The power of collaboration – UCM member story

We have more than 3 million volumes and thousands of paper and electronic journals. We provide a service to our community that consists of more than 80,000 students, over 7,000 teachers and 3,000 administrators of which 350 are librarians. As a result of working with WMS, especially with the use of a global catalogue, both our print and digital resources have greater visibility. WMS also allows our library to successfully solve or face a series of difficulties that have been increasing over the years, such as both staff and budgetary reductions, especially for software development. In this sense, WMS is a very new, very modern software. When it comes to the future, libraries need to work together. This is clear. The question is looking for partners that can help us in this process and who we can trust. We want to be involved in this cooperative process, working with other libraries to advance development. Well, WMS is the answer to our library’s needs, both in the field of cooperation and innovation. We need other Spanish libraries to join OCLC because that is going to make this cooperative work also benefit the university. All those that share our language, or our needs should accompany us on this journey.

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