The Simple SECRET To Defeat The DEVIL!!!

Rise up. Let’s offer this prayer. Ask God to give you the grace not to be ignorant of your faith under pressure of temptation, sickness and disease. Ask God to give you the grace. Give me the grace, Lord, not to be ignorant of my faith under the pressure or tension of temptation, sickness, disease, hardship and setback. Overflow Congregation The SCOAN Sunday Service Whatever you are facing under that temptation, ask God, Lord Jesus, give me the grace not to be ignorant of my faith under the pressure of temptation of my situation. What is your situation? When the situation comes, we seem to forget that we are Christians. The SCOAN Sunday Service Overflow Congregation The Simple SECRET To Defeat The DEVIL!!! In Jesus Christ’s name. [Amen.] You seem to forget, when you are facing a challenge, a situation, that you are what God says you are; you can do what God says you can do. You seem to forget that you have what God says you have. When God is with you, all things are possible. You seem to forget that when you are facing a situation. You and God together. You seem to forget that you and God can move mountains when you are facing difficulties. You have to come together; you and who? [God.] You and God must come together, join hands together. There is no mountain, and there shall be no mountain. You and God – but you seem to forget this when you are facing what? Difficulty. You need to remember the more difficult and trying times you have been facing in the past. The key to succeeding in life, if you are a child of God – any time there is a difficulty. quickly remember the more trying and difficult times you faced in the past. This will impart strength to face the present difficulty you are having. Just take your time to remember. This is what happened to David. David walked majestically to the king and said, ‘King, I am going to face this Goliath that has disturbed my brothers and country’. The king looked at him: ‘Who are you?’ He said, ‘I used my bare hands to kill the bear’. When this man came to disturb their country, he quickly remembered the difficult and trial times he overcame. Having remembered the bear, he looked at Goliath and said, “Let me face this man”. In the same vein, that is the key for you to defeat your present situation. Tell your neighbour, “This is the key to defeat my present situation”. You can use the same key to open and lock. Remember as David remembered, and he walked majestically to the king. Take your time. Any time you are facing a challenge or situation, remember the more difficult and trying times you had in the past and you overcame. That will impart strength to face your present situation. I don’t know what I can face now that could be greater than the one I have faced in the past. Can you see? In the same vein, I don’t know what you can face now that can be greater than the one you have passed through in the past. Once you remember this, that would impart strength to face your present situation. You remember – half of us here came from village, if not 90% of people here. You should remember those days when you were drinking dirty water. But today you drink pure water, and yet – yellow fever. The SCOAN Sunday Service Now you drink pure water. Where does the fever come from? Tell me. You, you are from the village. Remember – in those days, when you cooked soup, it stayed for ten days and you kept warming it. The more you warmed it, the more it became sweet. The SCOAN Sunday Service Can you warm the soup today? When you cook a soup today, can you warm it tomorrow and eat it? [No] But in the village… These are the things that brought you up. Remember how you were born. Many of you were not born in the hospital. The people you call your enemies now, they were the ones feeding you when you were a baby. Your mummy alone could not have taken care of you – you would be left to move and roam around them, but today you see them as somebody who can kill you. This is a key I am giving you today. Any time you are facing a difficult challenge, remember the more difficult and trying times you had in the past. This will impart what? [Strength] To what? To face what? To face your present situation. You need strength. The SCOAN Sunday Service Are you talking of your career? Remember the kind of school you attended in the village. A school without a roof. A school without what? [Roof.] You studied there under the rain, under the sun – but look today at what you have become. If you don’t know the kind of school you attended in the village in those days, go back to the village and see where those children are studying now. These are the things you put together. When you think about all this, you will know that no one can stop you. Say, “Only me can stop myself; no one can stop me”. No one can stop you; you can only stop yourself. If you could not be stopped then, now, no one can stop you. The SCOAN Sunday Service You need strength to further on. This is how I nurture myself. No matter what comes to me, now when I just remember and sit down and look at my antecedents – where I’m coming from and what I have gone through. Whatever happens now, I smile and say, “You are a baby”. The SCOAN Sunday Service I smile. Once you don’t trade your joy with your situation, you overcome. Tell your neighbour, “Stop trading your joy with your situation” Once you stop trading your joy with your situation, you will always overcome because you need joy to overcome a situation. No matter how big the situation, if you don’t trade your joy with that situation, you overcome it. But once joy is gone, you cannot overcome the situation. This is what situation wants to take away from you. It wants to take away your joy. My God. It wants to see you sad. Situation wants to see you what? [Sad.] It wants to see you sad. Once the situation comes, and you are sad… How will I go over this? Oh my God. This is too much for me. Under that situation, you cannot pray. Under that situation, you cannot think of God. Under that situation… Immediately you will lose a sense of reasoning, anybody around you is your enemy. You will not be able to give your best. I pick the phone call: – Hello
