The Priority Of Culture In Relationships Part 3 | Dr. Myles Munroe

thank you for joining us for another power-packed message provided by monroe global incorporated and monroe global calm we transform followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change we hope that this message is a blessing to you as you advance your life and discover your purpose now let's go into the message we are focusing on the most important institution in the culture and that is the priority of culture of relationships the kingdom of God cultural relationships understanding the role of Kingdom culture in human relations everybody's a culture I want to just focus on this a few minutes before we pray because this is so important I I left you in the last segment I was with you showing you this picture of this culture cups Jesus came to earth to bring culture because the most important thing in life is culture culture is the environment in which things grow and everything as we know that last time was created to live in a certain environment everything a fish needs water a plant needs soil the birds need the air the stars need the Fremen and God made everything to live within an environment and I want you to pick up on that thought when we left off last time I also mention to you that environment is defined as and read this down again the unique culture in which things live and grow that's environment an environment is culture that is why the scientists can culture things in a lab they can create certain conditions to make certain things grow doctors here will tell you that they they did a lot with culture you can have for example yeast infection in a woman is actually bacteria that's growing within a certain culture and if you can destroy the environment the culture the thing will die when you take medication for example sometimes medication is really given to your body to change the conditions within which certain viruses grow and then you get better because the viruses die and you say that you got healed but what happened is they changed the culture in the clear that's how important culture is you can kill things without touching them just change the environment I can kill you by just changing your environment what environment do you need to live oxygen so if I was to take a plastic bag and put over your head and cut off the environment of oxygen I don't need to kill you you will die the power of culture is it gives you life now here's something important then if environment is culture and everything must live it in the environment then whether you live or die depends on your culture very important so what you got to do is study what is the unique culture that is ideal for you and I to live in and for everything else to exist in this is why Jesus came to earth Jesus came to earth to restore the culture of heaven on earth because earth was designed by God to live within the culture of heaven let me give you an example that you must not forget when God created Adam something weird he did just before he did that this is very important when before God made fish God made water Genesis chapter 1 verse 24 before God made plants verse 11 God made the earth before God made animals he made the trees because they need to eat them in other words God always made the culture first then put the thing in it hey buddy following me so now when you reach down to chapter 2 it says and God said let us make man this 1:26 and in chapter 2 God explained the process it says in verse turn to Genesis chapter 2 it means for yourself soil so wonderful genesis chapter 2 verse 7 it says that the Lord God planted a garden now wait a minute he got earth he got water he got air he has the permanent for all these other things but he's about to do something he's about to create you and he makes a certain culture it's found in verse 7 and the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and the man became a living being look at verse 8 now the Lord had everybody had past tense in other words the garden was waiting for the man it didn't say then the Lord nodded it says the Lord had already planted a garden in the east in Eden and there he put the man under mind in your Bible and there he was put the man in other words God didn't let Adam find Eden he didn't allow out on the search for Eden he didn't trust the man into discovery why the same way God put the fish in water the birds in the air the plants in the soil he put you in Eden and that's why I wrote an entire book on the subject of Eden because Eden is man's environment what is Eden it says and there he put the man he informed and I think you all know from the research I've given you for years but the word Eden has a meaning let me give you the meanings of it it means spot SPO T spot it also means presence presence the word Eden also means open door open door if you study the Hebrew word Eden it's a confusing word in as over six meanings and they all together hey by the open door the word Eden also means delightful environment delightful environment that means an environment filled with light the Bible says God is light and in him there is no darkness okay let me give you them the complete definition of Eden in one sentence Eden is the spot on the earth where the presence of God is an open door to heaven creating a delightful spot for man to live now the words open door is important here because the word open door means access Eden means access to heaven it is where heaven touches earth on a spot where God put the man in this one so Adam was walking in almost like a a mobile beam me up Scottie environment come all right beam me up Scottie your Viscardi what's that movie star track yeah in a Star Trek when they be in the life yeah that's how you picture Eden Eden is this spot on the earth where heaven hits earth unless an open-access in other words Adam was actually walking in heaven on earth that's it that's why they cannot find Eden today because even was not a place it was an environment they can find everything else that the Bible talks about all of the places but they cannot find Eden because Eden is not a place it's an environment you remember in Chapter three distr in their place Genesis 3 after man disobeyed God look at the last verse 24 it says verse 4 23 so the Lord God banished the man from where from the Garden of Eden oh wait a minute the man sinned against god I miss