1. Hello Guys!
    I really wanted to make it clear, I'm a full believer of Secularism & Liberalism. I know some of you guys will not like it, but that's why I wanted to show you this video, this is what happens when extremism dominate. That's why our India is different than the world, when the whole world is fighting in the name of religion, but we are living with our old culture of peace & brotherhood. Please stop making religious Comments & just focus that we have to preserve this thing in India otherwise there will be difference between us & them.

  2. Almost 6 to 7 crore Bangladeshi, Nepali, tibetien and Burmese mostly live illegally in India and getting maximum benefits from our government but why indian government don't care about these people. Our government only care about voter bank. When our country will change.. We need another hilter in our country. Jai hind jai Bharat

  3. Jo madarchod afghani sikho ko kachalu bolta hai madarchodo ye Sikh chahe toh tumhari gaand faad de madarchodo bus ye tumko Apna mante hai Saalo tumhe Keede pdege Penchodo 😠😠

  4. So Sad 😞 this Video made me cry 😢 Infact we all are brothers Hindu or Muslim,no problem we are Human und from one country shame of those people,that they Make you all Fun,it has my Heart broken 💔😰😰😰😰😰😰برادر های عزیز اهل هنود ،این را بدانید همه شما را به یک چشم نمی بینند،من خودم شخصا قلبا دوستتان دارم،هرانکه شما را اذیت می‌کند خداوند اذیت شان کند،شما برتری های زیادی از خیلی ها کرده دارین ،تا حالا کسی نه تفنگ بر دست تان دیده نه انتحار،نه انفجار،نه دزدی و نه غری شما قوم مفتخر کشور مان هستید به الله سوگند از دل و جان دوستتان دارم،منحیث یک هم وطن به شما میبالم،و ها این را فراموش نکنید که دیگه افغانستانی ها حتا ده بین خود هم جور نامدن تمام روز به اسم دین و مذهب خون همدیگر خود را می ریزن،بلاخره این را بگم افغان ها همه بدبختند عزیزانم,از راه دور برای تان اظهار محبت میکنم♥️♥️♥️💋💋💋💋💋💋

  5. गुरु जी की कृपा है ऐसे खतनाक देश मे सीना तान कर रहते है ।
    पंजाबी शेर

  6. Appalled to see the condition of the Sikhs & Hindus in Afghanistan which happens to be our friendly country.

  7. Wahe guru mere afghanistan ke sikh bhaiyo ko salamat rkhe…… mughe dukh he ki khalistani ideology wale log yaha pr kuch ni bole ge …..dekho bhai tum log ldaii krte rhte ho yaha afghanistan me dekho sikh logo ko antim sanskar krne ke liye bhi security leni pdti he quki wo log stone marte he…..😢😢😢😢

  8. वैसे सच यही है कि मुसलमान जैसी हरामी कौम दुनिया में दूसरी कोई नहीं.. ये हरामजादे जहां भी बहुसंख्यक हो जाते हैं दुसरे धर्म वालों को मारने, भगाने, या कन्वर्ट करने में लग जाते हैं.. सांप पर भरोसा कर लो मगर मुसलमान पर ना करो..

  9. भारत सरकार को,,कुछ करना चाहिए,,पाकिस्तान और अफगानिस्तान मे बसे,,हमारे हिन्दू और शिख भाई के लिए,,

  10. Dekh le Deepanshu in muslims rakshaso ki asliyat tujhe bahut pyar tha in katmullo se ye jaha v majority me rehte hi waha ye minorities ko extinct Kar dete hi

  11. Only education can control religion because I'm from West Bengal and I notice that every educated Muslims are to good and they always said first of all they are Indians and after that Muslim even equally I noticed some uneducated Muslims and always try to makeing a divide between Hindu and Muslim

  12. It’s very common that majority takes over minorities look at meyanmar Muslims the government killed million of them
    And to tell you as I was born in Kabul and had friends they are sikh I have never seen or heard that some one bothered them we never thought that they are a different believers
    They had much better jobs and businesses than Muslims
    Most of the victims are Muslims and it happens in war zones
    The government has always heard them and took care of them and still they are doing that
    Our army is fully protecting them
    I don’t know what else can be done
    And good and bad people are every where we can not generalize the whole nation because they one or a small group that disturbs them
    This video brings more hate and can effect the brotherhood and friendship of afghans and Indians
    Peace to all love from Afghanistan

  13. bhai dil se bolu to Sardar ji yaha bahut akela mehsus kar rahe hai. Sardar ji aap apne Hindustan aaiye na yaha sab aapke apne hai

  14. Islam is cancer, it's against humanity, Core doctrine of Islam is against all others who don't follow it's ideology. Islamists are evils, not all Muslims are bad,but who believes blindly for 72 Hoors/virgins becomes sick,this is what making the Muslims intolerant and inhumans. Shikhs and Hindus should given safe asylum to India!

  15. Dipanshu, i am proud of my country where no.of religion and cast people live together and share brotherhood. You would have contact no.of those panjabi people, just checking if we can do small possible help…

  16. Abe yaar Indian government please help them yaar I'm Muslim but I hurt very badly after watching this please help them modi

  17. 🙏🙏❤❤😢😢🐼🐼🌹🌹💜💜🌞🌞⚘⚘🌻🍇🍇🦋🦋👳‍♀️👳‍♀️👳‍♂️👳‍♂️😘😘👌👌🙏🙏

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