The Real Reason Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Called It Quits

Are you sitting down? According to TMZ, Kylie Jenner’s recent split
from her longtime beau – rapper Travis Scott – was totally amicable. There’s absolutely nothing to see here, folks
… or is there? On October 3rd, 2019, TMZ reported that, “Simply put … our sources say [Kylie and
Travis] fell out of love.” Those same sources reportedly told the gossip
site that “[The former couple called it quits] weeks
ago, following a very long honeymoon phase that was full of love, touring, going on vacations
and of course … raising their daughter, Stormi, together.” The problems reportedly began once the family
of three settled back into their usual routine this past August. TMZ’s source claims, “Everything slowed down and they were confronted
by the grind of normal life … and things felt different between them.” “Sources told People that the couple weren’t
on the same page when it came to their future… with their clashing priorities kind of contributing
to this split.” Jenner and Scott were first romantically linked
in April 2017, and welcomed their first child daughter Stormi Webster the following February. Over the course of their nearly two-and-a-half-year
relationship, the celebrity parents have dodged multiple rumors about marriage, infidelity,
and whether they’ll have more children. TMZ first reported the couple were calling
it quits on October 1st, 2019 just one day after Jenner and little Stormi were spotted
attending Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s second wedding ceremony. Scott reportedly didn’t come along to the
event which was duly noted by professional gossipmongers: “I didn’t even put this together. Justin had to correct me because I thought
they went to Justin and Hailey’s wedding together. And he was like, ‘NO he was not there!'” “Mm-hnn, that was the biggest red flag.” Back in August, the exes attended the premiere
of Scott’s Netflix documentary, Look Mom, I Can Fly, where Stormi notably made her red
carpet debut. Jenner and Scott’s breakup might indeed be
drama-free, but leave it to social media and tabloid culture to make a mountain out of
a molehill. The Kylie Cosmetics mogul was spotted hanging
out with her old flame, the rapper Tyga, shortly after breaking up with Scott. Though it probably goes without saying, Twitter
collectively lost it over the timing of this admittedly surprising development. Meanwhile, E! News reports that, “As salacious as this might sound, the truth
is far from it.” According to the entertainment site, this
was simply an impromptu group outing with a bunch of Kylie and her friends … and she
and Tyga reportedly only briefly touched base. A source told E! News that “It wasn’t an intentional jab at Travis, but
she did hangout with Tyga for a bit. Nothing romantic is going on.” Nevertheless, the report and subsequent social
media response prompted Jenner to break her silence on her recent split, tweeting on Thursday,
October 3rd: “The internet makes everything 100 times more
dramatic than what it really is. There was no ‘2am date with Tyga’. You see me drop two of my friends off at a
studio that he happened to be at.” In a follow-up tweet, the proud mom wrote: “Travis and i are on great terms and our main
focus right now is Stormi !! Our friendship and our daughter is priority” Travis himself addressed some of the rumors
on Friday, October 4th, writing on Instagram Stories that: “It’s really affecting when u see false things
said about u once again these false stories about me cheating are just simply not true. Focusing on life, music, and family at this
moment is what’s real” And don’t expect Kylie and Travis to duke
it out in court when it comes to custody of their daughter. According to multiple publications, these
exes reportedly plan to split custody equally. On October 2nd, a source told People that
Scott moved out of his shared home with Jenner in mid-September. That same source alleged that “Stormi will continue to live with Kylie. They are both great parents and will co-parent. They don’t want their split to affect Stormi
too much. As soon as they felt they couldn’t figure
out their issues, they decided to separate so their disagreements won’t affect Stormi.” Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Jenner plans to
follow in the footsteps of sisters Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian, both of whom reportedly
never put their own custody arrangements in writing after splitting with their respective
exes, Scott Disick and Tristan Thompson. So here’s the question: Have Kylie Jenner
and Travis Scott really split up for good? Honestly, it’s impossible to say. A source tells People: “[They] are taking some time but not done. They still have some trust issues but their
problems have stemmed more from the stress of their lifestyles.” Another supposed insider told Entertainment
Tonight, “Although they aren’t together now, they’re
both open to getting back together in the future. Above all, Kylie and Travis know their priority
will and always has been Stormi.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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96 thoughts on “The Real Reason Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Called It Quits

  1. I hope she understands it's hard to find a relationship nowadays. Go to therapy, girl, with your man and work out your issues.

