The Online Menace

“Aaron is a regular kid, he works hard in
school and hangs out with his friends for fun.” “He is about to have his first run in with
Austin, austin is a kid who has no regard for the hard work that Aaron puts into anything
he does, He buys and sells memes” “Aaron starts off small, buying only a single
pepe from austin, Little does he know this will start off the vicious cycle of addiction”
“Aaron’s grades will plummet, his friends will all leave him, and he will become a sad,
homeless, lonely addict. “Here Aaron wastes time doing memes, instead
of furthering his education, beginning the horrid cycle”
“While Aaron cannot notice his problem on his own, maybe he will trust this wise man
who warns him that hundreds of people die every year from a meme overdose. Aaron might now see that his addiction is
not without consequence” “Although Aaron might see the error of his
ways for a short while, his addiction will only worsen”
“Because all of his friends have left him Aaron has now resorted to hanging out with
other filthy addicts” “The addicts usually gather is dim, dank,
and disgusting places to quench their insatiable desires for memes”
“This is an example of a ‘Meme Den’ a damp, dark, nasty place that has been forgotten
by society because it has been infested by addicts”
“Although he thought it could never happen to him, Aaron soon died from a fatal meme
overdose” “Don’t be like Aaron, avoid memes for
your own good”

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