The Perfect Society

society’s dead long live society amen to
that I hadn’t counted on this but I must say
you work out beautifully I’ll have carte blanche to create the
perfect society my society with the purity of an end and the beauty of a
flawless look you can’t take away people’s right to be assholes they’re
really building a utopian society up there ethics are how we build a society
the true test of our higher self but that’s not the point the point is I was
here first well if you were here first you’d be
holding the phone then you know we’re living in a society we supposed to act
in a civilized way long live society she can’t does anyone ever display the
slightest sensitivity over the problems of a fellow individual no not a
resounding no people are what they are now you have to learn to accept that
he’s about to find out the truth is far worse than he could ever imagine if you
don’t follow the rules Billie bad things happen to finish your nose willfully the
ritual sucked off low class stuff like you now some people make the rules and
some people follow it’s a question of what you’re born to be never were one of
us you know you really deserve what’s gonna
happen to you I don’t think so hey either setting you up for something
bill Whitney is about to become one with society in Beverly Hills what you fear
is only the beginning anything from society data was meant to
empower hugs instead it left us powerless scaring us
into even more submission and like a botnet the fear I created is spreading
so fast it’s practically airborne to swallow this whole and while we’re here
they’re having their way with us they packaged our fight in the product turned
our descent to intellectual property then marked up the price this is what
they do and this all started because I tried to hide from society
remember fuck society yeah all right fuck society all right this is their
greatest trick to trying the bottom izing us into their virtual reality
Horror Show who knows what could come from this what if instead of fighting back we cave
give away our privacy for security exchange dignity for safety and trade in
revolution for repression what if we choose weakness over strength I can
stand here and blame the evil Corp and every other conglomerate out there for
taking advantage of us blame the FBI NSA CIA all the world’s
leaders for aiding and abetting them blame Adam Smith for inventing
modern-day capitalism in the first fucking place blame money for dividing
us blame us for letting it but none of that’s true this is what they wanted all
along for us to buy in on our worst selves the truth is I’m the one to blame but I can see how
all of the damage that they’ve caused could finally be undone I’m hearing
rumors John about some unorthodox teaching methods in your classroom when
we succeed a whole new world or vapor language was developed for one endeavor
and that is to communicate know – whoo when the touchstone pictures presents
Robin Williams as John Keating teacher who all as this our dagger I see before
me orator otitis bring your friend hither and founder of the Dead Poets
Society a bunch of guys sitting around reading poetry no D thanks for playing
anyway I hereby reconvene the Dead Poets Society to strive to seek to find gotta
do more gotta be more dare to walk a new path dare to strike out and find new
ground what’s the Dead Poets Society the dead
poet’s were dedicated to sucking the marrow out of life freak out John
Keating he began by teaching English now he’s changing lives I gotta put you up
to it was it this new man this mr. Keating now we’re just playing around
out here what do we mean what we say just did Poets Society I want names
casualties but be your hearts and soul for the first time in my whole life I
know what I want to do hello come on see Christ man it’s all about
ego this whole town runs on ego yeah I’m Bobby was that good or bad Socrates said the unexamined life is not
worth living but the examined one is no bargaining shakusky you in there Jiminy
Cricket II flew the coop medicine law business engineering these are noble
pursuits poetry romance love these are what we stay alive for seize the day
John Keating he was the inspiration that made their lives extraordinary Dead
Poets Society yes place is a comedy written by a
sadistic comedy writer this is a film about the perfect country it doesn’t yet
exist and it may never but thinking about it is no idle daydream sketching
utopia’s is a way to address current problems and understand how to solve
them focusing on an ideal version of something helps us more clearly define
what we feel is wrong with what we have utopia’s bring our plans for reform into
focus society doesn’t care society sucks therefore I propose we
take a vote on making it one criminals marks society’s laws
we’re not a democracy democracy doesn’t work for you when you’re not winning
society has rules it does not work what we created here may be unique in
existence we created paradise we’re doing out here so incredible kids
are amazing unless he comes out of a book I don’t know anything our children
shall be philosopher killers makes me so he described what we have the genesis of it was me being a father
grappling with my own questions of what kind of parent he gonna be and how are
you gonna be prepared in the contemporary United States today we
tried to bring the kids up in a state of constant self-examination and