  2. Im sorry, but in MY EYES, all the Kardashian women do is get babies by black men then leave. Thats all they want. Smh. Sad.

  3. Because he's trying to get away from those cursed women like most of the men that have any common sense 👹👹👹👹👹👹 LOL

  4. I’m sorry- but Travis is butt ugly! I can’t figure out how he landed KJ in the first place!? He should cut those TWIGS off his head! IMMEDIATELY!

  5. Clout,fame,attention,drama = Kardashian's and Jenner's. Dysfunctional family patterns from the mother Kris to all the daughters, no lessons learnt. Just the reality of it, it's all for the $$$.

  6. I’m not surprised about this, I’m not trying to judge Kylie, but looking back on the Kardashian’s history when it comes to dating, I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later.

  7. I know this is in everyone's head…. But Kylie how big is it! LOL! Definitely not the looks so it must be something else LOL =D

  8. Sometimes I think that the only reason the Kardashians get in to a relationship is to prepare for their retirement plan.. You know more exs, more kids, more family members/drama, more controversies and more kuwtk seasons.. they are not gonna stop any time soon. I'm pretty sure the next generation of the Kardashians will be making headlines when I'll be 40..!!

  9. I used to think Kylie was hot until my friend show me what she really looks like I honestly don't see her the same ever since 😪😵😖🤢🤮🤮🤮

  10. 1:02 she literally has a bag she would probably just think Is a toilet and shit in people just use money for stupid shit but I still respect Travis cause he is a g

  11. Nothing will ever change. The Kardashians go for a certian type of men, their relationships are toxic, they surround themselves with people, who are too narcissictic and ignorant to care about anybody else but themselves. They will never have a proper family.

  12. "Very long honeymoon phase"

    Yeah, when the honeymoon phase fades away, the real definition of relationships comes and the real challenges show up especially when there's a kid involved. It feels good to be loved and give love, it's okay to feel butterflies but relationships aren't easy and these 'couples' quit and let go like relationships are hot potatoes. Did they fall out of love? I don't think so. I don't even think there's real love between them, just lust. I know it sounds bad but they make it even worse for the rest of the young couples.

  13. Not that it’s my life or business or my ANYTHING but I hope Tyga is smart enough to keep a safe distance away from Kylie. After he dropped her weight his music career took off again and he’s finally making decent music with A list features. Judging from what I’ve noticed the pasts and presence it appears Kylie is immature when it comes to tours. If they both made a 5 yr plan, they could retire by 30. In order to do that ppl gotta work extra hard now so they don’t have to later. That’s a big difference between the women

  14. Sorry but who cares about like anything like Kardashian they are famous for like nothing and travis is very rough and unattractive

  15. People all of a sudden fall out of love when the vacations and partying ends. 🤦‍♀️ that’s why you need to talk about the future. Make sure you are in the same page. People have babies together way too soon.

  16. I have my handsome son for you. He's very caring and loving with a kind heart ❤️ Date my son and you wouldn't regret it. He's a good man. Forget about T. Scott because he doesn't know your importance 😁

  17. They are a very young couple with a lot of responsibility and a Sweet baby. Who knows what the future may bring. As long as Stormy has two parents who love her, and are cordial with eachother xoxo ❤❤❤

  18. Imagine having a job where all you do is snoop, poke and prod into people's personal shit.

    I'm shocked TMZ hasn't been shot up or a paparazzi worm smashed in the jaw with their camera. Freedom of the press my ass I'd crack anyone following me around taking pictures/video n shit.

  19. Anyone who believes their "statements" are plain naive. Of course Travis cheated. Of course he don't want to settle down with kylie. He woulda put a ring on it ASAP when she got pregnant or something.
    I honestly believe Kylie just wanted a baby but she knew she couldn't have one with Tyga cuz of her brother and Chyna. She knew the whole world would clown her.
    That whole family is messed up af so I'm not surprised by all the fuckery.

  20. Nicki Swift must be friends with all the celebs like they know everything about everyone, problems, life, etc. Like God damn no privacy at all 😂

  21. Um, Nicki Swift is referring to E! News as "professional gossip mongers"?!?! 😂
    I guess Nicki Swift retains the highest standards of celebrity news journalism…
    They must have dozens of Peabody Awards! 👏🏻

  22. This may be just a way to get attention. The Kardashian/Jenner clan is all about that. Now that Kanye has accepted the Lord, may he truly lead them to Christ.

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