– Your house is on fire – You mean my house?
– Yes. It is serious. Fire fighters are there. Before that I was smiling. The SCOAN Sunday Service People around me say, “What happened just now?” I am coming. I have traded my what? [Joy.] With what? [Situation] MESSAGE TITLE: DON’T TRADE YOUR JOY Look at you – you are happy now. Satan knows what he can do to stop that happiness. He knows. Somebody wants to see you while you are dancing. Where? See me. Where? The SCOAN Sunday Service Don’t make it very easy for satan. Somebody is fighting you. You relax instead of fighting back – you just make it cheap. Somebody wants to see you while you are dancing. Where? OK. I’m coming. You want to finish your dancing. How many of you can do that? Have you ever finished dancing before attending to somebody who wanted to see you? No, I know you. So please, stop trading your joy with your situation. If you have a serious pain in your arm, you can choose not to trade that pain with your joy. In serious pain. How are you? Fine. The pain is there. Fine. I have not been seeing you. I was not around. OK. The pain is still inside me. The pain does not want to hear joy. Where there is pain and joy is there, the pain will not last. Where there is sorrow and joy is there, the sorrow will not last at all. They don’t see each other. It is like a cat and a rat. If you choose to be happy while looking for a job, you will soon get it. The SCOAN Sunday Service When you are sick, if you can choose to be happy in your heart – that sickness will not last long. When your marriage is under threat, and somebody is trying to turn it upside down – choose to be happy, and see what would happen next. Do you know it is the situation that meets joy; it’s not joy that meets situation. Tell your neighbour, “Situation meets joy; joy never meets situation”. If you study your life, it is situation that meets joy. In one’s life, situation comes to joy. It is joy that owns you; situation never owns you. Situation meets joy. When the snake is coming to your house, you close the door. You don’t run away and open the door for the snake. Stop trading your joy with what? [Your situation.] If you can do this, situation will come but it will not last and you will learn a mighty lesson that will help you. The SCOAN Sunday Service Look at my antecedents from the beginning. The name of this ministry was not supposed to be “Church Of All Nations”. When the church had only 8 members, the Lord said this is the “Church Of All Nations”. How many ministries do you know in your country that bear “Of All Nations”? If it were not a ministry with a vision and mission… The first church was destroyed, second was destroyed. How many of you are still in the business you started with? I don’t think anybody here still remains in the business he began with, right from the beginning of his life. After so many challenges… If you don’t know where you are going, you cannot continue. You will not be able to wait for God’s release if you don’t know where you are going. It is when you know where you are going, you will wait for God’s release. Tell your neighbour, “When you know where you are going, you will wait for God’s release; you will wait patiently for God’s release”. But when you don’t know where you are going, you will release yourself. You have been releasing yourself. You release yourself in business, in marriage, in churches, everywhere you just… This embarrassment… How can you be lying against me? You walk away. You walk out of the community, business, church or marriage. What kind of an insult is this? This is an embarrassment, I can’t believe what you are saying. How can this pastor lie against me? You walk out of the church. In the marriage too – my husband is lying against me! How can my wife do this to me? You walk out of the marriage. Business – oh my God. I am supposed to be promoted. Look at my junior – I trained this man. Look at him – he has been promoted to the position above me. You walk out of the business. This is the life you have been living. Situation has been releasing you. Challenges have been releasing you. You heard what Joseph said when he was in the pit. He said, “I know where I belong”. You don’t know where you are going. He was in the pit where there was no water, no air. There he said, “I know where I belong. This is not where I belong”. You may be seated, thank you. The SCOAN Sunday Service When you are laughing, satan is crying. When you are crying, satan is laughing. Are you with me? When you are laughing, satan is what? [Crying.] And when you are crying, satan is what? [Laughing.] Stop trading your joy with what? [Situation.] Situation. No matter what happens, hold your joy. It is by joy you can overcome your situation. If you lose your joy, situation will overwhelm you. Situation doesn’t want to see joy. When situation sees joy, it ceases. When situation sees joy, it what? [It ceases.] Immediately. It is stopped.

