The Results of Pride (Pt. 4) 7.21.19

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because now we Gotta go and pick
up the nation that’s church
press park and ride at 10 hits and 915 with the goal
of leaving by 930 and are
paraded everybody makes if they
hold that some and on to think
that’s on so I promised they would have
liked the way it’s right for vs.
the miss kitty’s in line to try
to get that
What exactly syste yet formats on site five you’re
after actors, was trying to some
information for me this morning
I was thinking you know what ma the quickest own and so will see will see the
food that the the words on the
list are with a really I think
it’s an easy one for Houston
lever sh shell be saved with an no devil rays are handwritten the Larry Mehl four who don’t, don’t you OK OK
and mature as did a good job as
a AIFOMO scene on. Maybe I
didn’t take the heat is one on in the beginning was the war
are in the word was that good john 11 through three of his sister and cheering
section on for their three that their
record in having the father is
said to have this is not one of
ours is choosing a study by
meant into for the wages of sin is that the
gift of god is eternal life good that’s exactly announces
with an update of this, the idea
was to GM sees the land of a method to
five on the networks of
righteousness which we have the
medical use mercy he saved as II
think, good site is three of the answer
I may I am no one FIEL of the strategy that
you get them on the blood of
routed by sea view my voice and
I know that they follow me an
idea Mo of my father which gave them is
greater than all and no visible
talk about my father said , father were just so, once the
verse only one call what book is it,
john what the whichever noted a diverse as what do they vote was 79 FZZPTO
ideas like the mental asylum to
the point that it was a john
1027 through party that all of
our no close one chapter 289 or I cited leftovers that they the idea that now are forces to ever shot
the ball whole lotta get
offended 1. Games to 10. John bible college
graduate of the idea c’mon I have to make fun of it a
little bit on all rights would
see there may be on, for all of
civic and short of the Glory of , 323 of a good O mold of the dead of Aliso confess with I’m
now write the Lord Jesus and
show only seven lead in the
heart of the difference is the
data that romans 109 and 10 AFFATF
and the client of one TE a R number of getting off to
the home of the last one least some of these things that
I remind you to believe on the
name of the son of god to see if the chapter finally I know I’m just asking the main Odeon to rely in the five yet first of five and was the
vs. kitty until close 13 first jawed 513 seasons ever
intended to believe and inside
of me know the editor life what first john 89 first john 19 that show and divisions 289 and you are on some data and Elena deny I’ve
I’ve said this before but you
confirmed yet you know the verse
isn’t only blow it like
sometimes w will go through and we’ll try
that the next way in the next
couple of weeks on the affair
was singing a song the writers
do it has made an intern in 221 held
firm of foundation came the first 2nd third and six 125 and six 1256 OK of all 8:50 days said
these days of the loan base land
four O a D has
game as three MASIISASAO AA the third ko OIIAAO have the
CC, the YIIHSIAICA O I’s Soledad IG A’s of that 184
AO5 AOIIAOIA said CSOC bad songs
all the LPGA dad roots as a , then third and OOMO as the
four as they did singing the
navy’s well go ahead and take an
offering them an opportunity to
give this morning have an
opportunity gives that the
outward and ready and a thank you for that any
other one is on thank you that
it’s are it’s easy to preach in
message like this morning as
there’s of raping disregard for the
local taxes is easy to reach and
I can imagine are you are maybe
the church where was into that
woul the relief of war thanks so much
for his opportunity to get it
and I think there were paid for
the opting to worship you afraid actually using that execs on
stand as the Internet in number
11, now founds him number 11
Wilson all three verses of, not
found , enough of the event three
ICKIICCIAC strains of EC a
matter ZZO 4 songs of love is a
CCS, Los ISI five AA songs of
love praise on my
Sunday OASACY A’s O the whole of
the KGB CIA CBS third call CCS of only two of a raise of array as
AM daily ISI saying to the left
side for a ZOY, ZZYIIAIC name
from two Los De La OCLAIII the use of homes AACCAOIOSOO good
singing in whole rights term with the new
bibles tonight to judges chapter
nine will be starting a verse 23 to nine 1st starring has a chapter nine ers’ 22 no and so it’s been just a little bit
since we’ve been in judges but
that’s our irony right back into
the judges chapter nine vs. 22
am up until the end of Versailles
are verse of 30 hops over the judges chapter
nine vs. 22 when a band like a rain three
years over Israel thing godsend in evil spare
between of them election in the
nanosecond and Ashok adult righteously with
them and lack that the cruelty down to the
three scoring 10 sons of juror
mail might, in their blood be
laid upon a bit like their
brother we the last time we roll together
this list of the consequence are
the reason why Joe summed up his
big long speech the parable of the reason why god would put
that he will spare in between
was because of the cruelty done
to the three scoring 10 sons of
Gi NFS Scheck and some wires and
wait for him in the top of the
mounds and they’re on all the
came along the way by them and
was to the skeletal shifts here and all
the son of the bed came with his
brother and went over to Shaq,
nanosecond put their confidence and they went out into the
fields and gather their
vineyards and troll the Grapes
and a Marion went into the house
and identity is enough to some of your belt
