanks – maybe it can return for the EU referendum?

  15. Does anyone else think that the Conservatives winning the election was the anti-Scottish? or the very least the anti-SNP? vote.

  16. This party gave the keys of number !0 to the conservatives. From past experience women in politics is a total NO NO (Thatcher)

  17. So if Scottish Nationalist Party are seen as too far left then a Green Marxist Party featuring platform of owning means of production  in England would be viwed that way in England speaking of not listening to supporters maybe Labour gets wise and tries a Green Marxist Party increasing green and votes of workers and then Scotland gets a better representative voice in paarticular if Green Marxist Union and not UK .AGreen Marxist Union instead of Uk even more a political Eath Quake for Enfland.

  18. England that is Green Marxist Union with Ire Land Wales and Scotland.also wales and constitutions as computer anti-malware program preserving free speech on internet .i am sure many voters in each nation wish that or has supporters.

  19. This is a disaster for Scotland. Remember, half of the Scots don't want this, and for good reason.

  20. So where is the help for my family – where is the fighting Scots against poverty – just hearing it's going to get worse.  As a working single mother I fight everyday with no help – thought the SNP was going to help – but where are they, what are they doing?  I've seen nothing, heard nothing – I'm going to lose everything despite the many years I've fought to keep working to try and keep a roof over my daughters head – where are they?

  21. Im sure just like the nazis the snp with their totalitarian, authoritarian crap will be found out eventually!!! Hopefully before they do the country too much damage, ukip all the way for individualism, forget socialism/communism. If Scotland was to become independant (whatever that means) id be out of here before 'wee nikki'  fucks us all up

  22. Vote Corbyn, the only true socialist in British politics. He's been a leftie all of his life, unlike the likes of Salmond and the SNP. He didn't move to the left to win votes, he's always been there. This is one hell of a earthquake result for the plastic socialists in the SNP. They certainly can't accuse Corbyn of being a Tory. Sturgeon must be gutted that the real deal is Labour leader!!

  23. Can someone please explain how becoming independent will change anything? The party wants a currency union (a currency run by a foreign central bank). They want to retain the monarchy and they also want to join the eu which has clearly stated that scotland will need to re apply as a new sovereign nation. these are the facts. i still have no understanding bar emotive reasons as to why anybody in scotland would vote for this, considering the lack of planning and engagement of any other alternatives. And also, can anyone explain how the SNP plan to fund their uber generous welfare plan?

  24. watch on YouTube
    Merkel's worst Nightmare Germany calls for a EU Referendum the people want FREEDOM from the EU

    also watch
    Andrew Neil Exposes Nicola Sturgeon's economic plan in a car crash interview

  25. Labour believe in the Union anyone want to tell them about the Labour voters who voted for independence.

  26. we are a family of nations…we are a United Kingdom…the sum of the whole is worth more than the sum of the individual parts

  27. “I don’t like what labour stand for”
    “What do labour stand for”
    “I don’t know to be honest”

  28. people asking for FREE everything are fools- free industrious courses are doable but no 'social studies'. no tax sucking eco-migrents and nutters niether.

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