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and I'm Andrew we are the East fam what up it's been a while it's in a while but it's good to be back like showing you literally every inch of our house except for the extra yeah like the random spaces that we actually use all the time you know yeah they're nothing like like frou-frou stuff all the like really important rooms so that's what we're here to do today before we get started make sure you hit the thumbs up button please press subscribe yes and comment down below if you can it's good to have you back you've been a little tied up with the old look at that bump she's coming in Big Momma's here also huge thanks to Home Depot for sponsoring this video so to get started with this house here is extra spaces we didn't even know what to call this cuz it's weird the bases in our house I thought we would start in the garage the garage was a huge upgrade for us from our old house here you guys have been to national before homes are really getting squeezed together and garages are pretty much non-existent so in our last house we had a two-car garage but every time you put on the garage ever hold your breath nothing didn't hit the other car so in Jordan my car yeah but we're here in our garage which is a three car garage it's two parts that are very spacious and then a third one on the side but I want to show you just because it's all of like our crazy stuff that we don't really have anything to do it we mentioned we don't have a lot of storage so the garage kind of provides the storage for us it's one of my favorite things about our house that we don't have a lot of storage I feel like when you do have storage you just collect crap so we don't really have a coat closet we don't really have storage closet we don't have like an under the stairs closet we literally have our garage and then like the closets and bedrooms sometimes we ride our bikes out here so all in all super super glad to have a little bit well Andrews tools I'm a real yeah use a toolbox a lot but love the garage it's got pretty high ceilings too so I'm hoping in the long run I don't know if you guys play golf you do let us know but no our best friends and our neighbors have a golf I think that's a no now yes okay okay so next yeah well we got next room my I'll show you the mudroom so you enter our house to the basement or through the garage which is a little weird different in Dodgeville use our squeaky doors wd-40 so you walk in give us all hallway in here you guys haven't seen a gym video just this little sneak peek real quick oh yeah we don't have much storage so we don't really have a closet in our house which I kind of love because it get you to support crash so we're gonna make our stuff here as soon as Kate gets here probably not some of these into our closets as this is gonna be kids don't space I like it I like it Sean I both spent a lot of time in locker rooms so to have this can I have the locking device really now I like ok ok so this is my morning routine is I hit the gym for like an hour then I come down to this and we call this steam room or this bomb I like this so we actually when we finish the basement we designed this we really wanted a big bathroom for anybody who uses the gym in a steam room so what was was usually like a shower glass at the end here we had to go all the way to the top so we got Florida ceiling ends latest Eve and then you push this little button and it turns to steam Ramon you just sit here so I sit in your place right now it's really good as an athlete after workout to just come in here and kind of go what all the socks is out so that's great and then through here if you haven't seen it it's one of the coolest rooms in the house click on it the man cave it's jet-black it has some really cool like LED lighting that he and so I'm really shelving it's awesome great job because did that door everything is jet black it's like matte dark manly and here I went swing a little break so we went white with black accents whoo it like emerald because it's kinda like small like I like the whole toilet seat shell it's manly not to millions like girls could use it oh oh and Shawn I don't even know if she likes these but the rain drop showerhead yeah I haven't even used the shariah he hoards it but now we're gonna go to another fun one one of the bummers that we almost didn't buy the house course as you walk into the first floor in the attic over bullfights there so now which is not ideal especially for preggers here okay so this next room Sean's favorite she always makes fun of me because she says I've never stepped foot in here it's the laundry room let's go check it out especially being a mama and juggling what oh sorry hey Maya welcome to room I love the setup I love the color I love the accent color I love the cabinets I like how we used gold Fred got all the hardware to Shawn's credit I've always been raised in a dirty laundry room and Shawn I've seen finger it's an event clean really mushy and the leader is gorgeous fur Ellen floor again the beasts themselves so let's give you a little background with watch armoire we're so excited about these in our old house we got a new washer/dryer and literally within the week that we bought it it broke and there's wife's built everywhere when your second-story ceiling or like your first or a ceiling from the second-story into the first not good so that's why we're really excited to have these whirlpool and Andrew even though like you do laundry he likes top loaders okay