and zeros officer says the man
of ham or the father second for
why should we serve an enlightened goddess people were
under my hand them when I remove
the wintel an essential been
like increase Thai army and come out and Lindsay bold ruler the city
heard the words and all the
Sunday that his anger was kindled hour to
cover much much more of its of
this is a slow Wan to set the
stage for what’s about to happen
toni and said tonight discount rates will be the last
and the lone miniseries if you
will the results of five so on
the train will just get into it
an which is done today just that
the blessing wasn’t hard to see
some old friends and co waivers from
Texas largest and are just a
thank you for that mortgage
previous us tonight companies speak only the words
you have me speak a warning to
stymie tonight is the priests
and his name and so yes on both the cover on undergo back over those
nurses to, cover a couple things
not in one again in the last
week as a sleek it was just out
last ti but in vs. 26 and 25 Dhabi guess is so this discord
between them like an innocence
and sold them like ring three
years and says this is god’s
sentine but if you’re a day in a few
study it’s not necessarily
people say us got 17 and said to
possess one of the two parties
are thin not necessarily a spirit has and
eight other world leaf from the
spiritual realm plus spirit of
ill will towards each other that it was is a spirit of Elwell and
it’s it’s simply if you if you
go through and study it and
research about it’s not the guy
that this this cannot be uses a Texas
as the lord will send ID minute
to go after somebody know it’s
simply the disk of this court in so god creates this disdain of
each other because of the evil
that was done to gideon’s house
that’s what sets up a whole the
wh is to set ambushes through the
line to hopefully at some point
ambushed and killed a battle so coming up. Vs. 26 to 29 we
see what from many, many people
call this conspiracy of goal so this does mango all
seemingly comes from out of
nowhere he’s a nobody generally
doesn’t have any any background
up un as of them like became ruler Goleta is the confidence of them
a second just like that so
quickly , inverse 27 and they went out into the
fields: his men they went out
into the fields and gather their
vineyards and troll their Grapes
and m there a verse that show the
actions of goal in the way that
they kind of climax to a certain
point so the eighth on the eighth on
verse here are they went out
into the field so they go out
into the fields they gathered
their vi that rolled a great summer
making their wine they made Mary
Davis shouted out they were they
were drunk in at this point they went into the house of
their god first sort of Kweisi
religious ceremony slashes
making Marion rabble rousing is
what I hon focus ended up at the curse of
them lack so he’s starting to
turn the nanosecond against that
of a lack so one of the commentators were
day like this the same a second
taken over by a mob of drunken
man contrasts sharply with a
pict but this this peaceful time is
broken up by these are this mob
of tracking men sold all the interns and
addresses of people he says a
lot of them lack a long way away since serving
bowl is this man you you had in
a rollover you buy his uneven alleged in a
roller as a nugget in which to make in
half israel’s canaanite and so
basically he starts to turn them against a
bit like the same way that a bit
like trying to turn them against
the suns of getting any says if he not the son of a tour of
Allegheny and and Siebel his
officer says the man of ham or the
father second he’s claiming to
be a descendant of a more who
was the one who built the city a
second mind is applied bloodline by claimed from unmanned not alone
in his, slamming of them alike
and then he says it that way aces and led to god that this
people were under my hand them
when I remove all been like
cities he’s gathering all the
people to about all the second come at me
and of course we know that three
this is is mostly because he’s
dropped by strolls down the gaun to the end up with pickup and
verse 30 one single the role of the city
heard the words of gold sunk
deep that his anger was kindled
he began to get to get angry about here’s what
Dole says in his angry city
sends out messages two of them
lack to make unaware the
situation in he tells them because of one
dolls doing a guest in the chair
army together in the fields in
for sake of time, sir
paraphrasing picture army together in a field
that night and as soon as the
sun rises all you need to attack
the city and he says there in verse 33 and some in the morning as soon
as the sun is up to the show
rise early and set upon the city
and behold when he and the
people Venice that would do to them is
also fine occasion that
literally means to everyone as
when you come up against them do
everyone so called looks up and vs. 3034
to 38 pulse’s the coming attack
and is not with Siebel sarcasm the season coming from the
mountains in the planes there in
vs. inverse 34 so been like rose
up in all the people that were
with and it on at them like rose up
and the people that was sent
from lying in wait , and also all the people he
said his evil beholder calm
people down from the top of the
mountains as evil seven and I’ll see if
the chateau the mounds as if
they were meant it, just froze into the side and all
speak again and said see there,
people down by the middle and in
another company come along by
the p and Sid 017 where is now the
enough where was the saddest who
is of them lack that we should
serve him is not this the people
th he’s he’s he’s getting at him in
the sense of where is was about
the customer like wears where
sharp and talk to you had last
ni so go on as ended up and they
begin to fight against the
Benelux armies are we seeing vs.