rebelled against God and what was God's punishment banished him out of the garden let me tell you something if I took a plastic bag and put over your head remember I don't need to kill you all I have to do is remove the environment you need and then you will surely die I read again the Lord God took the man and put him out of the garden God was taken away the oxygen can use that turn the heavenly presence that man was supposed to live in he moved it because the man became a contaminant a virus a pollutant God didn't kill Adam read it now remember in Chapter 2 God told Adam the day you eat of this tree he was surely die damn it the day you disobey my Commandments you will die he didn't say I'm gonna kill you you will die I ready to kill you if I put a plastic bag over your head even you will breathe yourself to death because you suck out all the oxygen that's in the bags then the bag will stick to your face no mock surgeon and then you suffocate is what you call it you died I didn't kill you God didn't have to kill man just remove the environment so we find it chuckles Rick come on look at that again God took the man banished him from the Garden of Eden was 23 to work the ground from which he had been taken and after were 23 and after he drove the man from this spot he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way back to the Tree of Life God protected the spot from the man he protected the environment from the human that was born to be in it that's why God doesn't have to kill humans anymore he never did he just simply removed them they they took themselves or the environment by their rebellion and so we die because we are not in the environment hey buddy with me so that our culture is killing us which one the new one that we chose now let me just say something very simple please hear me when God created the first relationship it was created in Chapter two am i right God took the man and the woman he bought woman to the man and that's when they got married in Chapter two it's during this time you're looking at me like you know it is and assuming okay all right in chapter 2 it says here verse 18 the Lord said my good for man to be alone so who's God talking to the man where's the man in the presence the environment he said now I'm gonna create this man a helper verse 18 suitable for him so God is about to give this man another person in the environment everybody sit with me are you up man hey alright what I want you to miss this very important God's about to introduce marriage let's read it says verse 20 so God gave me Adam gave names to all the animals etc but for Adam verse 20 verse 20 but for Adam there was no suitable partner or helper found so the Lord God created put the man to sleep and created a woman was 22 then the Lord brought the woman see that verse 22 he bought her to him God did not give out him a wife he just bought a prospect if you don't believe me read the next verse in his animal start talking listen God doesn't choose your spouse he brings you prospects because he will never violate your will but remember that he bought him a female in other words he didn't leave him no choice there was no alternative lifestyle possible there's D you could choose but there's only one verse 22 then the man said Adam starts prophesy this is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh she shall be called wound man for she was taken out of me it was 24 for this reason should a man leave his mother and father kleavon the guy Travis I in marriage meant for this course should a man his mother father Cleveland to his wife too shall become one flesh now who's talking Adam where is he talking in Eden in other words the only place this thing is possible isn't it this product was created in Eden so for it to work it must be in the right environment Eden is heaven on earth Christ when you pray pray like this thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth just like it is in heaven you are supposed to be dating in heaven okay that didn't go across – well let me try again young people of America you were supposed to be dating in heaven the environment supposed to be heaven because in who's shacking up you know some say in the environment here's what we want we read as we say and they shall become one flesh that means they can be one they can be one on everything unified they gonna be happy together they gonna be unified praise the Lord and that's exactly what you want me to get married you want to be one with your spouse you want to be happy one one fresh one one okay we want the results without the environment we're telling God give me what that says without the environment because is know if you try this outside the environment it will naturally die I don't need to kill it because what it takes to make it work is in the environment you need oxygen but it's not in you it's the end it's in the environment that's why we need to be in the environment of oxygen so when the men go to the moon there's no oxygen on the moon enough to sustain a human that's why they wear those big mass those big glass things and they have the big pack on the back that's their private oxygen they carry their environment with them so they can live in a place where there's no oxygen we tell you something for you to survive in the Bahamas as a married couple you're gonna carry your environment with you hello and if you meet someone and they got no backpack don't marry them my y'all stay with me couple more minutes man it's exciting stuff I talking about you meet a girl on her back word tell honey I can't board you why you ain't got no environment so you meet a guy who looks real nice fine brother but he ain't got no backpack and here's the problem that's gonna be really good watch this so you married a guy and you got your own oxygen and he ain't got none and then he says suck it up youngster guess who's gonna die and some of y'all know how to feel you say this place that's sucking the oxygen out of my life is exactly how you feel they kill you murders right God says humans were designed to live in Heaven's environment that's why I cry when you pray you pray for heaven to come to it don't pray to go to heaven pray to come to it alright so therefore write this down Jesus came to earth to bring the kingdom back to earth not religion that's why you can get married in a Christianity religion and still have a