but we've been married three years we've been together seven years he still doesn't realize how short a mm-hm but then Home Depot comes in I like I got you girl we get it thankful so they send this front loaders so because Sean on a top loader and in with my belly now it's like my only option is brother so Home Depot sent us the new world cool front loaders which are gorgeous not only do they look good they got like this nice ability feel right there I make the way really really so yeah they also they're always looking for appliances that make our life that's what these that's what you always got me table if you're always on the go you're always looking for ways to make things more convenient let me show you the cool thing the coolest feature on the washer which entered isn't even know about is if you pull out the bottom drawer okay grab some detergent okay you can actually load the load ago like the turkey dispenser that's what this is when almost 40 loads of laundry detergent so when you put your laundry in it like senses how big is the right amount of the church hold on this is amazing because I've been a good at targets always the most stressful part the Detroit is the most stressful part like do you do too much you do too little are you gonna have bubbles everywhere in your clothes or overflow so you're saying that this automatically distributes how much yeah let's chill look at that it took the whole thing that's amazing that is clutch yes and there you go seriously thank you anything bow for being clutch and giving me the washer gonna find out more about these and finally John Humpty buddy the link down below and I'll show you that now is he excited because this is where he spent most of his time back porch so this is all of our old furniture for our house we might change it in the future cuz we're changing the back porch but I'll show you here so we got her we got a grill out here and we got some furniture when it's super hot or rainy would still come sit out here the one thing we're gonna change is like these walls up here I feel like it makes it feel like a basement so we're gonna we're gonna touch up down so pads loom or something no we're going yes and then what we want to do long term we're filming a video you're playing with the dog we're working here we also want to show you guys our backyard with your pump about yeah nationalize it it's gonna look completely different in maybe a year we got Jack Hannah from dear Peter and we want all the animals back here hi Matt nice look how big this is the double door I'm like yeah come on it let's go see the rest okay so we haven't shown you Andrews office and we have it Tony oh yeah having something this what you are giving me you being me let's go continue we don't really have a use for this space right here but I think it would be a good place for the kiddos your landing area but we love it notice we got this we got this little chevron pattern on the back and then they used to play this used to be the video game area but the chomp video so also we have the piano here notice that one in the corner my dad taught me how to play piano at a young age it's one of my favorite things to do although I haven't done it in a while but we also have another one here this is the office this is my home and we do a film a lot of videos in here too so it's kind of our filming studio because check this out this is a nice little background and side no Olympic torch that Sean carried here we got all these books Harvard you don't know you haven't read a single one we don't know hey you guys some items I just on the front porch drinking a cup of tea no smoke my pipe marita hard classes in that height right and then you put some styrofoam on the wall here still gets more but that was Andrew DIY job okay the last thing is this is I refuse to go up here shun scared but we haven't adding like old so I never had a vacation style check this out check this out so you gotta take this hook all right heads up everybody's it didn't wash this is the most rickielee rickety ladder ever I've risked my life first time yeah I'll show since about two people but but uh this is where we store all our Christmas stuff super dark hello not as much space as we'd like where's the like I don't know where the Freak the thing is I got shot up here what do you think babe do you know like it so it's actually pretty big we got all that back there where well that's how I would read it yeah yeah but but this is where we have our Christmas stuff yeah we should look into that anyway that's the attic and that's here let's go down we'll close up you should have seen I'm carrying all that stuff up there yeah you're loving it and there you go that is all the extra goodies in our house I think you've seen every room no no we have three more rooms oh that way thank you being secret because we have an interior designer coming and like doing them over it's gonna be amazing they're gonna be the best yeah oh I can't wait for like a week so you're gonna be able to see that really soon if you guys haven't yet make sure you hit the thumbs up hit the subscribe button so you don't miss the future videos and comment down below of what your favorite room in the house has been so far yeah thank you again to Home Depot for sponsoring this video if you want to find out more about the washer and dryer you can find it in the description down below and that's it that's all we got thanks for watching you next time these fan out

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