39 to 41 goal and his men are
driven o St. Paul begins to fight against
a AA converse 39 in inverse 40
of them like chases them in
after he seems like he has on
the ch that many were overthrown and
wounded him of the Internet
today is basically the consumes
volatile right at the front of
the gay it seems to punish if the couple
times because Ellis I’m a bit
like all their aroma and Siebel
faucet no one is brethren that
th of which is believed to be a
Rama any lacks is able thrust of the
rest of dull and his men Sobol
finishes the 550 finishes the
fight and are of the likeliest
and and this is where it had the
narrative stars to take and are
turning more and focus a little
more tonight because of the black is not yet
done with Shaq vs. 42 through 45 and came to pass a moral that
the people went out into the
field and they told them like some
people told them like the people
of the city were going in the
CIA and detect the people that they
were with him and defined them
into three companies in the lead weight in the field
and looked in the cold the
people, 4000 city 18 holes up
against them in small them that
literal as the people, feels they just
kill on any one of which come
out in the fields they would
just kill them on the spot sent to brutality that we’ve
been we’ve seen before and the
Benelux Life and only staking
out on the very people that made
him c , seven of them like cases are
mean it says spawn converse 44
and the like and the company
that was within the brush 14
state in t and the two other companies ran
upon all the people that were in
the fields and slowed and so he
goes into the main gate and the all that they can eat up the city and slow the
people that was there and and
beat down the city and so it was
also basically he completely and I least a city
in the ideal sewing it was all
was up a tradition that they
would do but then when a
Woodburn s this city is destroyed 10 never
ever rise again that’s the
significance of what a Benelux men did to the city a
second suddenly fall as a sign that
will never rise again soon begin
to see the pride of them like supplied brings
this horrible destruction and
sundown vs. 46 to 49 we see they are completion if
you will of Joe Sims of parable who see that the bramble
consensus ears alive and honesty
remember that the bramble was known as of them
lack and cedars of Lebanon has
them in the second son verse 46 when all the manner that our
second over the leaders heard that they entered into a
book heard that they entered
into a hold of the house of the
godparents surveyed the gather together in
this closing room analyst told
them lack the old now that our
second gathered together a demo
an and cut down about from the
trees and took it and lay down a
shoulder and seven other people
to listen when you see me do
make a and follow me and do the same as
I’ve done in all the people I questioned
on every man is about and follow
them in look and put them to the
whole day set them up against a and set the hold of fire upon
them so that all the manner that are
the second and I also about 1000
men and women to the innocent people the town
the second innocent people that
were there they were fighting
there is China may be of just
hide but you know he’s still not done in vs. 50 to 55 of them like
some blood lust is not activated any turns to the city famous
there’s no reason can’t actually
there’s no reason why he goes
against the best he just he just
beg and took it that there was a strong tower
and the city and other fun all
the men and women source and a
similar situation to what just
happe all the men and women of the
city and all the city and
shouted to them and they’d get
them to the top of that are so
big they cl the first 52 interested in the
same exact thing in indianola
came to the tower and fought
against inlet harbor into the
door tha and this is where we get the funny and will sour on the
part of the story as serving one and some even
have a name cast a piece of
millstone upon a Benelux had in
all to break is still so she
throws the so then it as is lying there in
with whatever consciousness he
has left the cries out averse
for 54 then the cold case solely on to
the young men his arm of aaron’s
seven didn’t draw my sword in
slaying of a menace a Navajo one them and it then went into power using all
one man has his basis of a 48 to
get into power was slain by a
woman does this one is indeed in one
fact that he did not want them
because in those days if you
remember it’s bad enough if
you’re killed by an inferior, if
it’s an infe but to be killed by a one and he knows this is absolutely a
pattern of this is like okay the
sea alternate dishonor so
because of that he he asks the man who is our
murder to kill and for what is worded next however
is the real tragedy of this
passage and something a little
study I’d never notice before it
is t thing that we need to get out of
tonight is in first 55 when the men of Israel sought and then like was dead
they departed everyman into this
place that to me when I read that the
first time I just pose as,
thinking along the lines of says
that mean that they were like under a veil act and they were maybe led three lead them like
staff bought from studying out very
hard because it is challenging the men of Israel at this point
had to some extent rallied
behind and lack and the
atrocities that he was just
doing the atrocity that he committed
to their hero Gideon was painful
filled out by gideon’s own
countrymen this is unheard of this is where
it’s got in 1 minute, and when
the man is else other than like
listed the departed Israel was a has slowed their hero in their
heroes sunsets learned, and slow
their heroes signs with this sad revelation the
