The Ramos Family vs. The Future

the best part life right now is that were stable don't forget your timing because it's six on the 621 don't have to worry about what we're sleeping tonight what we're eating because that was like everyday thing for us oh we ended up being on the streets but from last year so now okay lovie – that works so hard to be right here I cannot let my girls down I work everyday I rent apartments I do evictions this part of town is is bad it was just shooting the other day there was a lot of drinking here there's drugs here all on property they're always telling me don't worry mom everything's gonna be okay always hug me come for me we don't have a car and sometimes you have to take the bus or something so I get groceries it takes at least six hours four or five questions dinner I'll get the plates ready they're on the table you want to serve I have to save so much from one check and then so much from another I have to give Giuli I lost spaghetti because she loves spaghetti no sometimes we run out and he's like we're stretching it doesn't last as the whole month hey check the link up can you wash all my clothes because after school I don't have no clothes to wear so I just have to keep on wearing my school clothes we measure our detergent and I gets only so much in my portion every little thing out I always tell my girls that this is us like this is all we got we're family I was a high school dropout I just don't want him to grow up like how I did because I was hard-headed but these girls are good being out there on the street they remember those things hopefully by me changing and showing them that there's a different way they have a sober mom who's here today that loves them and it won't go back to that lifestyle that's what I want their future to look like is not like my you

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  1. I used to have respect for the salvation army… Until I saw how they maintain a Nexus with a state and then hide behind private property rights VS being transparent to public information requests.

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