self-improvement physically mentally in all ways really I don’t think you have
any idea what you’re doing to them I’m saving their lives
that’s Monday you sounds so ridiculous is knowing how to set a broken bone or
how to treat severe burn ridiculous knowing how to navigate by the stars and
total darkness how to identify edible plants how to make clothes from animal
skins how to survive in the forest with nothing but a knife that’s ridiculous to
you they’re children they need to go to school they need to learn about the
world Helen Anne Jackson 13 can you tell me what the Bill of Rights is um what
something costs oh yes it’s a good guess sad you just turned eight by the way you
know what the Bill of Rights is a minute what Congress should make no law
respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof
regurgitating memorize amendments as the one I’m asking for SOT the Bill of
Rights even more like China here at least we don’t have or on the searches
their free speech citizens are protected from cruel and unusual punishments Ben
and I have created here maybe unique in all of human existence
we created a paradise out of Plato’s Republic our children shall be
philosopher kings because we are defined by our actions and our words how would
you characterize the 2010 Supreme Court decision on citizens united corporations
had the same rights as people so there’s no spending limit on candidates which
means a country is ruled by corporations and their lobbyists to fund candidates
and command their fealty by demand news Christ you made your point
we get it go talk to him ask her what she thinks
the working people creating an armed revolution against the exploiting
classes in their state structures Marxist can be just as genocide ‘el as
capitalists but whether or not she’s a dialectical materialism Court’s primacy
to the class struggle avoid Marxism Trotsky trotskyist
only Stalinist would call the Trotsky of the Trotskyite and I’m not a trotskyist
anymore I’m a Maoist right I forgot sorry on Wednesday night Donald Trump
did something no other presidential nominee has ever done he refused to say
that he would respect the results of this election
make no mistake by doing that it is often upheld as one of the great virtues
of American society and one of the essential American values politicians
must cherish it commentators must celebrate it and no one is allowed under
any circumstances to undermine it many people understand the United States to
be a democracy it’s a term that is commonly thrown around and this isn’t
correct a democracy would mean we directly elect our leaders and that the
will of the people would triumph this isn’t what happens in the u.s. the
system of government we have in the u.s. is best described as a constitutional
republic we elect leaders to legislate and make decisions on our behalf and we
have a constitution that enumerates what the government has the power to do we’re
used to thinking very highly of democracy and by extension of ancient
Athens the civilization that gave rise to it it’s therefore very striking to
discover that one of ancient Greece’s greatest achievements philosophy was
highly suspicious of its other achievement democracy Socrates is
portrayed in the dialogues of Plato as hugely pessimistic about the whole
business of democracy by comparing a society to a ship if you were heading
out on a journey by sea who would you ideally want deciding who was in charge
of the vessel just anyone or people educated in the rules and demands of
seafaring the latter of course so why then response Socrates do we keep
thinking that any old person should be fit to judge who should be the ruler of
a country voting in an election is a skill
and like any skill it needs to be taught systematically to people letting the
citizenry vote without an education is as irresponsible as putting them in
charge of a trireme sailing to Samos in a storm many of us feel that our
societies are a little or even plain totally unfair but we have a hard time
explaining our sense of injustice to the powers that be that’s why we need John
Rawls a 20th century American philosopher who provides us with a
fail-proof model for identifying what truly might be unfair and how we might
gather support for fixing things he called it the veil of ignorance
Rawls asked us to imagine ourselves in a conscious intelligent state before our
own birth but without any knowledge of what circumstances we’re going to be
born into our futures shrouded by a veil of ignorance we wouldn’t know what sort
of parents we’d have what our neighborhoods would be like what the
local hospital could do for us and how the police and judicial systems might
treat us the question that Rawls asked us all to contemplate is if we knew
nothing about where we’d end up what sort of a society would it feel safe to
enter the veil of ignorance stops us thinking about all those who’ve done
quite well and draws our attention to the appalling risks involved in entering
for example us society as if it were a lottery the veil of ignorance forces
observers to accept that the country they’d really want to be born randomly
into would almost certainly be a version of sake Switzerland or Denmark we know
what sort of a society we want to live in
we just haven’t focused on it properly until now because the choices have
already been made I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again democracy simply
doesn’t work you