divorce because religion is not the environment being a Christian does not protect your marriage acts the one sitting next to you have been divorced because Christianity is a religion you are not born to live in a religion you need a kingdom environment and that's why we gotta teach you for the next 10 years so you can live and live long and live happy number two write this down Jesus came to earth to call citizens back to the government not members back to a religion very important we keep trying to get people to join church membership when in fact we should be bringing them back to national citizenship they supposed to live a country environment called heaven number 3 Matthew 4:17 is the statement Jesus made he says repent change the way you think because the kingdom environment has returned back to earth Matthew 4:17 you come back to God and you have to change the way you've been taught to think that's what you say whether you wear the most you learn from about sex think about it where did you learn from but you know it's excellent in the most of you man learn sex from either a dirty movie or bad friend you know a dirty book under the bed or some act in on the beach somewhere I mean think about that that's horrible that's room that's realignment was and then you bring that into a believers marriage well your girl's mind about sex being a victim of that same man who got his education from some ungodly environment and then you marry him see Jesus said look you can now have a new way of thinking because the environment Adam lost has come back that means everything your friends taught you about marriage is wrong is this your mother meant well your father meant well your friends were been divorced five times giving you advice they met well he says but you need a Whitney way of thinking you gotta think differently the kingdom requires re-educating that's why I'm teaching this as the series this year because your addiction won't work unless you get the right environment back and that comes through teaching you can have a new way of thinking what my parents taught me about marriage it was not what I learned in Scripture they did their best but they didn't teach me principles of Kingdom living they didn't teach me if Jesus calls the keys of the kingdom the principles so most of us are probably married longer than ten years because of godly luck you know it's not because we knew principles we kind of lock out you know and and that's and that's basically most people live on it's just they hope things work out so here's something remember Matthew 10 Jesus said these words as you go preach this message the environment heaven is near the culture of heaven is here Luke 4 42 and he said to them I must preach the good news of the culture of God I'm replacing the word kingdom the good news of the culture of God why is it good news remember if you suffocatin and then suddenly oxygen comes that's good news hello we put another way this is their graphic you remember when I used to play around in the pool or on the beach with your friends it's okay let's see who could hold our breath the longest you remember that so you go under the water and you said that's what Jesus bought earth six thousand years you were holding your breath about to suffocate and 2,000 years ago he came and bought oxygen that's why it's called good news nothing is better than when you hit the top of the water and take your first breath oh that's why it's called being saved clap you just got saved praise God he says good news the culture of heaven has returned to the marginal feel no more your mama did you proper did and your first one did but after Kingdom teaching you will be married forever Matthew 6:9 look at this one he says when you pray our Father who art in heaven holy is your name thy culture come let the influence of your country come let your will be done where on earth why pray that that's what Adam lost soul Adam lost Jesus walked in Eden for thirty three and a half years on earth there's no record of him sneezing never hiccup far as we know never to apologize to anybody never got sick what an amazing guy do you know why people like to be around him because he was a breath of fresh air get it he reminded them already used to live in this place called Eden oh they want to give him all the time matter of fact one time they stayed with him for three days and their food ran out this one to be near the oxygen oh he make us feel so good he reminded him of whether they lost the holy spirit is Eden available to everyone again so when Adam fell wouldn't he lose write this down number one he lost the royal family he lost the kingdom of God he lost the government of heaven he lost the community of heaven and he lost the Society of God Society is from the word social relationship so socio society social he lost the relationships he was supposed to have therefore he lost the most important conclusion the culture of heaven so he lost he lost a culture and so we have to understand then that the goal of Jesus Christ then was to restore the culture of heaven back to earth and he came to earth to restore the kingdom of heaven he came to restore the government of heaven he came to restore the laws of heaven the values of heaven the colony of heaven and he came to hurt to restore the Society of heaven back to earth he really came to give us back the culture of heaven these are simple statements but they're very profound that's why God place you in the job you have he called you yeast yeast creates the environment for the dough and changes the dough your job God gave you not ready to make money you know you can supply of these corn is riches he put you there to influence the environment with Kingdom morals and Kingdom values and Kingdom laws so the atmosphere could change and become like heaven could you imagine working with somebody who you can't stop loving you a tiny Christian they buy your lunch they could change the whole environment and what I'm evil they do you're good – good – that mu despitefully use who Jesus says in this culture forgive those who hurt you in this culture bless those who curse you in this culture he says you you could impact the environment if you live the kingdom culture in your workplace in your home in your schools it's a culture so God's intent well it was God's intent write this down which I like this John 17 verse 15 jesus