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  1. Wow the best paster in the would and the best church in the would Emmanuel TV tb Joshua hi love you sir hi love Jesus so must amen

  2. This sermon is for me. I was almost given up BC of challenges. But God is still on the throne. I get up park my challenges and keep moving to the glory of God. One day Satan will get tired in the mighty name of Jesus.

  3. My spiritual guide..Thank you man of God TB Joshua..I have learned alot from you and gaining my faith …God bless you

  4. lost my faith once because of the heavy troubles im going through and on top of that im single, no man looking at me, but still i will not totally just give up on god, he will deliver is promise for me. Amen

  5. Emmanuel I want to remind everyone that there is God in heavem,on April when I was out of church in the morning service on my way home I met a bus and faced the driver, asked him to take me to my grandmother a distance of about 120 km away,however I dint had any plan of travelling, in the bus I met a girl whom we talked after the journey, not knowing that the Lady had been using drugs'' to attract men ,so we knew each other deeply I thought she was fine and now my best friend,so I had sexual intercouse with the girl for about 15 mins after so many kisses and on the following day we did the same thing… Previously the lady told me she is negative but after sex she told she is positive..however believe you me that no HIV was transmitted to me

  6. Hello i,m From Indonesia. Anyone know the phone Number of SCOAn Churh or the Official email there. Thx u. GBU

  7. Thank you Man of God for your guidance through the power of the HolySpirit. I have overcome my situation. My testimony will surely be heard all over the world. I choose to remain joyful.

  8. Lord Jesus help me live by this word, give me the grace Abba father to always chose joy over my situation. Thank you God

  9. Amen. Lord Jesus, give me the Grace so I may not to ignore my faith – under pressure and temptations of sickness and difficulties, by the Mighty name Jesus Christ. Amen.

  10. Amen. I will never trading my joy with my situations and difficulties, in the mighty power of Jesus Christ. Amen.😊👍😘👍👍❤❤💪😘💪💪😍😍

  11. This "Joy" is something oooo!!!
    Nothing should be neglected in the Word of God.
    Thank You Jesus and thank You for Your Prophet!!!

  12. Lord Jesus Christ give me grace not to forget when I am facing difficulties in life..With you on my side i will prevail 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  13. TB really has changed the life of my husband and I…. I thank God for Him. He's such a blessing to our generation!! #distance is not a bariar#

  14. Good idea to laugh. But sometimes I wonder, if I act happy, if the prospect employer is insecure, he will feel intimidated, and won't hire me.
    But if I am gloomy is wrong too. I wonder…

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  16. Hi prophet my love for you is great in such that your teaching has made me some body and build my faith in the Lord

  17. I believe in God of prophet TB Joshua n I believe all the healing n deliverance going on in scoan its real, pls pray for me n my family we needs God's intervention break through, pls if there a way or number to call for counciling pls let me have I, I leave in US pls I need to come n I need to have the morning water. May the Lord continue to bless his church in Jesus name amen


  19. This is sound teaching!

    We MUST determine ourselves to be joyful.
    Stop feeling to see if you are joyful…. BELIEVE you are what God says you are.

    Isaiah 35
    But only the redeemed will walk there,
    and those the Lord has rescued will return.
    They will enter Zion with singing;
    everlasting joy will crown their heads.
    Gladness and joy will overtake them,
    and sorrow and sighing will flee away.

    So why cannot we believe we have everlasting Joy?
    Are we not to believe God? Then WHO should we believe?

    John 16
    22 So with you: Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy.

    This man Joshua has told you the Truth.

  20. I need your prayer pastor.. i need you to pray for my relashioship.. my broken relashioship.. i need your deliverance pastor…

  21. I love this message, don't trade your Joy. God you are faithful. In your presence There is Fullness of Joy, keep trusting God, He is faithful.

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  24. I thank you man on God for the message it surely touched my heart I will never trade my joy with my situation 🙏🙏

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