15 thoughts on “The Perfect Society

  1. Finally it goes live! :i
    I'm thinking of doing a couple more of these. Any and all topic suggestions are welcome!

  2. Do you think it's possible to create an equality based society like how happen in Scandinavia even if its citizens aren't homogeneous?

  3. I think the reason we dont have nor will we ever have the perfect society is because we'll never have the perfect person, soceity is corrupt because people are corrupt, society has its evils because people do, society can be ignorant, insane and judgemental because people are all those things but society can also be beautiful because people can be.

  4. Very good video.
    Democracy has many issues indeed,yet I am having a really hard time thinking of a better long term system.
    Sure,if you had a noble,honorable and inteligent leader,a dictatorship(kingdom,empire etc)would be far superior to democracy,but the problem comes when the great leader dies/gets too old and new one must be elected,after several cycles of power you will inevitably end up with an absolutely corrupted leader(power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely).
    I think the best system for today society is a direct voter democracy,where there is plenty of referendums of various topics and people can pitch in their opinion.
    In addition to that there must be some sort of weight system,giving different people different voting powers on different topics,for example when there is a referendum on an issue regarding economics,people with college degrees on the subject should have a lot more voting power than random people who are potentially illeterate on the subject.
    The truth is there is no perfect society and a fool proof system of power redestribution,that's because of a classic problem in phylosophy: who guards the guards?
    No matter what system you come up with,no matter how many fail safes you build in it,there will always be a person/group of people on top,who can pull the strings of the system and model it to their desires.

  5. democracy is equality where none exists otherwise as were not all equal (smith&western said he had made some men more equal to others). It panders to the rich & powerful that design it so democracy itself cant take away their privileges and then it panders to the dumb & ignorant as acquiring their consent is easiest to gain. I never questioned it until I watched STARSHIP TROOPERS where you had to serve and sacrifice to be a voting member of a society, it wasnt given as a right of birth & that resonated with me. Churchill was quoted as saying it was the best of the worst options for government but its just an invention of civilisation and it must evolve as all government has in the past and I dont like the highjackers that have the reigns now! All christians/jews/muslims await an enthroned ambassador, a righteous king for the almighty god, who will reign and rule in riotousness, thats defenitatly not a democracy! Excellent video too Jonas. All those clips!!!

  6. Perfect video edit Jonas! Targeted messages. Nice.

    R.I.P. Jacque Fresco (1906-2017).
    For 101 year You were the greatest at this.
    You are always in my heart.

    He made a major impact for my understanding of us(society) and my self.
    Wish for the people in the world to hear, to listen and to remember his ideas for next million years . . . .

  7. Great piece. I don't believe any true Utopia would last very long. That itch for trouble runs deep in mankind. That said, I have long held that the best system of government would be a monarchy ruled by a truly wise and loving king. This is the closest men have or ever will come to a true Utopian(perfect) society. The problem is that good men die eventually, and their sons are not always the spitting image. Some are diabolically opposed regardless of their instruction.
    Men are fundamentally flawed. This is why we can never hang on to our nice things.. and why we will always be in need of an intervention.

  8. Dr Jordan peterson is the voice of reason in todays world..If everybody read his book"The 12 rules for life " it would become a better world.

  9. Interesting food for thought. We have all the tools at our disposal to propagate change. The only thing we lack is education beyond curriculum, optimism and the will to change.

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