said these words he said I do not pray that you take them out of the world now we know that religious Christianity and Islam and Hinduism and Buddhism are all trying to get us out of the planet matter of fact Christianity emphasizes going to heaven go into heaven go into heaven leaving the earth go into heaven rapture fly away leave go quick go come Lord Christ take us out quick quick go go go crisis no I'm brave you not to leave why because you don't need to leave Earth to live in heaven remember eat it so he says father I do not pray you taking about why could they were praying to be taken out the fire season scribes the Sadducees Herodias all religious people Christians and all evicted from the leave matter-of-factly the Islamic folks want to go so badly they said your kill an infidel you'll get seven virgins of there then brothers working hard could you imagine being vote motivate to go to heaven because of sex that's that doctrine is the doctrine means do not take them out the goal of the kingdom of God is to bring the kingdom of heavens culture on earth that's the goal of it that's the intent everybody said with me are you sure I belong you know I know you'll miss me I miss you too I'm trying to get you understand see we've messed up the theology I'm on the board of a number of universities they went to a board meeting yesterday on one of those universities and in Florida and we had a board meeting for eight of us and they were talking about theological studies and I'm sitting there looking at the curricula and I'm thinking wow I'm on this board man ain't nothing in this for the kingdom so I said to the president has excuse me sir something's wrong with the curriculum he said what I said the gospel is not in it whole room got quiet he said what do you mean I said y'all got everything except the gospel and then I turn Matthew chapter 9 I read it to them and as you go preach this message the king of heaven has arrived I said that's no been the curriculum the room was quiet the meeting changed so now they want to talk about my books they want to create a whole new curriculum the entire university say let me tell you we have we've we've strayed so far from that intent let me create our own doctrine and our own gospel which literally goes against that prayer of Jesus right there our doctrine says get out of this place his doctrine is stay in the place and change it with the culture of heaven that's why our theme is so important this year kingdom culture what influence look at this last part of verse he said do not take them out of the world the word the word world here is the word cosmos kos MOS it means the system's leave them in the systems in business in the in law in politics in medicine in mechanics in masonry in in carpentry he said let him go in there Lord don't take him out let environment come to those places he says let me tell you something friends and I notice it's really tough to teach on Sunday nights under strategy a new series on on how to discover your gift and use it properly let me tell you something I know something oh god this is so heavy on my spirit you were not supposed to work for money I know that sounds so crazy that's why crisis why do you worry would you be which you would drink take no so what do you mean taken someone I gotta go to work and buy food he said no don't even think about food which means that work is for another reason work is for influence he can pay your bills off in the morning but he wants you to keep going there for influence he realized if he paid off all your bills you're not gonna work no more someone let's think about it now Beth so glossy an occupation I can't pay them off right away because you need to go there and wait a little bit and bring influence anybody would be yeah if you don't got no bills and I used to go to what you go on the golf course and influence the golf balls all day I'll go you know go to the mall and walk up in the morning influence shoes all day just shopping he said no he wants you to go with people where people are and influence them in the cosmos that's why God gave you a business son and he keeps bringing people to your business madam why when they there and they under your hands you control in their face you talk to them how you do it how your children yeah you have any difficulties in your body yeah good do you know I know someone who can help you over there that's influence as my god hasn't played of all your bills right away all the time he want you to go back in a place not to make a living but to make an influence don't take him out but keep them from who the evil one he said don't let the devil for with my people keep them from getting involved with demonic satanic systems put a minute but don't let it get into them got it oh ma he said you go there take meal there but don't put them in you you could beat alcoholics but please don't let alcoholic being you everybody with me yeah you can you can be with me the drug addicts but I don't let a drug addict you none of us you be in there but don't be out there it's Kingdom influence I know ting stuff now and boy people start stealing from the hotel like crazy now we all use the kingdom citizen and all them talking in the back room with you and they all packing of chicken legs you're laughing I know what's going on in hotels give us stuff in one check if it works for me or Frodo work for me you know they got these going on man one plate for the everyone play for me we can work out something and you are there in the room what you're gonna say to them so you know something this is wrong I have to report you this is not our properly you're destroying our industry well listen you know you still steal it new teeth in its wrong who do you think you are well I am from another Kingdom and in my kingdom we don't remove people's property and selling on ours do not let the evil one affect them why he says because they are not of the cosmos they are not from that system they are not of the world hey neighbor I am NOT of the system now you know you were actually born in the system right you're born you grew up in the system he says yeah but now you change coaches you ever heard a statement if you wait for government without a song that song as the cultural song is a very dangerous song but it's a cultural song how's it go who are you working for government them okay yeah there