narrator states god has brought
about retribution and judgment
for the wicked axle been looking
sec plus god render the wickedness
of the battle act which she did
unto his father in slayings 70
brother and in all the evil them in a second
to god render upon their heads
and upon them came the curse of
jokes and the son of German so the only thing the thing that
we can grab out of this this
whole passages that on godliness
may provoke divine judging on godliness as a whole anytime
we saying we open ourselves to
receive divine judgment this is propped through that the
commentators is a problem that
clears narrative we have in the
old testament for the principle and this is a funny parallel
that is drawn that that the pawn , the tide narrator brings attention to them and
mislaid not a 69 sons of Gideon
on one stone was killed by one
stone the parallels drawn their demand
that they thought he could get
power by this great atrocity
ultimately a salad by just a one in for a little
rock from the top of the tower only do we get things done
Lawson judge us as a perfect and
righteous got the house to
judges for wickedness you know when we only angrily
lash out at someone expect no
consequence anger brings more
anger this is busy universal truth it
doesn’t matter if you’re and the
father mother our mother of cans
for the kids when you heard th and I know how that is because
also high school on an angry and
bitter spirit and many times our lash out of
my sister the way I wanted
somebody in a once only comfort
me when trying to earn my
sisters in t a relationship wasn’t there we
can expect to do things and not
receive any recompense for
wicked things that we do we see
in a s no consequences and all you see
people who are having sex before marriage and
and babies of the canyon and
take care of the people that live a reckless
slice out whether it’s just
aren’t controlled and sex drives
alcohol it and then disease like them all of them or deaths people that killing they expect
that there’s this channel no
recompense for that people that
still he now we know the world does
these things and we shouldn’t be
surprised because they don’t know better
they’ll have the truth and we do a password that for comes in for
us because we do know that Israel had fallen into such a
low place in that old
canonization looking like a neon
save the world when they knew
better they a one other heroes so on a daily basis how much do
we look exactly like the world
were trying to say from the wicked things that
they’re doing simply we we feel like because we’re
saying we have a safety net and
that we’re almost safe from the
judgment of god because were
saved an you know, this doesn’t this
doesn’t matter as much you even more saves and I know this because of the the formal time I had in high
school was fleeing from god enough to one escape the
judgment of god and feel like
the judgment of god is
constantly coming down upon you stop acting like the world to its it’s so simple is something
that took me years to grasp it
really did , go out in high school and I
would I would act away at one
and I would say when I wanna
know if watch watch whenever a
one hand and no testimony again whenever I wanted a minor matter and no better and I felt like this great
pressure was down on my
shoulders all the time it was
like I could never be be happier
can ever do an : the answer to skipping the
judgment of god as simple stop acting like a wild pitch a hard right was dying no
matter even born again in the
family and dodge and no matter the seaplanes ultimate and is
destruction as we saw out ways of them like going out
and destroying the city’s but that was a destruction upon
himself in the four in total
judgment of god the last result
of private instruction in
judgment suddenly satirize kind of god’s
judgment relinquish end of the next stop
acting like the world resist cane is a shame resist
the urge to be like the world
the world the world for all
their their cries to cry out for
everyon there all the same old were not in where commanded in god’s word
to win separate lives today that
Israel was supposed to be an
example of god to the world some question as to user will
the world with six feature
actions are ado resemble god and shine
down is it as an example as
something that they’ll say OK the sum total of the
different as something different than in a
world of people are so bent on finding their own
personal happiness we have enjoyed that they will
not understand and if we show of god if we
resemble god in a speech in our
actions in inner life style
that’s gonna show out that the it’s gonna be noticeable people tonight we can live like the
world and the judge like the 14 live like a child of god and
receive the blessing to come
from following him and that
Chile that comes with following
god and hi some call tonight instead and it
came the night and you’ll live the king and I
was starting to live like the
willing to live like a child of
the choices simply up to us , of spray tonight , there were thinking for all
you’ve done for us tonight and I
just learned such are such a delicate balance to to be able to control the flash
and are packed with the world
born and just thank you for further reminder warned that if
one for western forces examples you
have to stop acting like more than one spokesman
heartwarming studying it was
just pray that a nightly old
surrender our world and
lifestyles and live a of the war managed trade useless
and his name and Vivian first and in in E B BBB GGIEGGMAFSCOGTOUU fields is the fifth. Some of the bring this is added
to this city and into work with whom
just show for the UM 6 PF USS
business and a helpless as we go

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