you go right you know I used to work for them I used to in 1980 when they came home I work for the government for a few years and believe me there is a culture in there and I'm a sure never got on me till this very day they still respect me because I never got became a part of that culture [Applause] that's why you're working there God want you to change that culture one guy said to me punch my card for me I was working to a my lumber company at that time you know young kid I was like 15 years old 13 years old he's a punch mcard 14 years old six pecan I was in the warehouse you know pushing boxes had my little job Myra Lumber Company I tell the guy I can't do that he said why everybody's doing it I say I'm a Christian young teenager I said I was a reason why could because it was a Christian anybody's doing it put my love for Jesus made me tell a guy I know as a teenager I said no I can't do that what's your culture they are not of the world are you mister question what are you getting away with at work you tell them you are sick and you ask your doctor friend to write the note for you now this is deep here stuff I'm getting to see this is happening in the kingdom of God you gotta stop that man as a lie you ain't sick if you want half day off tell the man you need out there I'll be honest you don't gotta go through all of them lie and stuff messing up the kingdom man coach you everybody's doing it remember cultures the environment everybody's doing it yeah but you are not of the world this is practical the kingdom of God is a country you know sweetheart in the Bahamas is a culture that ain't no Act that's a culture now when you get born into the kingdom of God you come in another country it's walking says there shall not commit adultery doesn't is leading people alone and all them friends will say well everybody said brother you but I one of them everybody I am from another country do you understand you see Christianity is thought oh really it's not a kingdom it's a religion so you could do stuff in religions and get away with it but you can't do that in the culture and claim to be in the country for a verse he says just as I am NOT of the world know this versus this statement is very important he didn't say just as I will not be of the world when I go to heaven he didn't say that he was talking to them on earth he says look at me he said look at me I'm one of the world now I am NOT a part of the system of room nor the Pharisees no scribes or religion I am in heaven now on earth and you can be just like me said Father make them just like me in it but not of it now you don't need to go to heaven to live like heaven that I kingdom come I will be done with now all right let me get his last statement here Matthew 13 the kingdom of God is like yeast remember jesus said a woman mix it mix it everybody 6,000,000 okay no matter how much you mix yeast into the dough it still takes over I'll say it again number now you no matter how you mix it it still wins can we mix you up and you still remain separate you go to work for a place for the first time and all the demons meet you at the door hey man welcome man good to have you boy good tonight what do you go for not for us okay we can buy your lunch what they're doing is setting you up for the mix and they can tell you the laws and the rules this is why we work around here everybody steals okay now I don't talk enough for it but you can't steal it say and they start they start this mixing thing see as to where we do it here yeah and then you gotta say you know something I am in this place blood of this place I can't join you in you're wrong I am from another country and in our country we don't live like this we don't work like this we don't function like this our culture is different may God give us the grace to live in the world but separate from the world you know let me say this very important separate doesn't mean that you are better than they are separate means you are different from them that's all they are your family they haven't come home yet that's all so we don't walk around with this holier-than-thou better than thou attitude they walk around with this burden for them saying the way you living is without oxygen yeah and I come to this job under this family with a backpack and I got the address of the guy who gives away free backpacks his name is Jesus and I'll call him right now and he'll come and deliver one to you by yourself you have your own private oxygen salvation may the lord give us that kind of grace something good is going to happen to you this week because the Bible says God's eyes are always upon the righteous and his ears are open to their cry he'll be crying quiet level some things I prophesy that the oxygen is coming just for you you're gonna breathe sweet with a fresh breath he's gonna give you so much air you're gonna come up laughing when they see you by Friday you can have all kind of muscles rippling through your body you're all gonna be working why the oxygens gonna hit every part of your life your children your job your business your family your investment I was gonna bring life to everything why that's what he does it's Brian thank you Jesus go ahead and print his message back to God right now he spoke to you just pray back to him confess some days confess please to agree with him that you will be a change agent where you go this week ask him to make you salt with savour yeast with ask him to make you a leader in your area of gifting thank you once again for listening to this message as we hope that it has been a blessing to you our goal is to show you new paths and opportunities so that you can discover your purpose it is your love support and partnership that makes Monroe global possible please visit us online at

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  1. Adam was driven out to work because he listen to the woman to do oral sex with his mouth where his wife was deceived by the Fallen Angel to do the same on their lower flesh.

  2. These Christian Pastors sometimes turn a make and female relationship in a harlot and whore monger thing. A man have to be working to get money in order to be worthy of a female Vagina.

  3. We really need the kingdom culture. Theology is messing everything. Thank God for this great revelation through His servant Dr.Myles.

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